Gordon Edward Greenwood's
Family Album

Simon Peter Greenwood
Elizabeth Ann McCoy

My great-grandparents


Simon Peter and Elizabeth (McCoy) Greenwood, my great-grandparents

Dutch Bethel Cemetery, Arney, Owen County, Indiana

Simon Peter Greenwood was born in Owen County, Indiana, right before Christmas in 1843, December 23rd to be exact. He was known as "Pete." Much of what we know of him comes from research done over thirty years ago by our cousin, Dixie (Greenwood) Kline Richardson.

Pete's mother, Mary E. "Polly" (Wright) Greenwood, died in Owen County on April 14, 1855. His father, Joseph Philip Greenwood, married again at the age of fifty-nine to Mary Magdeline Arney.

On August 22, 1861, Pete married my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Ann McCoy, in Owen County. She was born in Indiana on February 16, 1843, and died on November 5, 1908, in Owen County.  They are both buried in Dutch Bethel Cemetery in Arney, Owen County, Indiana. Elizabeth's ancestry has not been documented sufficiently to include it at this time.

Pete's father and stepmother deeded their land to him for the sum of $350 on November 19, 1870. The tract of 27.17 acres in Jefferson Township was the same land passed down to Joseph Philip by his father,  Philip Greenwood, the Revolutionary War soldier born 1755 in Maryland.

Elizabeth and Pete had ten children who were my grandaunts and granduncles.
*Joseph Newton Greenwood was my grandfather.

Alonzo Farris
John Franklin
Sarah Jane
*Joseph Newton
Mary Margaret
Rose Catherine
Elizabeth Ann
Simon Walton
Ira Bert
Bertha Edna

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