Priscilla Normandy Greenwood's
Family Album

Unidentified Photos from Italy

Almost all of these photos were brought to America from Palma Campania, Napoli, by my grandaunt, Maria Soletta Normandia (1873-1947), widow of Antonio Alfano (1876-1911). After Antonio died in New York in 1911, Maria brought their three children to Brooklyn, New York. After her death, her son, Alfonso Sebastiano Alfano (1909-2000), kept the photos until he was quite old. At that time, he gave them to our cousin, Robert Aniello Normandia, Sr.  A few years ago, Robert gave them to me since I am compiling the family history. I am slowly getting information about the photos and would appreciate any information or ideas you may have.

Do they look like anyone in your family?

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Page 1   - Woman #1 with dark hair and light eyes
                 Woman #2 with dark hair and dark eyes
Page 2   - Biago - 1902, with handwritten note
Page 3   - Man with Normandia Cataletto (little altar)
Page 4   - Carabinieri Corporal in Italian Army - 1888
Page 5   - Tintype of man & young boy
Page 6   - Man in uniform with scarf
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