From Beyond

The Universe

A Book Excerpt


According to the gods of quantum physics,
the speed of light cannot be exceeded.
It represents a barrier of sorts.
This so-called barrier I call the light fence.

Anyone who has ever had an "aha" or knowing experience has crossed over the light fence.

I believe that the mind is exempt from the so-called laws of physics.

Also, I do not believe the mind is contained within the physical brain.

I believe that the mind exists in simultaneous time and infinite space and accesses experience via the brain and nervous system.

The brain is finite yet the mind can grasp the infinite.

Linear brain logic cannot comprehend the mind but the mind can comprehend the entire universe and even beyond.

By crossing the speed of light (fence) we bring knowingness into the realm of thinkingness, and then, that thinking part of us says, "Aha!"

Thinking requires space and time for the linear/logic process to occur.

But knowing happens instantly. Information appears from nowhere and you say, "Aha!" Not the result of a thought process but a gift from beyond the speed of thinking, from across the light fence.

In this book I would like to share some ahas that I have experienced over the last few years.

That which is contained on each page came from knowing and from beyond the speed of light.

The speed of light
is not a barrier

it is only a fence,

a fence over which
passes the mind freely

If you're looking
for the answers,
you had better know the questions

If you're looking
for the questions,
you already know
the answers

reached out its hand
and I took it
and I became a person

I was compelled
to move out
into the world and
I became experience

I was
and now
I am

     became a frame
     of reference
     in which
     I measured
     my Being

I split
     and became

     I was
     I am

As we struggle to understand the nature of physical reality, we crudely devise tools to fashion out order from what to us seems like chaos. As our ancient ancestors, the cave people, used appropriately-shaped tree limbs for clubs, so do we use ill-defined and very limiting concepts to explain the mechanisms of a creation process so overwhelmingly complex as to defy our ability to understand by mere rationale.

We think of our universe in terms of linear space/time progression; events occurring at random following predictable patterns, once we understand the basic laws of physics--a universal order of causality.

Lately, we have begun to notice holes in this view of the universe - black holes, to be specific - the mechanics of which seem to defy the heretofore steadfast laws of physics. And now there's evidence that the stars in the universe may be older than the universe itself. Will these observations bring about a restructuring of our concepts of the physical universe?

The universe is a conduit system of relationships, progressive in a sense, but not limited to a linear scale of continuity.

Communication can jump several phases to link up to a greater, new set of relationships, and expand the capacity of the facilitating conduit, allowing potential for a greater expression of energy.

Consciousness manufactures its own facilitators for the purpose of functional expression. Evolution is expansion of those facilities. The possibilities are infinite. The probabilities definite. The reality finite when limited to man's small window of perception.

Man should be willing to open his window a little wider each day. In actuality, man is his own window, and his own door to his own experiences. He will see no more or go no further than he thinks is possible.

Nothing is profound

Every thing
comes from no thing

nothing is profound

are the dreams
that stuff
is made of

Love is a crystal
through which passes
the entire universe

Man turns the crystal
and distorts the image
to create
the illusion
he desires

is a natural force


all things
to the present

Is the quality
Of being
You can
With feelings

Energy is information
in motion

Love is truth
in motion


because it is in motion

reveals itself

where it meets
the least resistance

from logic

If you want
the facts
ask a scholar

If you want
the truth
ask a child

seems to be

seems to be

is  is
as  it  is

Not by logic
or reason

is wisdom found

but within
the depth
of humility

where the ego dare not go

As water is found
at the bottom of a well

So is wisdom found
in humility

Light and truth
have the same

They both
reveal experience


A fact is not necessarily a truth. What is a fact today, may not be a truth tomorrow. A fact is relevant to the time of its expression, but truth evolves, flows and conforms to the pertinence of its own experience.

A hundred years ago it was a fact that humans could not go to the moon. But it was not true that humans could not go to the moon--only a fact relevant to that position in time. It is now true that humans have gone to the moon.

If you sit on a stack of facts, you will be left behind by those who flow with truth.

Energy is information in motion. Truth evolves with the motion of the universe.


For more information, contact

George Allen Papapetrou

5164 Holomiua Place

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