My Christmas Story

by Walter Busby

Dr. Von Zabern entered the examining room with a worried look and said, “The test results indicate that you may have a mass in your lungs.” Mass was her vernacular for tumor.  Five days earlier, the day after Christmas, and a few weeks before my 69th birthday, I was in the intensive care unit of the VA hospital with severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I assumed I was having a heart attack. Subsequent tests confirmed that my heart was fine; x-rays however, indicated my lungs were full of fluid. A medical technician using a needle the size of a meat skewer had drawn a quart of bloody fluid from my lungs. Of the three possible explanations for why this fluid was present, cancer was the worst. I was in deep excrement!

My biggest fear was not dying, but being helpless and having to rely on others to take care of me.  I was determined that whatever my fate, I would be gracious, loving and allow others to serve me.  I spent extra time in meditation and preparation. Each night, before going to sleep, I meditated on my picture of the Angel of Healing that hangs in my bedroom and asked for her help. I also read inspirational books about crossing over. I especially enjoy the books and television show of the medium, James Van Praagh.  Shortly before my scheduled CAT scan, I asked for a sign of my fate. Before going to sleep that night, as I was meditating on my Angel of Healing, her picture fell off the wall. This was my sign; I knew I would be ok. A few days later, after viewing the results of my CAT scan, Dr. Von Zabren came into the examining room with a radiant smile and announced, no mass!

All the spiritual preparation for my death had paid off; I was more spiritually alive and aware than I had been in years.  Having visited Sedona, Arizona, within the last year and getting inspired from being in those beautiful red rocks, I decided that I would go there on a vision quest to seek guidance for my new life. On July 1, I moved into an attractive condominium located in West Sedona determined to sample every spiritual experience that Sedona had to offer. Checking the message board in the New Frontiers Natural Market, the major meeting place for the local spiritual folk, I discovered numerous events and activities that seemed interesting. The most promising was a concert on July 4 at the Avalon Gardens; the flyer promised two live bands.

Upon arrival at the gardens, members of the Aquarian Concept Community greeted me and after a short interview, introduced me to a fellow psychologist who was to be my host for the evening. She was, along with everyone I met, warm, loving and full of spiritual energy. I learned from her that to become a member of the community you had to turn over all of your money and worldly possessions and have your life guided by the founder and charismatic leader, Gabriel of Sedona and his council of elders.  After a delicious meal and a tour of the gardens, I settled in for the live music by two talented groups--the Avalon Brothers and the Starseed Acoustic Ensemble. It was the latter group that sent me soaring.  Surrounded by beautiful loving people, the music filled my heart with bliss. I was drunk on the divine energy surging through my body.  I could not remember the last time I had been this spiritually alive.

I had to find out more about this community! I bought the two books that Gabriel had written and devoured them. He claimed to be a channel for the Pleiadians, an extraterrestrial group from the Planet Pleiades.  Gabriel’s books raised a red flag for me; his channeling seemed unsophisticated and self-serving. I went online and found a website with feedback from former members who advise anyone paying attention to stay away from Gabriel and his community. I took this advice seriously! Nonetheless, the juice I got from the concert and the warm, loving people stayed with me for my month in Sedona and beyond. When I visited the famous Sedona vortexes I was already so high, I honestly did not experience any new or unusual energy.

A few days after letting go of the Aquarian Concept Community, I was in a used bookstore when I noticed, on prominent display, a large picture book showing photographs of a Pleiadian space ship.  I felt compelled to buy this rare out-of-print book even though it was very costly. The book told the story of a Swiss man named Billy Meier and his encounters with a 450 year-old, nevertheless still youthful and beautiful, Pleiadian woman named Samjase. She contacted Billy through telepathy and arranged for him to meet her in an isolated area of the Swiss countryside to allow him to take photographs of her space ship. The photographs presented in the book certainly looked real. Moreover, a group of Swiss professional indicated that they could find no evidence that they were not authentic.

After returning home to Gainesville, Florida, I discovered a book channeled by Barbara Marciniak called Bringers of the Dawn.  In the course of reading Barbara’s book, I fell in love with the Pleiadians. Their words leapt off the pages and held my imagination like nothing I have ever read. Could this incredible and magical story of the earth shifting into a new dimension and creating a literal heaven on earth be true?  By the end of the book, in which I savored every page and did not want it to end, I was convinced that this incredible story was indeed true!

During the following three years, I acquired and read more that 100 books on the subject of the ascendance of the planet Earth. I also attended various seminars and conferences that focused on this transformation, as well as studying directly with some of the world's top Channels such as David Miller, Norma Milanovich, Fred Sterling, James Tyberonn, and Steve Rother. In short, I used all of my time and resources in the intense study of the coming shift of the planet Earth into a higher vibrational dimension.  In the end, my old world view--maybe I should say universe view--was completely shattered and replaced with a universe so magnificent that it staggers the imagination, a universe that heralds the coming of the magical time of Camelot and Heaven on Earth.