The Lock and the Key
that Together Open the Way
to Humanity’s Transformation

My beautiful ones, can you picture a cell of My heart?  I want you to absorb this question.  I want you to stretch to encompass this thought, this wholeness (for “thought” certainly does not contain it!).  I want you to do your best, at the highest level possible for you at this time, to understand this. This is who you are.  You are a cell in My heart, the heart of the Creator of All That Is, The One, the Alpha and Omega, and everything in between -- the forces of Light and Love that, moving together, have manifested all life, all worlds, all beauty and filled each and every one of these creations with grace and with the power to transform.

You are at the center of Creation.  You, together, exist as cause, not as effect.  You are the beginning of Love.  You are the foundation of My being.  You are My heart.

Of course you cannot understand what this means, but you know.  You know in your own heart, for it is made in My image.  You know in the awareness that lives within you, in the golden state of grace that is My Love bathing you, and that knowledge is your path home.  You are awakening to that path.

While you cannot understand this with your mind – for your minds are far too limited to hold this -- there are keys that will re-awaken this knowledge in you.  These keys are living energies, energies that will affect you, bless you and grow you. They are energies most of all that will re-awaken you to what you know.  On one level or from one perspective, these things are the most intense and esoteric of all possible human realities.  On the other hand, dear ones, they are simple!  They are the most basic truths of your existence.  As you find them, you will be partaking in a process of awakening that is as natural as a seed sprouting in your garden, nourishing itself, accepting life until it totally transcends what it is in order to become what it is meant to be.

The flower does not think about how to become a plant.  It does not struggle with processing a reason to bloom. No. It reaches for the sun as naturally as you awaken each day, and it knows itself when it sees itself bloom.  Not before.  It has no diagrams of flowering, no one to impress with its brilliance.  It only becomes what it is, and so shall you.  So, dear ones, shall you – with every bit as much grace.  You are the flower of Creation, the blossoming of My Love that will bring joy and nourishment not only to this world, but to all of Creation as well.

The first and foremost key in the awakening of humanity is the SoulMate.  Do you know how you say that two people fit together like hand and glove?  Yes!  It is true. It should be two fit together like a lock and key.  I tell you that the turning of that key in that lock becomes the opening, the cracking of the seed in the example of our flower.  It becomes the moment when what you are gives way to what you will become.

I cannot tell you how profound this is, but your heart will tell you.  I cannot tell you because there truly are no words for this miracle of Love.  The miracle for which all of your journeys have prepared you --  all of your lives, all of your lessons, all of the things you have built and stored over the centuries (millennia!) in the special treasure chest of your Highest Self, awaiting the moment when all is ready.  The moment when you are ready, when your SoulMate is ready, and when humanity is ready. Awaiting the time of the world when everything needed to create the fertile soil of transformation is right there.

This is such a time.  This I promise.  Let this promise resonate in your heart, dear ones.  Let it resonate until you can feel it cracking the shell that surrounds your heart.  Let it resonate within you until you are aware of a corresponding resonance -- your SoulMate.  That resonance is like a foghorn, and it serves such a purpose.  It draws you together through the fog of the illusion, even though you cannot see because the fog is too thick.  But if you keep listening and keep sending out the call, your SoulMate will be drawn to you just as surely as night is followed by day in this world, for I have laid a course of Love.  I have planted the garden of My heart, and what I have planted is you.  As I have planted, so shall you.  You will also grow a garden of Love within your joined heart – but this is a topic for another time.

So right now you send forth the resonance, the vibration of your true self as deeply and profoundly as you can access your truth.  What you can’t access you must call on Me to supply.  Then you must continue sending forth, sending forth.  For if you were a foghorn and you stopped for one moment, what would happen?  The boat following your guidance could lose its way.  Worse, it could crash into the rocks.  This resonance of heart will become the spiritual signature, the vibrational statement of your truth.  It is very important.  Not only will you draw to you your SoulMate. You will also draw all the things that reflect who you are in the world.  While this can be positive, it is secondary.  The most important (oh, I can’t possibly tell you how important!) is your resonance for your SoulMate.

Now, this resonance of heart must be nourished, checked, tended, cleansed and prepared – just as a garden is prepared for the most precious of flowers. (Yes, there are two metaphors going here – but the imagery is speaking to your subconscious very effectively.  It does not matter if it makes sense to the mind.)  If you are already in a relationship, you still must carefully establish your heart resonance, for it is this vibrational statement that brings your SoulMate into full manifestation before you.  As your SoulMate is brought into embodiment, it means that your heart is pure enough, loving enough, to have this reflected to you in form.  It is the greatest of blessings.  It is absolutely My assurance to you that you are blossoming!

As this beautiful expression of your loving heart comes ever more fully into embodiment, of course an energy exchange takes place. This energy exchange nourishes you and nourishes your SoulMate!  The energy/Love which is moved back and forth between you continues to bless and open you both, drawing you closer and closer, and ultimately creating one energy system, as your energy circulates between you.  Ultimately, you become One Heart together.  The moment you do so, that cell in My heart is “switched on.”  That cell in My heart becomes the “Light Cell” it is meant to be, able to create Love and to move it by Will, together.  Dear ones, what you call light is actively moving Love.  It is Love vibrating, Love that is directed, Love given forth.  It is this giving forth, this movement of Love, that is the foundation of Creation.  The substance of all things is Love.  The movement that brings Love into form, that makes the flower blossom, is Love directed by Will.

Thus, you began as a cell in My heart, so much a part of Me that there was no real distinction between us.  We could not truly relate to each other.  If you moved away from Me, the moment you turned back and looked at Me, you automatically came rushing back.  You were not co-creators.  You did not have Will of your own.  Thus came the journey.  “Leaving the Garden” is the perfect description.  But now, dear ones, you are coming back!  And what is the key to the Garden gate?  Knowledge of the SoulMate.  What is the key to the bursting open of the seed to become the flower?  The lock and key of the SoulMate reunion.

It is difficult to place words upon this.  It sounds elementary, yet as you open it will become obvious just how perfect every detail of this journey is, every miracle of transformation of which you are a part.  Never let anyone convince you otherwise.  Listen deeply within your heart and this truth will be verified.

So whether you are with someone or not, whether you believe that person could possibly be your SoulMate or not, I ask you to trust in Me.  Trust Me to set up your soul reunion, to invoke the full memory of the truth of your being, to put forth your heart resonance, the vibrational signature of who you really are.  Then make every decision based in this truth. Rejoice in this expectancy, and prepare to be amazed.  Even if you can see your SoulMate in the person before you, trust that, as the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  Let other things fall easily into place, including the blossoming awareness of the pivotal point in human awakening on which you stand, but keep your focus on your SoulMate.

Do not let the ego in!  Do not let the ego engage you in debate about this truth -- about whether the SoulMate could be real, about sexuality and whether your SoulMate must be male or female, how they should be, what you require (the worst!), and so on.  I tell you again, your SoulMate is the other half of the cell.  Together you are one cell of My heart.  Without any possibility otherwise, as your heart becomes centered in Love, vibrating in Love, that Love will manifest before you.  As above, so below.  The exterior is essentially irrelevant.

Yes, there may be certain things you have agreed to do that will influence the “outer package,” but as you blossom together everything in the physical world will be drawn into manifestation according to the Love shared between you and pouring through you.  Bodies will change!  They will heal, glow, become vehicles of light.  Circumstances will change, dancing around you like electrons around the nucleus, or planets around a sun.  Thus, you can trust that your SoulMate’s vibrational resonance will become ever more fully manifested before you, as you manifest the truth of Love that is your being.  It is difficult to grasp this in the midst of what you like to call third-dimensional reality, but all of this is changing.  And it is changing so beautifully!  Oh, dearest ones, please open your hearts!  Open to the blessings of this journey of awakening.

Then, as SoulMates come together, an even more magnificent chapter of the dance of life will unfold.  Remember how amazing it was the first time you looked into a microscope and saw a whole new world there?  Incredible shapes and forms, merging, growing, becoming something new?  On the other end of the spectrum, now, this is also happening.  On the cosmic level, you, My beloved children, are transforming.  And as you have always known, the macrocosm and microcosm, and everything between, all reflect each other perfectly.  Of course.  Because all is one.  Creation is all within Me.  So what affects one thing affects the whole.  This is easy to see.  What is more difficult to see, and more exciting, is how perfectly something that happens occurs on every level simultaneously.

This will now be your human course of study in the next few decades.  Out of this study will come your full awakening as conscious participants in the communion that is Creation.  This beautiful ballet that is life, that is Creation, is being called Sacred Geometry, and humanity is beginning to awaken and become aware of its study.  This study will be the platform from which I launch you into your becoming the conscious heart of God.  Co-creators.  Beings of greatest Love known throughout the All for what you truly are; hidden, with greatest Love and care, in the safe pocket of Time and Space.  You are ready.  It may not feel like it.  When you look around it will seem impossible.  But the truth is coded within you.  Once humanity accepts the path of the SoulMate the code will be activated. Humankind will know.   My heart will become fully conscious.

It is two uniting as one – the cosmic equivalent of the uniting of the sperm and the egg.  The moment this occurs, the moment the SoulMates accept the other’s existence and the possibility of the SoulMate’s manifestation, they begin the move toward each other.  The moment of conscious joining turns the key in the lock.  At this point the two become one, moving together like a flame, an arrow, penetrating the illusion and traveling easily into the realm of truth.  Things that were impossible to understand now open before them.

Then, as the two who are one grow in conscious Will, they begin to create.  The two of you will take your place with Me.  As I have told you, you will be within Me, yet together you will be awake, separate from Me.  Able to relate to Me as co-creators.  It already begins, but oh My beloved ones, how it will bless Me as it grows!  Yes, you are My great blessing!  For in you My Love, My creativity, manifests.  As I have told you, you are My surprise, for you will create brand new things born of your spark together, your Love, your awareness, your perspective.

Obviously you cannot co-create with Me while darkness or ego remain in your consciousness.  Yet (listen!) the SoulMate path makes it easy to shift out of ego, duality, fear, darkness.  This is its greatest gift.  For your SoulMate is your choice for Love manifested in front of you.  You have to reach the pure Love and the real trust in me before you will be able to join with your SoulMate.  Before the key will turn in the lock, your vibrational level must be totally locked into at least the level of the fourth to fifth chakras – the vibrational level of the New World.  Then you will be seeing the real world, not the illusion.  Then, and only then, will the key turn in the lock and the new consciousness emerge.

At this point, My call goes out to My children, for as My heart leaps in joy, so then does yours.  Can you hear the call?  Can you remember the truth of Love?  Not that it is a possibility, but that it is assured. I tell you, in this passing age, the question placed before you was Jesus.  Christed, he rose as My truth, visible even through the mists of illusion.  He was The Way.  He was the truth of My Love for that age.

But now you are grown.  You are graduating.  No longer do you require a teacher to model the truth, in which you must choose to believe.  Now you become the truth.  And as you become it, as you become Love, Love manifests before you in your life.  As I have always told you, all things are embodied.  Like attract like.  If you are in Love (meaning living in the truth of your heart), that Love will manifest before you.  And when it does, you know that the key is in your hand (or rather, the key is your heart).

These are the basics.  Now we will begin the advanced.  The blessing of the union – yes!  The opening of the flower of life; the truth of the Sacred Geometry -- that Love sings itself into being on every level and fills the world with light.  And all the places that were void, the places where Love was not, are filled through your intention, and everything returns to perfection.  Every body is healed.  Once the SoulMate is embraced, every heart becomes the living flower echoing My heart and bringing My heart into the world!  Through that flower of the human heart, all things are connected in Love.  (Ah, if you thought the “lotus” of the crown chakra was something, wait until you see the joined SoulMate heart!)

It will all change in an instant.  Faster than the speed of thought is the truth of Love.  I will guide you.  I will tenderly and gently release your grip on the illusion.  I will, with the greatest respect, prepare your heart for opening.  I will fertilize the ground of your consciousness with My promises of what is to come.  And I will adorn the heavens with your beauty.  As you emerge, I will say to all who will listen:

  “Did you have a doubt?  Did you doubt that what I held within My own heart could be true?  Did you doubt that real Love would be reflected, magnified, expanded, in the truth of the SoulMate heart?  And could you see that nothing could stand against the force of My light, even as it is reflected by two beings who are SoulMates?

“I bid you welcome, for I Am The One, and the awakening of My heart is producing the greatest light ever yet known.  To the farthest reaches of Creation comes the shining report that I Am The One and that My living heart is growing, in just the way we planned.  Oh, there can be no rigid parameters when it comes to My heart’s awakening, for it is the answer to My intention, My call, that humanity have Will -- that they, being My progeny, can also create as I can.  As they grow into their truth, the truth of their Love, I ask that All Within Me, I Who Am the All in All, embrace them with Love.  For they can only stand before Me with their own Will, and thus, as always, will they teach Me about Myself.”

The above excerpt is from the book:

Doug and Yael  Powell


Yaël and Doug Powell and the Circle of Light Center
are located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on Beaver Lake in the Ozark Mountains.
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