A Message from Drunvalo

My Workshop at the Prophets Conference in Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
October 10-11-12, 1997

There have been many requests to hear clearly what I said at the "Prophets Conference" that was held in Phoenix, Arizona on Oct 10-11-12, 1997. Though I cannot give you exactly what I said at the conference, I can give you my notes written three days before. I write these before each public meeting, but do not actually use them when I am speaking. Often peoples' questions lead into other subjects, but still, this is the message that I was bringing to the conference.

To be very clear, I am notsaying that there will be a pole shift on Feb 26, 1998, as some seemed to hear. Please read on and you will understand. 

Love is the Answer for Every Question

By Drunvalo Melchizedek

For me, this means that as we begin to seek to understand our existence in Nature and our purpose in Life, or as we move from one level of consciousness to another, Love always knows the answer to every question of the mind. If Love stays in our consciousness, we will not get lost. We will stay conscious, and not fall asleep when change begins to accelerate around us. We will know and feel the presence of Great Spirit/Nature with each breath. The Unity of Life will become obvious. We will trust Life. We will love Life. And our Purpose will become clear.

We are gathered here to proceed to the next level of Life consciously. Does that feel right to you? It is my belief that the world is ready. All the consciousness grids around the world are complete. Everything has been adjusted and tuned to a very high degree from a human point of view.

Mother Earth is awake and conscious, and She knows exactly what we are thinking and feeling. She knows our deepest heart's desire. And I believe that Mother loves us beyond our knowing. I believe She will come to our aid to help us to understand who we truly are.

And it will be us, as children, through living our own lives, that will bring this world back into the Light.

This is the time we have been all preparing for the last 13,000 years -1998 to 2012 - a fifteen year period. If everything all the prophets have said about that period of time comes true, we are about to be truly changed into a new kind of human. Even science agrees that it does appear to be true; the children with the four extra codons turned on in their DNA are the buds of a new human race.

So what is it about 1998 to 2012? All the prophets of the past have pointed to this time. The Indigenous People of the World, The Native Americans (The Hopi & the Taos Pueblo), The Hopi, The White Brother/Sister, The Zulu Tribe in Africa believe in the coming change.

The Mayan believes by the prophecy of their elders and the "Sixth Sun."
The Seventh Sun is coming . . .

The Japanese with the prophecies of "Amaterasu" returning to earth at this time . . .

Nostradomas and his predictions . . .

Edgar Cayce and his prophecies. Probably he is the most detailed and descriptive in his prophecies. He said there would be a new earth pole in the winter of 1998.

Even the United Nations believes that within that period of time the earth will double it's population, and most of the earth will die - a change that the UN is trying to stop.

The message of the Flower of Life is that the "change" will happen during the next 15 years. We are ready now, but Life will decide when we will move.

We are about to have a special Solar Eclipse - the Solar Eclipse of Feb 26, 1998. This eclipse will usher in this period of change we have been waiting for. The daytime sky will turn black and the stars and five planets will be visible with the naked eye WITHIN the UMBRA (the shadow of the moon). We will have entered the "Time of Change."

One of the best places to experience this eclipse is in the Caribbean. The umbra will enter the Caribbean just after 2 PM local time on Feb 26th, 1998.

The Solar Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999 will be the last this century. At that moment we will enter the "End of Time" until Dec 24, 2012.

So now that the "Time of Great Change" is here, what do we do? Prepare physically? Physically means finding a place that feels safe and storing food and necessary equipment for up to a two year period. This may or may not be right for you.

Understand the situation. First of all, this period of time you would be preparing for is before the change, not after. The idea that we are to prepare and wait, and then after, to come out of the shelter and resume life after the change is misleading.

Once the change has happened, the next world will not be visible to the old one. We will ascend into a new world on a different wave length where any physical preparation made on earth will be useless there. Just as in death, you cannot bring it with you.

So the reason for physical preparation is to give one a safe place to make the transition without violence and struggle - a calm place and time to meditate during the outer changes going on. If, however, you do not feel it is necessary, that is all right also.

Spirit is forever.

No matter what happens, you will survive.

What is truly important here is your state of consciousness during this transition. Your consciousness can overcome any of the physical problems.

See and Live the Unity of Life.If you know there is only one God and that all life is intimately connected together, and if you see this unity everywhere, and finally if you live this unity in your everyday life, Mother Earth will protect you and carefully lead you into the next world. This is the great secret of Life and the protection that Mother Nature will provide.

How is this achieved? By dropping the old consciousness of Good and Evil, which we must do in order to enter the new higher consciousness. The old consciousness sees itself as being inside a body and everything and everyone else as outside of itself.

This way of seeing is an illusion.

The Hindus call it "Maya."

Hermes of Ancient Greece once said, "As above, so below."

This quote has become famous, and is just now being proven by science. The macrocosm and the microcosm reflect each other.

In the same way, another quote is important. "As within, so without". The inside and the outside are connected. It is here, where the important work will be lived - to realize that what happens on the inside reflects to the outside, and the other way around.

This relationship is affected by our feelings. Fear creates a contracted state of being. Love creates an expanded state of being. When we are in fear and contracted, the outer world controls our inner world. When we are in love and expanded, the inner world controls our outer world.

What happens when you lose your job? You go into fear and contraction, and it feels like the whole world is crashing in on you. The more you are in fear, the more difficult it is to find a job. However, when you are in love and expanded, everything seems to naturally go right. People want you to work for them, because they want to be around you. There is a relationship.

So the key to interdimensional survival is to remain positive and in love with life even when the outer world may seem hopeless.

Know the perfection of Nature.

At the same time and equally important, know and see that Great Spirit/Nature is alive and conscious of you.

Develop communication within yourself with God.

An example of indigenous understanding of this is that of the Kahunas in Hawaii: Their belief in nature as alive and conscious.

The final key is to bring this "connection" with Nature into yourself. Let your inner child self emerge and "play" with Life.

Meher Baba said it perfectly, "Be happy, don't worry."

Bashar said it in another way, "Be happy for no reason."

It is your childlike joy that will lead you home.


In Love and Service,


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