Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's Family Album

Growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My Cousins on the Simonetti Side


Eddie DevineHenry Devine
Edward Devine and Henry (Aniello ) Devine
Sons of Aunt Jennie (Giovannina Simonetti) and Uncle Frank Devine ( (DeCiro Francesco D'Avino)
Fannie (Fortunata) Devine and Jimmy Devine (James or Vincent?) photos not available
Does anyone have any at any age that you can share?
Beatrice DevineSal Devine
Beatrice Devine and Salvatore Michael Devine
Children of Aunt Jennie and Uncle Frank Devine
Jim  De GenovaAndrew (Dege) DeGenovaMildred (Pye) DeGenova
Vincent James (Jim) DiGenova, Andrew (Dege) DeGenova, and cousin Pye DeGenova whose real name was Domenica "Mildred" DeGenova
Children of Aunt Barbara (Simonetti) and Uncle Benny (Biagio) DiGenova
Louis DePriscoLouise (Lulu) DePriscoBeatrice (Sugar) DePrisco
Cousins Louis (Louie), Louise (Lou Lou), and Beatrice (Sugar) DePrisco
Children of Aunt Margaret (Simonetti) and Uncle Mike (Massimino) DePrisco
Simonetti cousins, children of Uncle Salvatore and Aunt Filippa (Filomena) (Florio) - see wedding pictures
Happy 11th Birthday to Priscilla
My cousins, the Gallo sisters
Children of Aunt Sue (Asunta Simonetti) and Uncle Joseph Gallo
My 11th birthday. All four of my Gallo cousins were there, including baby Delores at the very top, back row, left to right:: Josephine Gallo, Gloria in front of her and to her right, cousin "Sugar" (Beatrice) DePrisco, Priscilla Gallo, and then me, Priscilla Normandy.  I'm third from the right. Mom liked to braid my hair and she pinned the braids on top of my head with a big bow. She made all the party hats with crepe paper. Birthdays were wonderful because of Mom. She really got into decorating and making it fun. The other girls are my friends from the neighborhood. Far right is Anita Spinelli, left of her is her cousin Helene Ryan. I think the other two girls in the front may be Clotilda or Carmela, and Cookie on the left of her, but I'm not real sure. Anyone know?

Me and my cousins on Maujer St.
Some of my many cousins. I'm center front holding the flag. This was taken across the street from 181 Maujer Street. 
Bottom row: Gloria Gallo; Priscilla Gallo in First Communion dress; me; JoJo (Uncle Joe Gallo's sister Agnes' daughter).
Back row: cousin (is it Vincent or Pat?) Simonetti, my brother Michael (Buddy) Normandy, Louis DePrisco. Directly below Michael is (unknown), to her right is Anita (Uncle Joe Gallo's sister Rosie's daughter), far right, Josephine Gallo.
The Williamsburg Houses on the right was Kings County's first "slum-clearance" project which was a beautiful model for the times.

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