Darrell  Thomas Wilson
Darrell Thomas Wilson, 1962

Darrell was the cutest little boy with curly blonde hair. He arrived when his brother, Randall, was 16 months old so they have always been very close. He shared his brother's love of motorcycles and was riding a mini bike when he was five and later graduated to motorcycles. Darrell was a good baseball player growing up. Now he has a son named Niles who also loves motorcycles and baseball. Darrell had a knack for electronics and always seemed to be able to wire things together and make them work.

Darrell played guitar as a teenager. I will never hear "Stairway to Heaven" without remembering how he loved playing it. I almost put that MIDI file on this page, but it doesn't go with the sweet baby picture. It's on the next page with more of his photos.

You may wonder why I chose "Blueberry Hill" as the song for this page. It reminds me of a long ago time when little Darrell came home with purple pockets dripping with berry juice. He reached into his soggy pockets and pulled out some wild berries he had picked and handed them to me and said, "Here, Mom, I picked these for you so you could make a pie." That was the sweetest pie I ever made.

Darrell was graduated from the Police Academy in Gainesville and worked in that field for some time.  He also managed several businesses and then owned his own glass tinting business.

Darrell is the co-author of our 1997 book, "New Age Directory of Planet Earth." His valuable contributions to that book involved researching every country in the world and then entering the data for the finished manuscript. He honed his considerable computer skills on that project. It was fun being together while we worked on that book. Now if I can lure him into working on genealogy with me...

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