Gordon Edward Greenwood's Family Album

My Great-Grandaunts and Granduncles
Some of the ten children of Edward Jones Hikes (1817-1901)
and Paulina Kellar Hikes (1822-1897)

Barbara Ann Hikes
Lena Crawford Hikes
Barbara Ann Hikes Lynam was born October 11, 1842. She married John Lynam on John Lyman/Lynam. She died on November 10, 1925. Lena Crawford Hikes  was born  April 15, 1859. She married Charles Hunsinger on  December 21, 1881. Lena inherited Mid-Lane Farm when her father, Edward Jones Hikes,  died in 1901. It was originally built for his father, George, Jr., who left it to Edward Jones when he died in June, 1849. I visited there as a child.
William Crawford Hikes
Mary Emma Hikes
William Crawford Hikes was born January 17, 1857, and died July 21, 1918. He married Cora A. Brentlinger on April 20, 1881, in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Mary Emma Hikes was born  in 1849 and died May 7, 1891. On October 13, 1870, she married Andrew Hikes. Dona Oldham Page, who contributed these photos is descended from Mary Emma.

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