A sea of flowers for  Diana, Queen of Hearts, 1997.
Photo of the sea of flowers for Diana in front of the palace. Photo by Ani Jangchub Dolma.
The following letter from singer/songwriter, Kiki, was written to John Darling after she read his essay about Diana on the previous page. She was inspired to write a song about the experience. The lyrics are below. You may click on the wave file to hear Kiki sing her song for Diana.   ( 822K, approx. 10 min.)
Dear John,

I was so moved by your writing (Diana - Seedbearer of a New World Myth).

My husband was watching Saturday Night Live when the news of Diana came across. At first, he thought it was a misguided Saturday Night Live skit - they are famous for doing mock tv news stories. This one had no punch line.

I woke from my sleep at that moment, which is quite out of character for me, and through bleary eyes, saw the Mercedes in the Parisian tunnel. I was stunned. I stayed up all night listening to the BBC reports, praying and pleading with all my insignificant might.

When she finally passed I was in complete denial. It couldn't possibly be true. The reporters must be wrong. I couldn't understand why this particular celebrity death was affecting me so profoundly. During the following week I was riveted to the news reports. On Tuesday my dear Great Aunt Phyl passed unexpectedly in a hospital in Hollywood, Florida. She and Diana were buried on the same day.

I woke up around 6 am Saturday morning in the Holiday Inn in Hollywood, Florida, to the sound of Elton John's live performance of "Candle in the Wind."  The services for Diana continued that morning. Aunt Phyl's funeral wasn't until the afternoon, so I watched the entire procession to Diana's final resting place.

I think it was the bells and flowers that struck me most deeply. The bells were absolutely jubilant. I was surprised at the joyousness of the sounds. I was sure the bells could be heard throughout the universe. And the flowers...I couldn't stop crying. At every turn, people were tossing flowers of every color onto the black car carrying Diana's body - remember the windshield wipers knocking flowers aside so the driver could see the road?

It was at my Aunt Phyl's funeral later that afternoon, that the minister spoke of the bells.  I learned that when a person dies, the bells are tolled, wrapped in leather straps to mute the sound.  A somber tone to lament a passing.  But after the crying comes the joy of a return to God. A celebration of a celestial reunion. At this point the leather straps are removed and the bells are free to ring out to the heavens.

I expected that three days after Diana's burial she would magically reappear. It made sense to me somehow. I thought, Christ came to show us the reality of life. That love and compassion are the true journey, that the karmic cycle of life and death is simply an illusion and we at any time can be set free from the limitations of this earthly plane. What perfection if Diana should come back to life bearing this message. She would have the eyes and ears of the entire planet. There was no doubt of her physical death. She would be believed like no other. I was almost surprised and certainly disappointed when it didn't happen according to my fantasy.

People who commented on her death touch upon the magnitude of the impact of her death, but I felt that there was so much more to it. Things I couldn't begin to articulate. I was frustrated because her death meant so much more than what was being discussed in the public arena.

Then I read your comments. Tears were streaming down my face, I was so relieved that at least one other person on the planet understood how I was feeling, how much Diana's death meant to me and to the world.

I picked up my guitar, went outside to my son's trampoline in the yard, sat down and wrote this clumsy little song. My husband helped me record it onto our computer. I offer it to you as a small thank you, for taking the time to be so thoughtful about Diana's death.

I printed the words below, in case they are difficult to understand.




the people came out for the queen's coronation
with flowers and prayers for the dead
the abbey bells rang out with great jubilation
farewell to the ghosts in our head

the princess in white came tumbling down
and we watched as she battled her pain
her love and compassion transforming the world
her gown had a very long train

the people came out for their own coronation
with flowers and prayers for the dead
the abbey bells rang out with great jubilation
farewell to the ghosts in our head

Another photograph of the flowers in front of the palace
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