Super Light Water for Planet Earth 

by Aaron Rosewater
I think it's safe to say we're living in an extraordinary time. Our beautiful planet is experiencing a metamorphosis of epic proportion while, coincidentally, around the globe there are unprecedented numbers of UFO sightings... and at a time when there is a greater influx of earth-wise-technologies than of any other period in recorded history.

Study of a photon signatureMuch to my delight, I am actively involved in this technological wave and my latest discovery are "Photon Signature Discs." These are 12 inch diameter, "Potentialized-Aluminum" discs whose function is to organize photons into life supporting codes such as Phi-Ratio, The Flower of Life, and Clustered Water. ( Images on this page show the "3/way" photon disc which incorporates these three codes.) Any light passing through the discs carries the information of these codes to whatever the light shins through. Light/photons carrying information in this way can have many varied and positive effects, which surprisingly, even occur at night when there is very little visible light.

A few examples: June, a close friend of mine who is full-figured, badly injured her back and ankle when falling down a flight of stairs in her home. Her physician diagnosed her with extreme back-trauma and a severely sprained ankle. She was told that she would need to be on crutches for at least 6 weeks and to stay off of her feet as much as possible. During the first few days after the accident she experienced increasing back pain until it had become almost unbearable.

In desperation, she sat against a photon-disc for ten minutes after which all discomfort in her back completely disappeared. June then placed the photon-disc against her sprained ankle and was walking around 2 minutes later as if the incident had never occurred. We were both throughly amazed that, not only was she completely relieved from her back and ankle pain but also from her chronically painful sciatic nerve, something which had been troubling her for over 10 years. She returned to work the next day, which required standing on a concrete floor for six hours, and experienced no discomfort from either injury. Thankfully, June has had no further discomfort from any of these ailments.

I sleep with a photon-disc under my futon (not much light there!) and my general state of health has noticeably improved. When placed on the photon-discs, potted plants exude exceptional radiance, alfalfa seeds sprout about 300% better and too-green bananas ripen in the customary time of 3 days. The photon-discs enhance fragrances in perfumes and lotions, improve flavors of various beverages and dramatically increases the energy of quartz crystals.

Imagine wearing photon-signature-clothing!

In my estimation, however, one of the most significant and timely effects of the photon-plates is their ability to greatly increase water's life-supporting ability.

Since 1994, I've been building my own water re-vitalizing machines whose water quality is greatly enhanced when I use photon-discs in these systems. Photon-disc codes transfer in seconds through miles of city water networks and maintain considerable vitality in the water for about two weeks. This is particularly significant since metal pipes and electric pumps, the main means of moving water in our modern world, typically strip water of its vitality.

The 3-way photon discI have been using photon-disc floats in the ocean off Hawaii and have been very impressed with their ability to maintain the ocean's vitality. The coded imprint remains long after the float has been taken out of the water as well. Currently, it has been over 3 months since a photon float has been in the ocean here, and the vitality and the water is still quite strong.

Photon signatures are not limited to the three mentioned above. I have used several varieties to relay various kinds of information. My latest undertaking is to stimulate clustered water to evolve from 6-sided polygons into 12-sided polygons and beyond. It is my understanding that this would increase clustered water's ability to access and store information, an important step in water evolution.

Photons are a free and unlimited resource with huge potential and it is not unreasonable to think that our oceans, lakes, and waterways could be revitalized using photon-technology. It would certainly put things into a new light.

Aaron RosewaterAaron Rosewater is a visionary scientist-inventor who has devoted his life to the betterment of Planet Earth. His inventions are distributed over much of the planet.

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