New Age Directory of Planet Earth

The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Patti Normandy Greenwood 
Darrell Thomas Wilson

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Internet Resources

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

As we approach the millennium the information highway is propelling networking to a new dimension. Outfitted with a computer, modem and communication software, you can reach out and touch someone on the other side of the planet in seconds. There is something metaphysical about this process that seems to transcend space/time suggesting that everything is indeed happening at once. If only I had discovered the World Wide Web before beginning this book, it would have been an entirely different directory and taken me considerably less time to complete.

As you probably know, there are different ways to get connected. You may join a major commercial provider like America Online or a local ISP (internet service provider). You may be eligible for an account at a nearby college or through your workplace. Ask your reference librarian where the nearest "freenet" is. They are materializing everywhere and give you free access to the Internet. There's even WebTV if you don't have a computer at all, but have a TV and telephone line.

Once you get online, you will quickly discover the most amazing thing. This holistic, spiritual, new age, (INSERT YOUR FAVORITE TERM HERE) explosion is taking place in every hamlet on our tiny planet. We are not alone. Never before in our known history has it been so easy to believe that we are truly One. Although there are still parts of the world that are not connected to the Internet, new places are constantly signing on.

Once connected, there are many ways to access information You can explore the Internet, World Wide Web, Usenet Newsgroups and much more. Your vocabulary will soon include verbs like gopher and telnet, as in "I gophered to (fill in the blank)." Initials like FTP, IRC, SLIP, PPP and HTML will actually mean something. Paperless Mailing Lists on any subject you can conjure up welcome you. You subscribe to them and eventually unsubscribe to them as your electronic mailbox overflows.

Excellent books by far more knowledgeable people than me have been published about every aspect of the Internet to help you find your way in cyberspace.

Briefly, the World Wide Web (WWW) refers to a body of information - an abstract space of knowledge, while the Internet refers to the physical side of the planetary network, a giant collection of cables and computers. In the first draft of the book I listed all the URLS (Uniform Resource Locators), which are simply addresses to get to transformational home pages on the WWW. As time went by, I realized that most of the addresses had changed at least once and some had changed many times as information providers struggled to locate the perfect cyber-home to accommodate their growing bodies of information. Many grew too popular for their service providers to handle and moved on to bigger and better virtual hangouts. New homepages come on-line daily and no directory could hope to keep up with the riches on the WWW. Half the fun of websurfing is the search itself.

Instead of giving you the possibly outdated URLs of my favorite spiritual, metaphysical and holistic sites, I am listing them here without addresses. You may look up their URLs yourself using one of these Search Engines or your own personal favorite search tool.

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Search Engines
How to Find Anything You Want on the Internet

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Transformational Websites

Search Mystic Planet 
  • Advanced Neuro-Dynamics
  • Alchemical Medicine Research & Teaching Assoc.
  • Alexander Material
  • American Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • American Pacific University
  • Angelnet
  • Angel Times
  • Angels on the Net
  • Animal Rights Resource Site (ARRS)
  • Arcosanti Community
  • Artist's Way - Empowerment through Creativity
  • ASC: Altered States of Consciousness
  • Asian Astrology
  • Astrological Essentials on the Web
  • Astrology FAQ
  • Bahai Faith
  • Batish Institute of Indian Music
  • Bhajans - Hindu Devotional Songs
  • Bigfoot's Research Project
  • Bluebook, The
  • BuddhaNet Home Page
  • Celestine Network
  • Chinmaya Mission
  • Chiropractic Page
  • Circle of Atonement - A Course in Miracles site
  • ConsciousNet
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Course in Miracles, A
  • Crystal Skull Resource Directory
  • Dharma Rain Zen Center
  • DharmaNet - Buddhist Resources
  • DharmaWeb
  • Divine Mother Page
  • DreamWeavers
  • Dzogchen Foundation: Tibetan Buddhism
  • Earth Stewards
  • Earthwatch
  • EarthWise Journeys
  • Ecomall
  • EcoNet Environmental Directory
  • Eco-Village Information Service
  • ECR: Earth Changes Report
  • Environment Canada Green Lane
  • EnviroLink
  • EnviroWeb
  • Esalen: Self Discovery Environment
  • Fat-Free Vegetarian Mailing List
  • Fellowship for Intentional Community
  • Findhorn Foundation
  • Finding God in Cyberspace
  • Fortean Times
  • Foundation for Inner Peace
  • Foundation for International Spiritual
  • Unfoldment: Osho Teachings
  • Friends of the Earth International
  • Gaia: Our Living Earth
  • Galactic CentralGalaxy
  • Global Village
  • Grace - Light Workers Resource
  • Green Parties of North America
  • Greenpeace International Homepage
  • Guide to Environmental Resources
  • Guide to Aromatherapy
  • Gururaj Ananda Yogi
  • Hazel Nut - A Journal of Celtic Spirituality
  • Hindu Universe
  • Hinduism Today
  • Holistic Internet Community
  • Homeopathy Home Page
  • How To Talk New Age
  • Indian Spirituality
  • Inner Worlds
  • Integral Yoga:Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  • Intentional Communities
  • Interlude: Internet Retreat
  • International Transpersonal Center
  • International Meditation Centres
  • Interpreter, The
  • Isis Unveiled - Occult, Pagan, Wicca
  • ISKCON Site
  • Journal of Alternative Therapies
  • Journal of Buddhist Ethics
  • Kundalini Resource Center
  • Learning to Channel
  • Lightwork Publishing
  • Lucidity Institute, Inc.
  • Magical Blend Magazine
  • Meher Baba
  • Metaphysical and Holistic Cruises
  • Midwifery Today
  • Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
  • Mind Media World Wide Web
  • Mind is a Myth - Krishnamurti Teachings
  • MindWarp and All Things Noetic
  • Monroe Institute
  • Monthly Aspectarian Online
  • Motherheart
  • MotherPage
  • Mystic Fire Video
  • Mystic Mushroom
  • Mystical Crystal
  • National Geographic Society Online
  • National Organization of Physicians for
  • the Environment
  • NativeWeb
  • Natural World
  • New Age Web Works
  • New Age Sound Center
  • NewHeaven NewEarth
  • Nodo Vegetariano Milanese
  • Noosphere - Resource of Spiritual Sites
  • Omega Institute
  • One World Broadcasting Trust
  • Open Mind
  • Peace Corps
  • Peace Page
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • Planet Earth Home Page
  • Planetary Society
  • PlanetKeepers
  • Protree Alternative Information
  • Psyche: An Interdisciplinary Journal of
  • Research on Consciousness
  • Psychic Discoveries Behind the Canadian Curtain
  • Psychic Internet: Readings on the Internet
  • Ragnorak: The Asatru Religion
  • Rainbow Family of Living Light
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Resonate - Spiritual Transformation
  • Rosicrucian Fellowship
  • Rudra's Net of Jewels
  • Sai Baba
  • Satsang with Gangaji
  • Science of Spirituality
  • Sedona On-Line
  • Seeking the Kingdom of God - Krishna
  • Consciousness Writings
  • Seers Cave - Vedic Astrology and Mysticism
  • Servants of the Light -Qabalistic Mystery School
  • Seth Concepts
  • SethNet
  • SETI
  • Share International - Maitreya Emergence
  • Shin Buddhism Network
  • Shoestring Travel
  • Sierra Club
  • Societas Gnostica Norvegia - Gnostic Writings
  • Souls Stars and Synchronicity
  • Sound Rearch - Sacred Sound Exploration
  • Spirit-WWW - Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
  • Spirit over Mind over Matter
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Spirituality & Consciousness - Virtual Library
  • Sri Ramana Maharshi
  • Starbuilders
  • Stillpoint
  • Sumeria
  • Sun Angel Innovations
  • Sweden UFO Site
  • Tarot
  • Thai Buddhism Information
  • Third Circle
  • Torcaza Trails Ecotourism
  • Tricycle Hub - Interactive Buddhist Forum
  • True Psychics
  • UFOs and the New Physics
  • Unifying Fields Foundation
  • Urdco's Mystic Visions
  • V.J. Enterprises
  • Vatican - Home Page of John Paul II
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Vegan Action
  • Vegetarian Society UK (VegSocUk)
  • Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
  • Vegetarian Resource Center
  • Way, The - Human Origins and Evolution
  • Weaver, The
  • White Mountain Education Association
  • Whole Earth Review, the Magazine
  • Whole Internet Catalog
  • Windows in Eternity
  • World Transformation
  • World Guide to Vegetarianism
  • Zen Web of Original Mind
  • Zen Buddhism & Taoism Information
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