Divine Masquerade

By Dorothy Zavada

Billions of people have responded emotionally to the story of Jesus and his suffering, just as an almost identical story dominated the Egyptian civilization. For four thousand years the spiritual life of Egypt was centered around the myth of Osiris.

Like Jesus, Osiris was a great spiritual leader who sacrificed his life rather than give in to the evil of the day. And like Jesus, his apparition returned to guide the people in times of trial. Many of the Christian beliefs are adaptations of the earlier Osiris theology that eventually spread to Greece. The Greeks had a great influence on early Christianity and many of their earlier beliefs overlapped into the new religion.

There are frequent rumors and stories of direct encounters with the myriad Hindu gods. Even today individuals strolling through the wilderness reportedly come upon luminous entities.

These apparitions resemble deities and the startled ones receive messages which support and enhance their particular belief and frame of reference. Similarly apparitions resembling the traditional artists' concept of Jesus and Mary appear annually before thousands of people, offering them comfort and reaffirming their faith. Interviewers are impressed by the witnesses' mental stability, honesty and sincerity and total emotional involvement.

Mary and Baby Jesus

In order for the myth of Osiris to have survived for four thousand years, it is probable that apparitions of Osiris also manifested themselves frequently and repeatedly, generation after generation.

The central consideration is not the reality of these images of Vishnu, Osiris, Jesus, Buddha


the Mother Mary or the feminine aspect of the duality of the physical universe which is becoming more prevalent in these times.

Is it the human and/or cosmic system that produces the entities and the beliefs that they motivate?
Are these things mere hallucinations, tricks of the human mind and malfunctions of the human sensory apparatus?

Or are they produced by a mysterious exterior force that has the ability to manipulate us?

If so what is the purpose of such manipulations?

The existence of Jesus is of less importance than the influence the belief in his existence has had upon a large segment of the human race. Even the biblical texts admit that Jesus had little or no effect upon his own people during his lifetime. It was not until after his death that the Christian movement was born. Jesus was more a symbol than a founder of a new theology.
Sacred Heart of Jesus
The theology which Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/Mary and others represent is borrowed from the ancient texts which to this day bear witness to the story in the form of the Vedas, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the ancient inscriptions found among diverse peoples all over the earth. Perhaps Jesus was the model for the amplification of the belief system which has continued up to this era. Are we ripe for a new model!

The apparitions have not ceased and many sightings of mysterious non-threatening beings have been reported on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, the sacred mountain of northern California.

Mt. Shasta

These experiences leave the witness with feelings of awe and bliss and unexplained good feelings. The form seems always to represent a glorious being robed in white surrounded in light and offering love and peace. Often the form resembles St. Germain.

Saint Germain

Whatever the mechanism for these apparitions, the effect is similar to that recorded in ancient times. It is a deeply moving experience that is seldom forgotten and often brings about a permanent change in the heart of the witness, an emotional release, a transcendance.

Sometimes a healing is received, a doubt erased, a belief strengthened, a solution found. Be it our higher Self, an ascended Master, a holographic image projected from a technologically advanced source, or a hoax, the effects are substantial and documented around the world.

Recently channeled information has been received which is attributed to the Pleidians. These extraterrestrials returning to our present from their future, claim that there was a holographic implant introduced into our reality which depicted the death of Jesus on the cross. Indeed, they suggest that Jesus was not crucified! This, as well as other implants, were artificially introduced to guide us and influence the history of this planet.

They claim that these doings and many other free will enterprises by them, our brothers and sisters, who are also us, have led to great problems in the future. To correct this and balance their karma, they are here now to repair the mistake and to create a better future for the entire universe which has been affected.

They speak of love and forgiveness, the oneness of all life, the earth as a sentient being, and the light within us all.

These are great times of change and they are now here to help us through the shift that is occurring to our planet.

They add information concerning the diminishing of earth's magnetic core, with which our scientists concur, and what this means to us as individuals.

As we are catapulted into the higher dimensions, the Akashic records of all deeds, throughout "time," including Karma, will lose their grip on our memories and seem distant and far away. The whole life will be viewed through the heart, all the colors will merge, we will know we are love. Our speck of time on this planet will be insignificant compared to eternity.

Reality, as we know it will cease and time will appear to change as the earth moves further through the photon belt. Frequencies will rise and magnetics will lessen. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and other extrasensory qualities will become commonplace.

We must be careful what we wish for as these are the times of instant manifestation. Exciting new technologies are already tempting us; virtual reality, molecular reorganization, DNA restructuring and genetic engineering, regeneration of limbs and the rejuvenation of our bodies.

Hopefully, the LOVE vibration of this planet will guide us through ascension so that we may transcend this plane and flow gently into a new dimension of knowing and experience oneness.

These times upon us are not surprising to those familiar with the ancient texts and prophesies. Some are ready, but most of the humans on this planet are not prepared for the many surprises which await us.

We will survive. There is no death, no easy out. We will awaken!

We will know that LOVE is the healer, the God we strive to know and the source of all that there is in existence. We will know the divine pattern and our part of it. We will recognize the music of the spheres to be playing the same chords as our emotions. We shall know ourselves for the first time and know we are one in love.

"What we do not understand is how you could not realize that you are surrounded with love. You cry out for that which you are!" The extraterrestrials who sincerely care about us may be the impetus to the quicker implementation of the vibration of LOVE on this, our Mother, our beloved planet.

The future is in our hearts! One breath away from the love that we are!

Dorothy Zavada

        Dottie Zavada

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