by Amira Amara Sravesh
This book discusses the nature of alchemy, the spiritual causes of disease, how one can participate in the creation of improved and/or perfect health for themselves and others, the internal use of 31 herbs, the external application of 22 herbal aromatherapy mixtures, and teaches how these are used and for what purposes in a manner that anyone from the novice to a healthcare practitioner can understand.
Alchemy is the effect of participation. It is the participation of thought
interacting with energy, combining its synergistic value to create matter,
as matter is created with every thought, with every motion of the mind of

Energy, matter, and fields of energy are transformed and uplifted
through the application of intentional force, prayer, and all healing and
spiritual practices.

Matter and new energy patterns are created through the manipulation of light in light, of light in matter, and of light in electromagnetic biofields. These biofields surround all life forms, and are known by this term and also by the term the auric field.

Matter is composed of particums of light and elements of memory that
combine to create forms that are recognizable over time, through space, and in different configurations.

There is an interconnection between the degree to which one understands the physical and vibrational qualities of what is to be transformed, and the degree to which matter and its vibrational constituents may be manipulated. The vibrational overlay of prayer, intention, and healing practices can result in the transformation and/or creation of new light patterns that act in various ways on both physical and subtle levels of energy. The release of limited thought patterns is vital.

Once something is transformed, it may be perceived as physically altered,
as when there is a change in color or taste. Or it may seem to be unchanged, yet still acts in a potentiated manner because the vibration alone, rather than the vibration and the physical constituents, was transformed. It is not always necessary to alter the physical to bring about a change in vibration. An alchemist knows that the infusion of a specific purpose or intention can create or stimulate healing properties in individuals and in herbs.

Sometimes it is difficult for someone to “believe” in alchemy. The effect
of one’s participation in this way, especially regarding his or her own
healing, will actually limit the innate potential to heal and be healed.
Also for those persons, the effectiveness or specific intent within the use
of herbs or healing practices may be negated. Many people do not understand the significant effects of their own participation in the healing processes.

Those who are able to experience the alchemy of healing to its highest
degree or expression are assisted by not holding limiting preconceptions of what is required in order for transformation to occur. For them, then, the
highest states of health may be reached and healing herbs may be fully
utilized for their highest potentialities.

To begin to manipulate or alter matter, it is recommended that you are
clear and experiencing the flow of the divine energy that some label Christ
energy, which is a meditative state of communication with God. There are
many names and ways to express this thought. Know that the words are not as important as the connection. By being in full communion with the divine intelligence and energies, you open yourself to be a channel for that energy, wisdom, and clarity to flow through and assist you in the processes of alchemy and healing.

You need not label what is happening, analyze, or even observe the self during this process - simply be in it. This experience is a two-way communication between the highest aspects of the self and the multidimensional divine light energies always in and around us. To be wholly successful, immerse the self in this communication always. Collaborate with the divine light to further the manifestations of divinity in your body and environment.

There are many levels of divine dialogue that take place, and there is a
place where you can exist in which there is only dialogue. By existing where there is only dialogue, you open the self to a clarity and resonance that generates the energy necessary for intentional work. It is an unlimited
world devoid of judgment and interpretation; a world of divine connected
thought and heart energy; a world where the highest, clearest light
vibrations emanate through the self to the matter to be manipulated. These Christ energies emanate from within the unseen inner dimensions out into the visible, third-dimensional world. Immersion in the Christ energy enables one to engage in alchemy for the highest good of the self, others, and the planet.

The alchemical creation of matter and energy may be likened to the physical creation of matter within the womb known as the birth process. The reaction of creation is set into motion initially through the act of intercourse, which is the blending of different energies and physical substances. These elements of creation manifest in a single, physical location, with the environment being most conducive under certain conditions and at certain times. This interplay of intention, physical substance, and environment may result in the creation of new matter, namely an embryo or fetus, which under ideal conditions grows within the womb, manifesting as an infant after an incubation period of about nine months.

This process is very similar to the alchemical process in which matter or energy is created or transformed through the application of prayer, affirmation, or intentional force. However, the incubation period in this alchemy is typically perceived as a matter of milliseconds. And, in fact, the transformations take place beyond the realm of time. There is no time in the unlimited expanse some call the void which is the source of all creation.

When working with materiality in the third dimension, the highest
potentiated states result from the transformation of the purest substances
by those who have the purest intentions and clarity. Matter is transformed
according to its original form and vibration, and also according to the
alchemist's purity or vibrational level. It can be difficult to uplift
something to its highest vibrational possibility when either it is not of
high quality or the alchemist is not clear and strong. Thus, it is
recommended that the purest products available are utilized and that the
alchemist be fully within the experience of the Christ energy, especially
when engaged in the practice of medical alchemy..

Alchemy is participation with the Universe. When you are aware and awakened in alchemy, you are very much intent on not being a spectator. Rather, you become very much a participant in the universe, creating and moving, ever flowing with the divine light.

Know that there is no difference between changing the color or taste of
water; changing the shape of a cloud or potency of an herb; or changing the outcome of an event or physical condition through the infusion of
affirmation, intention, or prayer. The same energy that alters one
circumstance will alter the others.

By keeping this in your consciousness while manipulating various objects, you will begin to more readily observe the sameness in all things. Expressing the same level of intensity and integrity with all objects, elements, events, and individuals facilitates one’s ability to alter anything, regardless of its size, impact, or real or perceived importance. This is a lesson that is best learned before it is truly required, because the lower emotions, including anxiety, fear, or self-doubt, are not as likely to interfere in one who is a practiced and proficient alchemist.

Uplifting an herb or creating a physical change in yourself or in another
while your environment is relatively calm and non-chaotic is a fine place to
begin the practice of alchemy. Become familiar with the various
electromagnetic properties of different herbs and actions and the way that
those different energies interact with the other energies in individuals.
Those who request or require assistance from you will have varying degrees of knowledge and trust in themselves, in the processes of alchemy, in you as an alchemist, and in the use of herbs for their own benefits and healing.

Gauge how much vibrational force is required to initiate change and then
observe what reactions occur for a given individual under circumstances that vary both within that individual and in their manifest world. It will then
be possible for you to infuse the vibrational qualities of herbal energetics
into persons requesting assistance, whether or not they or the herbs are
physically present. The knowledge that infusing these vibrations is a real
possibility will facilitate your impact whenever you render assistance.

The possibilities are infinite. Know and remember that an alchemist is
capable of transforming anyone and anything. When transformation happens, you will see that alchemy occurs regardless of what is manifested on the third dimensional plane because it is allowed by you to emanate from you as an alchemist. Your intent to transform matter and energy is all that is required once a certain level of awareness and understanding is reached. Use your energies only for the highest good. Manifest and respect divinity.

To be certain that something has taken place, other than tuning into the
divine source of all knowledge and receiving the wisdom that comes from
there, one must experience the change in one’s self or observe it in
another. So when you begin to work with individuals in the use of medical
alchemy, it is recommended that you start by working with yourself. First
see what changes you are able to manifest in yourself and for yourself, for
your own discovery and healing.

To elevate the level of alchemy expressed, start by uplifting yourself to
ensure that you are absolutely clear and strong, before you continue to
assist anyone else. Clarity enables performance and increases beneficial
impact for your work as a medical alchemist.

Whether or not it is perceived by others, there is a positive light energy
that impacts everything in and around us. The force with which you manifest positive changes in your own life and environment is directly related to the clarity and strength manifested from within your self.

Intention and prayer are alchemy, pure divine thought. The affirmation that
an object has changed creates its change. Know that you are capable of such an act, and it will happen. Work only for the highest good of yourself and others. Create healing energies around yourself, for yourself and others, and for the planet. Send this love and healing energy out beyond the realm of your imagination and personal wisdom, out into the universe, beyond the universe, as far as it will extend. This is true alchemy.

Although some knowledge may be gained through training and educational
instruction, more may be derived from the exploration of the nature of herbs and one’s inner self. Tap into the innate source or intelligence with which we all come into this world, accessed through the development of internal awareness and directed purposeful action. This innate intelligence, along with training and knowledge of herbs learned from master herbalists, educational courses, and a collection of herbal and holistic healing references, aids in the ability to counsel on the various health uses of herbs and the ability to match herbs to symptoms across individual differences and over time. This book is one example of the result of connecting to that divine intelligence, and it is but one drop in the ocean of information that is readily available from that source.

It is also important to respect and utilize the herbal traditions of the
world, including those that have become more popularized in the available
literature, such as Chinese or western herbalism, and those that have not,
such as the nearly lost art of Tibetan herbal medicines and many of the
other native cultures. There are many benefits to using herbs from all of
the systems of the world, rather than focusing on one or two major systems. A holistic approach to herbalism blends with a holistic healing approach to create a synergistic benefit for the complex and intricate systems of the body, mind, and spirit.

Herb knowledge is not truly taught nor learned from books or others. The
utilization of innate intelligence and memory lifts the practice of using
medicinal herbs, affirmation, intention, and prayer into expressions of
wisdom and certainty as one is able to understand and apply these
experiences to the real work of alchemy. Be in harmony with the divine
energies, hold in your heart the intent all for the highest good, and be a
servant of the herbs and the people they serve. Know that the vibrational
qualities of those using or manufacturing herbs does affect the herbs’
effects, so carefully select your herbs and sources. And as an alchemist,
remain clear and focused, emanating unconditional love and healing energy.


The greatest of spiritual causes of disease at this time is the lack of
spirituality. This lack of spirituality formulates together with what exists
in the environment to create the alchemy of disease. Disease is created
within the body from the lack of spirituality because that which is termed
to be the greatest organisms - viruses, bacterium - all come from the
thought forms of alchemy.

The consciousness of humankind is placed forth in the synergy of alchemy
within the universe and its interaction with the divine light, creating the
upper light microbes and the lower light microbes. The upper light microbes
are all microbes and viruses that are life-supporting, life-giving,otherwise known as the friendly bacteria and the friendly viruses. The lower light microbes are those that are unfriendly and of the lower negative values, emanating from the portions of consciousness that bring about judgment, animosity, fear, and anger toward others.

In examining the role and the play of the soul that is here on this earthly
plane, one may observe that we are here to experience a lifetime of truly
finding peace, each of us within our own universe. Existing within your own
universe means that you are not preoccupied with others. This facilitates
your forward movement into the upper light microbes, into the state of
divinity, into the Christ energy, manifested both within and outside of
yourself. What you experience internally in direct proportion affects your
external environment, and vice-versa.

When there is a preoccupation with others, there will be hatred, there will
be jealousy, there will be envy, there will be attack of others, there will
be the crucifixion of others, and there will be the glorification of others.
There will be all of these onset behaviors that come from existing outside
of one’s own universe. When one is in existence within one’s own universe,
there is a complete lack of, and freedom from, spiritual diseasement.

The connection between disease, illness, and spirituality is very simple.
When one learns the spiritual lesson of living within one’s own galaxy,
unaffected by the movement of others - one may be in observance of others,
but unaffected - there one does not create judgment toward another, one does
not bring exultation of another, and one does not bring attack orcrucifixion of another. They place their attention wholly upon themselves,and therein they find the very flow of this state that has been called the life-zen state. When one exists within this life-zen state, they are no longer affected by anything external. The actions and commotions of others no longer affect their own spiritual stability when they are truly within this zen motion.

When someone exists within the parallels of their own universe, they are
the peacemakers, the peacegivers. They are those who find beauty in all
things. They emanate the divine, the Christ energy, and are called angelic,
enlightened, or illumined. They live free from the diseases and lower
negative emotions that exist within the realm of the lower light microbes.
They are immune to those energies because they have truly risen above them.
They live within the realm of the upper light microbes and are affected by
it. In essence, they become more and more this upper light, as they ascend
from the realms of the lower light to the upper light.

Yet sometimes, those who are on a spiritual path are given instances and
experiences to bring forth judgment, to bring forth physical or verbal attack on others. These are lessons that are brought forth from that which is the very light force - the divine light itself - to become a mirror to others.

It is a great lesson when one looks at the spiritual causes of disease and sees that all disease is vibrational, and that all that is vibrational comes from one’s self. This energy is the very alchemy that is projected from one being to another or back to the self, whether it is alchemy that is projected love, alchemy that is projected jealousy, alchemy that is projected envy, or alchemy that is projected attack and judgment of others.

The individuals who are learning these spiritual lessons may eventuallyreach a place where these judgments cease and fall away. Coming to aspiritual circumference of a complete understanding, they then realize that that which is affected within them is that which will affect their reality. And that reality need not be connected to the actions or reactions of anyone around them. This is the highest realization of an alchemist. This realization is that all that matters is within the self, all that is emanates from the self, and all that is truly real lies within the self.

(From The Alchemy of Health, 220 page paperback, $20, available
now from Amira Alchemy. Material from this excerpt may not be quoted or reproduced in any form without written permission from the author, Amira Amara Sravesh.)

(c) 1998 Amira Amara Sravesh.  All rights reserved.


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