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Dyar Family Photo

Taken in 1923 at Uncle Bill's home in Illinois, USA

Left to right:
(1) My great-granduncle Bill (William Robert Dyar),
born April 02, 1856 in Freedom, Owen County, Indiana
married Mary Frances Jester, died December 02, 1935.

(2) My great-grandmother, Mary Susanna (Dyar) Fiscus,
born August 16, 1848, Owen County, Indiana
married Aaron Fiscus on September 14, 1867. Mary died in 1919.

(3) My great-granduncle King Solomon Dyar,
born December 27, 1846, Freedom, Owen County, Indiana.
Uncle King died January 15, 1936, in Freedom.

He married Elizabeth Ellen Norris in Spencer, Owen County, on August  2, 1868. He married Nancy Jane Mitchell (widow of Lincoln Dickerson) on April 01, 1906, in Owen County. (Lincoln's full name for your genealogy files was Erastus Melvaston Lincoln Dickerson. Info from Tracy Thatcher Tarr. Thanks, Tracy.)

Tracy has also sent another treasure, a younger photo of King Solomon Dyar in his Civil War uniform. Her sister owns the original  tintype.

This photograph was given to me by my paternal grandmother, Martha Ellen Fiscus (Mahorney) Greenwood, who was born July 18, 1872 in Coal City, Owen County, Indiana, and died in Linton, Indiana, in 1978 at 105 years of age.
Coal City link requires pdf reader:

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