Gordon Edward Greenwood's Family Album

Dyar Reunion - 1929

Dyar Family Group 1929

This Dyar family photo was sent by my third cousin, Frank Dyar, who lives in Florida with his wife, Vonice.  His Uncle Glen Bert Dyar identified a lot of the people in the photo.  He didn't  know the people in the front  row. Judy Dyar Pullen identified some others. Does anyone know any of the missing people? If so, please email my wife Priscilla, who is our webmaster.  RevPriscilla at yahoo dot com.

Back row from left to right:
Bertha Belle (Dyar) Franklin; Aunt Ella ?; Uncle Doc?; James Bert Dyar;  Edith Alma (Dyar) Burkett; Emma (Hauser)Dyar;  Sarah Alice Hanley; King Solomon Dyar; Nancy Jane Mitchell (Dickerson) Dyar.

Middle row sitting or kneeling from left to right:
Grover Ivan Dyar; Ralph Doak; Ivan Dyar's wife ?; unknown; Belle (Dyar) Doak: unknown; Kenneth Hanley's wife; Kenneth Hanley (King Solomon's grandson).

Children in front row are unidentified. Any ideas out there?

Here is how Frank Dyar is  related to some of the people in the photo:
                    James Bert Dyar- Frank's grandfather
                    Emma (Hauser) Dyar - Frank's grandmother
                    King Solomon Dyar - Frank's great-grandfather
                    Nancy Jane (Mitchell) Dickerson Dyar, Frank's great-grandfather's second wife.

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