Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's Family Album

Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel
Skeeball at Coney Island
The Wonder Wheel was 150 feet tall. It had 8 stationary cars and 16 swinging passenger cars that  slid and gave you a little thrill. Mom and I always waited for the sliding ones. It believe it was around West 12th Street on the Boardwalk. It gave you a view of the NYC skyline, the Jersey Shore and the Atlantic Ocean. What fun! Mom always took me to the penny arcades. She would give me a whole roll of pennies and I felt so rich. She taught me to play skeeball. She was really good at it. I don't recall ever really winning anything big that amounted to anything, but it was the playing that was fun.
Nathan's Hot Dogs - 5 cents! The Tornado
No trip to Coney Island was complete without a trip to Nathan's for the greatest hot dogs (with sauerkraut and mustard) I ever had. And they only cost a nickel! Now you can buy them at your local supermarket, but they just don't taste like the ones we used to get in Coney Island on Surf Avenue near Schweicker's Walk. The Tornado was built in the 1920s, 2970 feet of pure fun. It was on Henderson Walk and the Bowery. The postcard called it the Bobs Coaster, but we always called it The Tornado. It's fun looking for these old postcards at antique stores now. I'm amazed they weren't thrown out! 
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