James P.R. Mason 

by James P.R. Mason

Messages from Beyond, The First Book starts with the first night prior to the passing at home of the author's wife, Alma, after 48 years of marriage. Overnight and the next morning, Jim received the first signals that Alma was still with him. From there on it's like a running diary of communications with Alma, angels, archangels, Jesus and even a friendly spaceman. Near the end is this message from Jesus.

(On page 454)

"Well, Jim, it has been quite a task for you in receiving and assembling all of this good information from Alma and so many more of us in spirit. And I am so pleased to have this opportunity to say a few words for your readers.

"Life on Earth, my dear friends, is not always the way you might like it; but be assured that it is all for a real purpose. We in spirit are interested in assisting and guiding you on your upward path of soul development and enlightenment; but it is you, individually, who - in the exercise of your free will granted to you by God - must make the decisions on a daily basis as you go about the process of living on Earth.

"Remember these words, though: ask regularly and frequently for God to bestow upon you His Divine Love, and He will do so. Gradually then, you will see life differently, and will become an instrument for good in all you do. Your life will become more meaningful.

"You are never alone.

"God blesses you.

"Thanks, Jim, for this opportunity. That is my message to your readers."

Messages From Beyond: The First Book

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