Gordon Edward Greenwood's Family Album

George Hikes, Sr. (1762-1832)
and Barbara Oleweiler (1762- 1842)
My 4th Great-Grandparents

Trunk George Hikes, Sr., made for wife, Barbara Oleweiler in 1780.
Thanks to Dona Oldham Page for sharing this photo

My 4th great-grandfather, George Hikes, Sr., was born in Pennsylvania in 1762. He died in 1832. He married Barbara Oleweiler, who was born on November 20, 1762, and died on October 9, 1842.

George made this dower chest for Barbara in 1780. It has a secret compartment in the bottom. It is still in the family. It has been restored but I don't know who owns the chest now. At one time Dona Oldham page was in touch with the owner  who was kind enough to send Dona the photo above.

Gravestone of Barbara Oleweiler Hikes 1762-1842, KY
The gravestone of Barbara (Oleweiler) Hikes is in St. Michael's Church Cemetery in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Barbara was born November 20, 1762, and died October 9, 1842.
She was the daughter of Jacob Oleweiler [1739-1792] who was born in Wurtenburg, Germany, and Ann (Ledich) Hikes [1742-1797]. Jacob and Ann were married on July 29, 1760, and are my 5th great-grandparents.

The children of the marriage of George and Barbara Hikes were all born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, except for the last one, Andrew, who was born in Kentucky.

1. Jacob
2. John
3.*George is my 3rd great-grandfather. He married Ann Jones on April 11, 1813.
    Their son Edward Jones Hikes was born April 29, 1817, in Jefferson County,
    Kentucky. He died in Kentucky on April 4, 1901. On September 22, 1838, he
    married Paulina Kellar who was born March 5, 1822 in Oldham County,
    Kentucky. She died in Jefferson County on June 17, 1897. Their daughter,
    Nancy "Nannie" Hikes (1852-1926), was my 2nd great-grandmother.
    Nannie married John A. Armstrong (1847-1903), son of John Armstrong and
    his wife, the earlier Nancy (Hikes) Armstrong, born in Kentucky on July 26,
   1830.  I would love to  find photos of Nannie and John A. They died before I
   was born and I have  no idea what they looked like. I do have a trunk with
   Nannie's name on it and their 1870s Bible. It includes their beautiful
   Wedding Certificate and pages of family records written by Nannie, and
   later added to it by her  daughter, and my maternal grandmother,
   Maude Edna (Armstrong) Goodman.
4. Catherine
5. Anna
6. Betsy
7. Andrew, born 1803 in Kentucky, married Paulina White.

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