New Age Directory of Planet Earth

The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Patti Normandy Greenwood 
Darrell Thomas Wilson

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Using Other Resources

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

You have probably noticed that you can't find many of the holistic services you want in the phone book. Although this is true, the yellow pages of the local phone book may still turn out to be the means to tap into the hidden metaphysical and spiritual underground in any city where you have no personal contacts.

What works for me is to first look up Health Food in the yellow pages. If I find a health food store, I phone first to ask if they have a bulletin board. When you find a store that has one, drive over and read the flyers for meetings and workshops. Many are free to attend and you can meet the locals. Check out the business cards posted there and copy the ones that appeal to you. You never know when a person might want a massage.

Ask if there is a new age or holistic health publication that serves the area. They are usually free and you can tap into the alternative community just by reading the advertisements. You may find these publications at book stores, health food stores, crystal shops and alternative health professionals' offices.

If there is no local paper, ask if there is a metaphysical bookstore or a new age center or maybe a store that sells crystals nearby. The category for crystal stores did not exist in phone books at the time of this writing. These places often function as gathering places for like-minded people and are excellent resources.

Before you thank the people at the health food store for all their help, remember that you will eventually get hungry. Ask for their recommendation for the best restaurant in town where you can get healthy food or vegetarian food if that is your preference. Even if there is no natural food restaurant, the locals usually know where the best food can be found. Take time to nourish your body as well as your spirit and don't forget to take a break and breathe.

If you can't find a health food store, just go down the following list of categories in the phone book. Call and tell the person who answers exactly what you are looking for. Alternatives are everywhere, it just takes a little dowsing to find each other sometime.

Phone books in smaller towns will not include all of these possibilities, but it only takes one connection to find your way. By using this proven method, I have met hundreds of kindred souls wherever I have traveled.

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

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