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Priscilla (Patti) Normandy and Gordon Edward Greenwood - May, 1982


Patti Normandy and Gordon Greenwood, May, 1982 wedding
Patti and Gordon Greenwood, Ma y 1, 1982
We were married in Gainesville, Florida,  at the home of  our friend, Veronica Gardner. "Ronni's" pretty little daughter, Cristin, was our flower girl. My sister, Jean Lomuto, was matron of honor and Gordon's Dad, Arthur Lee Greenwood, was his best man. My Mother was there and all seven of our children, plus aunt Phyllis Roszell.

When the minister, old friend Donald Bain, began the ceremony, for some reason I stopped breathing and almost fainted! One of Gordon's eyes was totally red from a hematoma! I guess the stress of making a commitment for the rest of our lives manifested itself physically!

My Kimberli wrote a beautiful wedding song for us and played guitar and sang it after we exchanged the vows we wrote. We play the tape every year on our anniversary. This year (1999) we will celebrate our 17th anniversary.

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The Second  Time Around
Love is lovelier
The second time around.
Just as wonderful
With both feet on the ground.
It's that second time you hear
Your love song sung.
Makes you think, perhaps,
That love, like youth,
Is wasted on the young.

Love's more comfortable
The second time you fall.
Like a friendly home,
The second time you call.
Who can say what brought us
To this miracle we've found?
There are those who'll bet
Love comes but once, and yet,
I'm oh so glad we met
The second time around.

By Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen
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