Gordon Edward Greenwood's
Family Album

Joseph Philip Greenwood
Mary E. "Polly" Wright

My 2nd great-grandparents

Buried in Dutch Bethel Church of Christ Cemetery
 Arney, Owen County, Indiana

Joseph Philip Greenwood was born in Kentucky in 1798. His father, Philip (born 1755), is listed in the 1810 Kentucky Census with a male (son) listed between the ages of ten and sixteen. Our Joseph would have been twelve. When Charles E. Greenwood researched that census, he noted that there were also two females listed in Philip's household, one under ten, and one between ten and sixteen years old.  He said, "Seems your Joseph may have had two sisters!" Perhaps so, but we have yet to find them. We don't even know what happened to his half-sister, Catherine, who was born in 1782 to Philip's first wife, Mary.

Joseph  married Mary E. "Polly" Wright  in Monroe County, Indiana, on April 2, 1829. In Indiana Marriages Through 1850, they are listed as Joseph and Polly. The 1830 Indiana Census places Joseph in Monroe County. The 1850 Indiana Census leads us to believe that Polly was born in Indiana around 1812. Joseph said he was a farmer on that census.

By 1832, Joseph and Polly had moved to Owen County. A Land Patent Report from the Vincennes Land Office of the Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States, dated March 20, 1837, places their 37.14 tract of land at 1 NWNE Sec 1, Township 9-N, Range 5-W, Fract. Sect. N,  2nd Principal Meridian,  Owen County, Indiana.

Polly died in Owen County on April 14, 1855.  Joseph married again at the age of fifty-nine to Mary Magdaline Arney. They did not have any children that we know of.  We don't know when Mary died. There are at least a dozen Mary Arneys in our files and we haven't figured out which one she is.

On November 19, 1870, Joseph and Mary Magdaline deeded their land to their youngest son, Simon Peter for the sum of $350 . The tract of 27.17 acres in Jefferson Township was supposedly the same land passed down to Joseph Philip by his father,  Philip Greenwood, the Revolutionary War soldier born 1755 in Maryland.  How can this be true, though, if Joseph held the patent? Or is this the same land tract? Must ask cousin Dixie!

Joseph died on February 22, 1876, and  is buried in Dutch Bethel Cemetery in Arney, in Owen County.

Joseph and Polly  had seven children who were my great-grandaunts and -granduncles.
*Simon Peter Greenwood was my great-grandfather.

Joseph Wright Greenwood
Nancy Ann
John R.
Harriet "Elizabeth"
*Simon "Peter"
Mary J.
The Dutch Bethel Church of Christ, commonly called "Old Dutch" or "Bethel" is the second oldest church of the Restoration Movement in Owen County. At the first state convention in 1839, it reported having 200 members.  The church was organized in 1825. Abraham Kern from Lawrence County visited the scattered settlers near Middletown (now Arney) and, at a meeting held in Henry Arney, Sr.'s home, Obadiah Winters and John Arney were chosen as elders and Charles Inman and Andrew Arney as Deacons. The congregation continued to prosper although their building burned 3 times. In 1935 they built the clay block building that is still in use today.

Coal City, Indiana: Then and Now at http://www.infomine.com/publications/docs/Weatherwax2007.pdf

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