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The Jonas Merritt Family

Jonas and Mary (Dyar) Merritt Family
Creston, Union County, Iowa, USA
Circa 1896-1897

Left to right:
Order  Ellsworth Merritt (seated), born 1872, died about 1950
John A. "Logan" Merritt (standing), born 1884
Jonas Lower Merritt (seated, with beard), born 1848, died 1917
Temple Dyar Merritt (standing in center), born 1881
*Sarah "Sally" Abigail (Dyar) Merritt, born August 23, 1850, died 1917
Walter Sheridan Merritt (child standing on right), born 1888
Frank Robert Merritt (seated on right), born 1878
Lower Earnest "Happy" Merrit (child between parents), born 1891
*Sarah Abigail (Dyar) Merritt was born August 23, 1850, in Owen County, Indiana.
She was my great-grandaunt, sister of my great-grandmother, Mary Susanna Dyar.
Sarah married Jonas Lower Merritt on January 24, 1872, in Owen County, Indiana.

The parents of Jonas Lower Merritt were Adam Merritt and Elizabeth (Baker) Merritt
according to their great-great grandaughter Marge Rzab. Marge's line comes down through Order Ellsworth Merritt. She told us that  Jonas moved with his parents, Adam Merritt and Elizabeth (Baker) Merritt, from Coshocton County, Ohio, to Hamilton County Illinois, in 1861. After their children were grown they moved to Des Moines, Iowa, to be near them.

Cousin Marge has the same picture as the one above. We had never heard  of each other before she emailed us in March, 2000, after seeing this photo. The identify of the sons in this picture was also verified by her Aunt Margaret (Order's son William Merritt's oldest living daughter), and Aunt Gladys (William Merritt's youngest daughter) who remembered a picture that Aunt Nettie (Lower's wife) had given her of the six boys with their names written on the back by Aunt Nettie.

If anyone has any further information about this photo or the people in it, please email me at contact @mysticplanet.com.  (Remove space after contact) This photograph was given to me by my paternal grandmother, Martha Ellen (Fiscus) Mahorney Greenwood, who died in Linton, Indiana, in 1978 at 105 years of age.

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