by Dorothy Zavada

There are fragments of consciousness in each one of us. Part of us will goof off in dreams, another part may inject a scenario into our mind's eye. Our senses join these into a picture which precludes the ideas and patterns describing the self. It is difficult to know who we are. We are busy and do not wonder.

Intimate conscious knowledge and remembering the creator spark within us is popular and maybe essential if we are to be released at our body's
death and if we are to gain access to the vibration which are the gateway to the Source. Then some of the fragments can come home to the feeling of oneness and truth. Where the child resides. Where the fool dwells, the fool who knows the play, the illusion and the folly of serious attachment to living.

Some see the divine everywhere. Some affirm the truth of a personal God, others the truth of Nirvana. Some say God is Love, others that the Force is God, or God is Beauty, or Intellect. The countless sages, sects, churches, visionaries, saints and seers have relayed the true and genuine Word. Each expounds a single ray of the total light.

Part of the consciousness is to experience but one truth at a time. Buddha expresses the transcendent Nought; Jesus expresses loving Charity. Each is a face of the divine Truth, each a ray of God. We can attempt to make a synthesis. Our synthesis may not restore the Oneness because it will still be a mental synthesis, a potpourri, not the unity. It will be the prism playing at telling itself that all the colors do come from a single light, but meanwhile, in practice all the colors are divided in the world. Or sitting on the facet of a crystal with all the other facets out of sight.

It is frightening, that part about oneness. Every eye I look into and every eye I avoid is me. I am in them and they are in me. There is only one consciousness and it is all me/you, etc. When I judge, I judge me. All my loves are me. So are my dislikes. I am everything and I am nothing. It is like suddenly finding that Hitler is your kin and so is Mother Teresa.

Change comes into behavior when pain increases. The more we love another, the more we love ourselves, the better we feel. That is the point, isn't it? To feel better, and better, ad infin!? Knowing that love is the only solution to our problems and surrendering to that acceptance is the goal of ascension and transcendance.

Now then, 'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.'

Dorothy Zavada

        Dottie Zavada

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