New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

Patti Normandy Greenwood (Click for photo)
is a seeker of wisdom and truth whose heartpath is spiritual networking. For more than two decades, she has been passionately involved in the pursuit of consciousness exploration.

Patti's other new age directories are Metaphysical Florida: A Spiritual Traveler's Directory and Wholistic Gainesville: A Body-Mind-Spirit Directory. Since completing the New Age Directory of Planet Earth, she has launched the next part of her vision, creating the Mystic Planet, her cyberhome on the World Wide Web for the vast amount of information she has collected. Her website address is http://mysticplanet.com/.

Internationally recognized in the field of spiritual networking, Patti delights in her daily communications via the Internet with like-minded seekers all over the planet.

Patti left her native New York in the 50s for sunny Florida. She lives in Gainesville with her husband, Dr. Gordon E. Greenwood, author, regression hypnotist and University of Florida professor of Educational Psychology.

Their combined family includes sons Randall, Darrell, Joseph, Richard and Donald; daughters Kimberli and Priscilla; grandsons Richard, Niles and Sabbastian; a great grandson named Dominic; a little girl in Kenya named Ntabaruan; and two hermit crabs they call Hermes and Little Guy.

Darrell Thomas Wilson (Click for photo)
has lived in Gainesville, Florida, most of his life and is currently travelling around the country. This book marks Darrell's entry into the writing arena. He is responsible for the enormous task of researching the informational material that begins each nation's listings in this sourcebook.

Darrell is an avid sports fan and is especially passionate about the University of Florida Gators and Winston Cup racing. He has one son, Niles, who is 21 years old and a Grandson Dominic who is three years old.

New Age Directory of Planet Earth: The First International Body-Mind-Spirit Sourcebook

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