Gordon Edward Greenwood's Family Album

Maud Armstrong Goodman

Maude Armstrong's watch
Maud's father was John Andrew Armstrong, born October 11, 1848, died October 11, 1903. He and Maud's mother, Nancy "Nannie" (Hikes) Armstrong, born November 15, 1855,  are buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. John Andrew is the son of John Armstrong, believed from Canada, and Nancy Anne (Hikes) Armstrong, born July 26, 1830, in Kentucky. The two women with the same maiden name of Nancy Hikes were first cousins once removed before the older Nancy became the mother-in-law of the younger Nancy.
This unidentified photo was the only one in the back of Maud's 1870 Bible. On the back it says, "Campbell and Ecker's Photographic Establishment, 134 Main St., between 4th and 5th, Louisville, Kentucky. Does anyone know who this is? Maud was born in 1884 so it's probably not her. Her mother, Nancy "Nannie" (Hikes) Armstrong was born November 15, 1855. Her grandmother, Paulina Kellar, died June 17, 1897. Those are my best guesses.

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9 Nov 2001