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Priscilla Patti Normandy and Hal Wilson wedding Feb. 11, 1956
 Priscilla "Patti" Normandy and Harold "Hal" Wilson - February, 1956
My first marriage to Hal Wilson took place at The Church of the Little Flower in Hollywood, Florida. The reception was at the home of our maid of honor, Carmela Ortega. My father, Sebastian Sylvester Normandy,  wasn't able to come from New York, so his brother, George Normandy, gave me away. In the picture, from left to right, are Aunt Mary and Uncle George Normandy, my mother, Olympia "Ida" Normandy, me ("Patti" Normandy), Hal Wilson, Hal's mother, Emily Wilson, and Hal's brother, Thomas Bruce Wilson.

We lived in Hollywood, Florida, for a short while until Hal returned to college in Gainesville, Florida, where our first child, Kimberli Wilson, was born. Our other children, Randall, Darrell, and Priscilla Wilson,  were born in Jacksonville, Florida, where we lived after Hal's graduation. We returned to Gainesville after a few years and lived there until our marriage ended in 1972. A few years later, Hal married Jean Freund Hawkins. They had one son and named him Christopher after Hal's father. Jean has three children from her first marriage, two sons, Mark and Jeff, and a daughter named Kim.

I married for the second time in May, 1982. My husband, Gordon Edward Greenwood, has three grown sons, Joseph (who made his transition in 2008), Richard and Donald Greenwood.

My daughter Kimberli has two sons, Richard Carter and Gregory "Sabbastian" Webb. Her husband, Gregory Webb has three children from his first marriage, Bodhi, Deva and Elan Webb.

My son Darrell has a son named Niles. and a daughter named Rachel.  My daughter Priscilla has three step-daughters, Samantha, Erin and Corry. My son Randall is single.

We have a sponsored child in Kenya named Ntabaruan.

We are truly blessed by our ever-growing extended family.

Kimberli Wilson and Gregory Webb 1998 Kimberli Wilson and Gregory Webb
 Kimberli Wilson and Gregory Webb 
 February 1998

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