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Channeled Messages

To the Dear Beings
from other dimensions
who send us guidance
for our journey on Planet Earth,
we express our love and gratitude.
Receiving messages through channelings
reminds us of the vastness
of  the Domain of the Divine,
and reassures us
that we are loved and appreciated
in the expression of the Creator
we have chosen to undertake here.
Mystic Planet offers you inspiration
and connection to the One
through these gifts.

  • Omar:  A Message to Seekers  (Dale Mann)
  • Lazaris: Lazaris: A Spark of Love  (Jach Pursel)
  • Reflection: A Channeling Session  on the Nature of God

  • and Creation   (Donna Kinniburgh)
  • Reflection: Episode 2: God and Life Continues  (Donna Kinniburgh)
  • Archangel Michael:  We Are in the Midst of a Cosmic Moment   (Ronna Herman)
  • Jared:  Stop Worrying -- Start Being Happy  (Barbara G. Shelby)
  • Sananjaleen:  Pillars of Light
  • Pleiadian Council of Light: 11:11 Channeling 1998 (Gillian MacBeth-Louthan)
  • The Teachings of Clear Light  (Thespian Michaels & Esmi)
  • Yaël Powell: The Holy Communion of Sacred Sexuality. Becoming One Heart



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