Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's Family Album

My Grandaunts and Granduncles on the Simonetti Side

Francesco and Angelina Simonetti Theresa Simonetti Peluso
Granduncle Francesco (Frank) Simonetti, Grandpa Vincenzo's brother, and his wife, Angelina (Angela). I would love to know Angelina's maiden name!
Their children were Giovannina (Jennie) whom we called "Little Jennie" and who married Onofrio (Ono) Lauri, a famous billiards player; Salvatore, David, Antoinette who married Eugene DiLorenzo, Thomas, and Helen Simonetti.
Grandaunt Teresa (Tessie) Simonetti,  married  Joseph Peluso who died when their children were young. Their children were  Rosina (Rose) who married Sam Gottlieb, Joseph H. who married Catherine (Kitty/Kelly) Gleason, and John who married Eleanor (maiden name unknown). A family story says that seven other children did not live to adulthood. 
Guistina Simonetti Giafone
Vincenzo Simonetti
Another sister of Vincenzo, was my grandaunt Giustina Simonetti who married Donato Giafone. They had a big family and lived at 304 Union Avenue near McCarren Park. Their children were Eduardo (Eddie), Josephine, Lucy, Rose, Joseph, John, Maria, Theresa (Tessie), and Salvatore. 
Lucy married Joseph Chiociariello
Rose married Merrick Forte
Joseph married Josephine (Josie) [?]
John's first wife's name is unknown. They had four children who were raised by John's second wife, Stella, whose maiden name in unknown to me.
Maria married George Fioto
Theresa (Tessie) married Joseph Iovino
Salvatore married Pauline Manduca
     Many thanks to my 2nd cousin, Justine Giafone Adams, for the picture and all the children's names.
Here's Grandpa Vincenzo Simonetti again. I just wanted to put him here with his siblings. 

Does anyone know if there were any other sibllings? 

Several cousins said there was a picture of a monk with a long beard that Grandpa referred to as his brother in Italy. His name was Teodoro.

Microfilm records of Palma Campania, Napoli, Italy, show a Teresa Angela Rosa Simonetti born in 1856 (pre-Italian Unification) when Palma was in the  Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. I  wondered if she is the same Teresa who married Joseph Peluso.  Teresa Peluso was 66 on the 1930 Brooklyn census, making her born in 1863-64.

Microfilm records of Palma Campania show a sibling named Rosalia Agostina born in 1858, and another sister named Lucia Grazia born in 1865 on via Barone.

Two different ship manifests indicate that Vincenzo and his brother Francesco were going to Brooklyn to the home of their brothers, Emilio and Enrico!
There is much more research to be done.

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