The Healing Mind

by E. Rusty Morgan

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't ... you're right." Henry Ford

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true, or becomes true. . . In the mind, there are no limits." Dr. John C Lilly, M.D.

A quote from an industrialist, and a quote from a mind researcher,
both arriving at the same conclusion based on years of observation.
Author and journalist Norman Cousins experienced the power of Positive Mental Attitude, when he was diagnosed as dying from an incurable disease. By a switch in mental attitude and much laughter, Cousins experienced spontaneous remission and came to the following realization:
"The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself but that force is not independent of the belief system, which can translate expectations into physiological change. Nothing is more wondrous about the fifteen billion neurons in the human brain than their ability to convert thoughts, hopes, ideas, and attitudes into chemical substances. Everything begins, therefore, with belief. What we believe is the most powerful option of all."   Norman Cousins

When subjects under hypnosis were touched with the eraser end of a pencil and told it was the burning end of a cigarette, they developed burned tissue and a raw wound which developed scar tissue, AS IF, they had actually experienced a burn.

The belief state creates reality, but wanting to believe or wishing one could believe does not make a belief state.

When one believes, then one's takes the reins and leads us to the reality our belief state desires; but the will also must come from within.

The WILL is not just "really hard wishing."

Our logical rational mind, can satisfy our doubts and lead us to a belief state.

Our own experiences we hold true, will lead us to a belief state.

We all give lip service to the concept of the belief state. Most of us agree intellectually in the power of the belief state. So if we really believe in the power of the belief state why don't we use this power?

Just believe in something and therefore make it happen. It really is that easy, but first we must really believe. So how can we do that?

We can't just wave a wand and say to ourselves, "Believe it.!" Even Jesus Christ said, "Lest they see miracles they do not believe."

However, when we do see miracles for ourselves, when we actually experience the reality, then we believe.

So, in order to heal ourselves by mental attitude, we must believe we can heal ourselves by mental attitude and the way to believe it is to actually experience it.

This appears to be one of those "You can't get there from here", double binds, of which life is so full.

The way to solve this double bind, is to use the AS IF technique.

I will behave and adjust my attitude, AS IF I had this belief state.

Do not give faith or trust until it is deserved, but you may permit yourself to pretend to do so, and then DO IT.

When you later really experience some results and effect from this attitude and behavioralchange, you then begin to really believe, and then of course things move much faster toward the fulfillment of this belief state. This permits you to check it out without giving up your own healthy skepticism, and therefore requires no commitment from you other than your intent.

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