Randall  Stewart

Randall Stewart Peter Wilson, 1961, 18 months old

Randall was one of those babies that never cried. He was so easy-going from day one. He had an uncanny ability to see the relationship between objects at a very early age. I'll never forget when he figured out how to put all the vacuum cleaner attachments in the places designed for each tool. I had always thrown them in a box, never noticing that they had specific places to go. The vacuum cleaner was older than Randall and he was less than two years old, teaching me.

Randall grew up so fast. He crawled when he was five months old and was walking by seven and a half months old. But one thing he didn't do was talk!

I guess he didn't have anything to say because he never said a word until he was two. Then one day when I asked his sister if she had brushed her teeth yet and she replied that she had, Randall said his first words to our utter amazement, "Sister didn't brush her teeth!" We always kid him about that and tell him he hasn't stopped talking since!

Randall was the kind of nature boy who brought home spiders and snakes. He always loved unusual pets and was very gentle with them. When he grew up he bought a macaw and named him Rinaldo. Today he works as an animal trainer. He exhibits animals at schools, fairs, and other events and takes along cougars, mountain lions, snakes, big birds and tarantulas! Not so different from the little boy, but the cats got bigger. See for yourself.

When I was den mother for the Cub Scout troop Randall and Darrell were in, we had a terrible pool accident. All the children said they could swim. We had three adults for seven boys and thought we were safe, but one of the children nearly drowned in the pool. His aunt jumped in to save him but unknown to us, she also could not swim. Randall jumped in and saved the life of Eugene, a boy twice his size. For this, he received a medal of honor from the Boy Scouts. It was presented by the President of the University of Florida. What a proud moment that was. Most important though is Eugene survived with no problems.

Randall owned several businesses in Gainesville and other places. He had a window tinting business for many years and at one time he owned a gourmet French and Italian restaurant in Gainesville.

Randall can be reached by email at a1mobileglasstinting@aol.com
He would enjoy hearing from  friends and relatives.

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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
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