MIND BLOW number 1, 
Understanding Consciousness

by Sufi George

A Guided Tour of Our Consciousness

Welcome to our tour of the highlights of our consciousness! Most folks who come here to our consciousness museum say they understand themselves a lot better after this tour. I hope you enjoy the same experience today! The Highlights of Consciousness tour gives you the big picture of our daily consciousness. If you feel like we're going too fast and rushing past too many things today, that's just because it's the Highlights Tour and this job of being your guide keeps me hopping.

First Stop - Awareness

Let's begin the tour right where we are, right in the center of everything. This is our first exhibit, awareness. Kind of looks like a little glass marble, don't it? Well, it talks. Here, I'll push the button.

"At the center or core of consciousness is me, awareness. Awareness is who or what we really are. Awareness is our first and most basic reality. I am aware of my awareness itself. I am aware that it is I who am aware. Those two things, and that's it as far as our true self goes. Now, if I include what's outside of me, then I'm aware of more than my awareness. I am aware of my experience. These are two different things. My awareness is the real me and my experience comes from out there. I can't see any other reality. That really covers it all. There's the aware me and there's my experience and that's it." (click)

Get it? You see, experience is all there is out there because that's what everything boils down to. Reality is just our experience, what we are aware of. What was that? Where does awareness come from? Just a second, there's a button here for this. Technical button, for people like you who ask questions.

"Today, science teaches us that the universe is a network of nonmaterial patterns. These patterns are frequency wave fields or frequency wave interference patterns. Our model of consciousness, here, shows that these patterns exhibit awareness. The 'basic building block' of any reality is a pattern that is aware of itself, that is, of its existence, processes and purpose. An example is the pattern of a line, a one-dimensional reality that knows it's the pattern for a line."

I can turn this off if you want. Leave it on? You're swallowing that about a line that's aware of itself? Well, okay.

"Simple one-dimensional awareness exists as a frequency wave, a line. These lines make up field patterns when they interfere or intermingle with each other. From this simple one-dimensional field pattern, complex patterns develop as interference wave patterns, and interactions of these wave fields in all directions create awareness of three dimensions. This is our awareness having experience." (click)

Around here, we like to call awareness, here, our little window of NOW. Gives you the feeling that you're stopped in time and time is flowing by in front of you instead.

Next Stop - Intuition

Our most awesome, is that how they say it? A-a-awesome? Anyway, this is the famous intuition. Looks like a crystal ball, don't it? Anyways, this ball wraps around the awareness ball. Forget it, I'll hit the button.

"I see the difference between the true self, awareness, and the part that delivers experience, which is me, intuition. I am what makes sense out of all those frequency wave patterns out there and turn them into experience, a movie that awareness can live in. It's because of me, intuition, that awareness can see, hear, sense, or have any kind of experience. I am interpreting billions of waves into experience patterns just for awareness."

Is that enough of that one? You want more?

"I make those experience patterns just come alive. How do I do this? I receive the patterns from any direction. The patterns travel right through me. Because I am like a ball of crystal, a lens, you might say, the patterns get focused down to vivid, meaningful images by the time they reach awareness. I'm just like a TV set, you know? Tuning in to frequency patterns and turning them into meaningful experience?" (click)

That's it. Want to hear the technical one? Okay, here it is.

"Intuition resolves the frequency waves of any experience pattern that enters its field, whether from attention or from the universe of patterns directly. The meaning we find in these clear pictures from intuition is caused by the varying amplitudes or resonance in the patterns. Amplitude is how far up and down the waves go. The more amplitude, the more the waves resonate in awareness, and so the more meaning awareness experiences from them." (click)

Next Stop - Attention

Well, this looks like a ball again, but at least this ball moves around. This ball is in orbit around the intuition ball. Goes so fast it makes kind of like a ring of Saturn, you might say. Just stick awareness in the center, wrap intuition around it, then swing the attention ball around it real fast, and you've got it. So this here ball is attention. I'll give it a swing, get it going for you. Well, I'd better get it going faster than that. There, that's better. Got it going so fast it makes a blur, don't it? Looks like a ring, don't it?

"Because intuition tunes in to experience patterns from every direction, it can receive all experience patterns. This is like being aware of the whole universe, all at once. If I, attention, don't choose certain patterns, awareness is aware of them all! It's me, attention, that limits experience." (click)

That's all there is on this one. But there's the technical. I suppose you want to hear that.

"I, attention, am what limits your experience. I tune in to patterns that are in the same plane as my ring. More powerfully resonating patterns register more strongly in me. I am a fixed field, and my limit is set. That is, there is only so much of me available. When I tune in to one set of experience patterns, there is less of me available for experiencing other patterns. This is what makes it possible for you to be aware of specific experience patterns, instead of being aware of all patterns at once. Awareness of personal experience is possible because of me. Without attention, you'd be aware of everything at once...and nothing in particular, not even of yourself as an individual. My orbit goes through Beta (material) and Alpha (antimaterial) realities, as well as through universal awareness, so it is possible for me to tune in to any experience pattern. However, I'm usually stuck to the body and mind." (click)

Yeah, I like that look. I like the looks people get at this exhibit. Blows your mind to find out what makes you who you are, don't it? Yes, yes, here's more technical report.

"We have some control over our attention. This is the only area of consciousness where we have any say at all. We can develop this skill of controlling our attention. Then we can choose what to experience. Attention is a two-dimensional field like a ring around Saturn. It encircles intuition. It receives patterns that come in through the outer edge of its ring. These patterns flow through the ring and enter intuition. The attention ring reverberates with the resonance of the patterns, so that when the patterns reach intuition, they are stronger than the patterns that come in through other parts of the intuition ball." (click)

That one always stops kind of sudden.

Next Stop - Mind

Well, we're going to the moons over here. More balls. Ball City, this museum. Just right here is the workhorse called mind. The mind ball and the body ball both orbit around the attention ball. Please watch out for the grease spots on the floor.

"Word patterns are moving through me, mind, as I think. Right now, these exact words are passing through me.  I can think, but only when attention tunes into me. Otherwise, I'm kind of mindless (ha-ha).  I can distinguish thoughts by their patterns and arrange them into meaningful new patterns.  How well I do this depends on how well I have developed myself.  I've been thinking of changing my name, you know, because people think I am everything --awareness, intuition, attention and mind, all in one. I'm good, but not that good." (click)

Well, we're getting near the end of the tour here. One more ball. Huh? You want to hear the technical. Uh-huh.

"Mind exists as a separate self-aware entity, and was spun off from attention. Mind creates truth. Truth attracts attention and simplifies attention's work.  Because of its phases through Beta and Alpha, it is an Alpha mind one moment and a Beta mind the next, giving us two minds in one.  Beta mind was originally limited to resonance with frequencies from the body ball.  Awareness of the Alpha mind developed later. This changed truth from blind faith in body senses to include a new dimension where antimaterial possibilities could be considered in imagination." (click)

There's the Theta mind and the Delta mind, too, but that's another tour. This tour here is just the Highlights Tour, guess you know that. You don't understand experience patterns? I don't know if there's any more on that here. Oh well, let's see.

"Experience patterns are made of waves of different amplitudes. These varying amplitudes cause varying amounts of resonance when the patterns pass through awareness.  We experience this as levels of emotion or meaningfulness or purposefulness or reality.  The greater this resonance, the more emotional purposeful meaningful reality we experience from the pattern. Resonance is a pure force. Intuition interprets it as meaningful by resonating with its level of amplitude.  The more resonant experience patterns have larger waves that resonate with awareness. As these pass through awareness, the resonant waves create experience with greater reality, greater impact and importance.  While all experience patterns pass through awareness and march into the past, joining a long string of memories, the more resonant experience patterns form a bubble or a bulging frequency wave field on that trail.  We experience these as our memories, as disconnected segments on the memory trail that have a field of their own from getting puffed up."

That must have been satisfying for you. Here's the one everybody enjoys, body senses. Another ball, of course, also spinning around the attention ball. Watch the floor here, kind of sticky.

Next Stop - Body Senses

"I am so good. When attention is resonating with my patterns, the fields from body senses, awareness forgets everything else and thinks it is in an actual body! Just listen to awareness go on.  Wow, this is much faster-paced. This is so intense! I can actually feel myself! Look at that stuff! I can touch it, I can lift it up. It's easy to make new patterns when they're right there in front of me. I can pick them right up, move them around. This is a trip!  Oh. Look how they keep changing, some real slowly. Oh-oh, some of them are looking ragged. These patterns wear out! They burn out!  Ugh, this one's heavy. You're telling me that the patterns are heavy here? And that's not all? What else? I have space to contend with? And time? So? What of it? I have to move the patterns through space? Those heavy things? And they're constantly losing power?  My own body too???" (click)

Well, the ending isn't so great. A little too Twilight Zone for me. Know what I mean? I know, you want to hear the technical.

"Our contact with the three-dimensional physical world is through our body senses. The wave patterns from these senses, such as light and sound frequencies, can be detected by our attention when it is tuned in to the Beta range of 14 to 30 Hz, per brainwave measurement.  These frequency wave patterns resonate with attention, which then sends them through intuition. Intuition focuses them into experiences for awareness.  Experience of material or Beta reality, while complex and convincing, is nothing more than experience patterns in a higher frequency waveband.  While we can help new patterns to manifest physically through direct action in physical reality, Beta reality's laws of time, space and life cycle limit us to temporary creations only." (click)

Makes life sound like a sand painting on the beach, don't it?

Last Stop - Rest Area

Well, here's the rest area. Gonna drop you off here. Time for me to get ready for the next tour. You know, they never expect that it's going to be all balls. They think consciousness, oh, that's going to be misty and beautiful rainbows or something, and then it's all balls. Hope you're not disappointed. Well, anyway, you take care.

Intuition Demystified

Picture a clear glass marble. That's awareness. Now, wrap a clear glass ball around it, so the marble is in the middle of the ball. That's intuition. Now put a Saturn ring around it, positioned vertically, and that's our attention field. It's actually a ball orbiting the intuition ball so fast that it blurs and makes the ring. This model shows that our awareness depends on our intuition for receiving experience patterns. Awareness is totally covered over by intuition. This means that any frequency signals headed for awareness need to pass through intuition to get there.

That is, our intuition is what processes the frequency wave patterns received from attention and other sources, and resolves them into the reality we are aware of.  It produces the same result you would expect from the lens effect of a crystal ball resolving light rays down to an intense point in the center. The model also shows the relationship between intuition and attention.

Since intuition's field is in contact with the entire inner circle of attention, it can receive everything attention has to offer. Because of attention's field shape, patterns entering from the outside are compacted as they flow toward the smaller radius of the inner part of the ring. This forces an increase in resonance, and explains why patterns received through attention dominate our awareness, compared to patterns received through intuition directly.

Intuition is exposed to a much larger field outside of attention, and it can receive experience patterns from beyond Alpha and Beta realities. Since the ball of intuition has surfaces in all directions, it can receive patterns from any direction. Our intuition is so close to us, so right in front of our faces, that we usually overlook it.

Intuition is processing every one of our experience patterns, handing us our every experience. It is our eyes and our ears in every dimension, including ordinary Beta reality.

Look at the experience that's passing through our window of NOW. We're sitting here, and that's awareness, that's the center, that's our true self. Experience patterns are going through this window. Attention has picked most of them out. Attention boosted their resonance, and now intuition gets them. As our experience patterns pass through intuition, they are resolved or focused into meaningful experiences. Their level of meaningfulness comes from the power of their resonance. The stronger the resonance, the more we find meaning, purpose, emotion and reality in the patterns.

Attention is usually busy with the patterns it gets from body and mind, its two moons orbiting it on the same plane as the ring. These experiences dominate our attention. We are completely accustomed to intuition's focusing and delivery of our physical Beta reality. We don't even see it happening any more.

What we do see happening sometimes is intuition resonating with experience patterns that come from outside the ring of attention. These are less strong because they haven't passed through the ring of attention. Because of that, we often just dismiss them. Since we get most of our experience from attention, when we get these outside signals, they feel unusual, less real, sometimes spooky.

We can actually see a working model that demonstrates very clearly how intuition receives frequency wave patterns and turns them into meaningful reality. Our model is a TV set. It receives experience patterns out of a field of frequency waves and tunes them into a clear picture. With sound, yet. At the level of frequency wave activity, this is exactly what attention and intuition do, except they come with a screen guaranteed forever.

Our model of consciousness shows our experience patterns reaching awareness through our ring of attention, our intuition condensing or resolving them into a meaningful picture, and awareness experiencing them. What we normally call intuition is a pattern that enters intuition from anywhere except through the attention ring. Such a pattern has not been through attention and so it does not arrive in awareness with the boost in resonance that attention gives to a pattern. So, we realize that most of our experience patterns come from body and mind, both building up resonance as they pass through attention, both being sharply resolved by intuition which also boosts resonance.

These sharply defined patterns command our awareness. When the weaker patterns come directly through intuition, they are easy to ignore; they are not commanding. Even when they have very strong resonance patterns, they can be shrugged off because of their unfamiliarity. However, such strong patterns have strong meaning. It's the same thing, resonance equals meaning, purpose, emotion, reality. That's what gives intuitive patterns their importance.

Sufi George (George A. Lareau) teaches Consciousness Management in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Sufi George (George A. Lareau) teaches Consciousness Management
in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He is the developer of the Dynamic Model of Consciousness. 
E-mail: sufigeor@primenet.com

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