Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's
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Giampaolo Anzisi

Giampaolo Anzizi is the very special e-mail friend from Italy who was kind enough to translate the text from the Normandia family crest.  He used to live in Nola, Italy, which is very close to Palma Campania where all of my ancestors are from.

Giampaolo Anzisi (at left) and his sister Antonietta's husband, Felice Manganiello, of Nola, Italy, near Felice's presepe.

When I told Giampaolo about my family's custom of eating seven different kinds of fish on Christmas Eve in "the old days" when I was little, he told me about his family's Christmas Eve foods.

"... baccala', alici (anchovies), calamari, polpo (octopus), seppie (cuttlefish),  vongole (clams). We don't eat eels (anguille) because, as you, my wife doesn't like them but my father-in-law eats.

"We also eat traditional desserts like baba', rococo', mustacciuoli, cauzuncielli and castagne (roast chestnut), finocchi (fennel), formaggi (cheese), mandarini e uva (tangerine and grapes) with pane (bread) and a good italian caffe'...."

Here are some pictures Giampaolo sent which were taken during the Christmas season, 2001.

baccala' baba'
rococo', mustacciuoli, cauzuncielli
castagne (roast chestnut)
rococo', mustacciuoli, cauzuncielli 
castagne (roast chestnut)
finocchi (fennel)
finocchi (fennel)
formaggi (cheese)
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                                 Music and lyrics by Sonny Burke and Peggy Lee, 1955

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