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To Be or Not To Be

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

To be or not to be has always been our most difficult choice here on earth.

To remember or not to remember, to believe or not to believe.

When we were in Spirit all of these choices seemed so easy, so effortless. We knew we would make the
choices with no problem. Then we came into this solid divine aspect of the flesh. We came into 3-
dimensional earth and we all forgot or so it seemed. We became holographically limited and fearful, as we
took baby steps not the giant steps we had promised. On the bus to earth the driver spoke of ice cream,
chocolate, sex, and all of the tangible goodies we would experience. The driver told us, "you will forget
from whence you have come. You will forget how to ‘just be’. You will get tangled in the web of
forgetfulness, you will feel abandoned and helpless. Then there will come a day when all of heaven will
sing with joy as you remember once again, who you are and why you are here, on this beautiful blue-green sphere!" We all were so excited about coming to earth, feeling emotions, feeling love, kissing and tasting all that earth had to offer, that we didn’t hear, we didn’t listen. So we all got off the bus and came into this world, screaming and kicking. Some of us went back home right away others decided to stay.

Up until we were about 5 or 6 years old, we could still remember partially. We could still see our angels
and spirit teachers. They were our invisible friends that we played with, that we talked with, and that we set  a place at the dinner table for. Soon the cosmic cateracts came, veiling us from remembering. Showing us the so-called limitations of the three dimensional world.

We all were the Masters, the enlightened ones, who volunteered to usher earth into the next step of Light, the Millennium! Some of us held tightly to the little glimpses of remembrance, pieces of heaven that still lived in our heart. Our visions were so strong that no one could take them from us. We held them silently, knowing one day they would be birthed, and explained.

We were coached and taught by the Mother Earth herself. We talked to the animals, and they listened and heard our cry. The flowers knew our very thoughts and the wind held us like a loving nanny of light. Every night we would fly, around our neighborhoods, our city, the planet. The stars would sometimes send down reminders of who we were, in the form of space crafts or other stellar vehicles.

The other children also saw our difference, and did not make a secret of this knowledge. They hurt us with their words, and their sticks and stones. Pushing us farther into ourselves, pushing us farther away from the two-leggeds of earth.

We would look in the mirror at ourselves, looking beyond the flesh, looking deep into the eyes of this
reflection that stood in front of us. Asking ‘who are you, and where am I?" For many years the body
seemed as a burden and not a temple. Many of us felt like a stranger in a strange land. We wanted to ‘go
home’. We didn’t want to play this came of being human anymore! It hurt to be human. It hurt to feel all of the sadness and pain of everything and everyone around you. We had all been born as empaths. Our parents just saw it as moodiness and thought we would outgrow it, but we didn’t, and we haven’t. So we went deeper and deeper into ourselves hiding from our feelings, hiding from our humaness, and hiding from our ‘specialness’.

For years we did everything we could to forget. We all just wanted to forget that we were different. No matter how we tried to dull the light within us, the flame never died out. In fact the older we got the more our light shone through all cloaking devices. We couldn’t hide from who we were any longer. We were beginning to ‘remember’ again. We were remembering that we had something very important to do, an assignment, a promise, a mission!

Over and over again we heard these words echo in our head and heart, "just love, just love these people. Show them how. You remember, just love!" Once in awhile we would venture out into the ‘real world’. We would try so hard to show others what was truth, what was light, and what was love, as we knew it, as we remembered it. Our words and actions would fall upon deaf ears, and a blind heart. They were not ready to hear truth or see light or embrace true love, and they let us know that loud and clear.

Along the way the Universe would send angels and beautiful visions to ease the pain of humaness. As we got older our gifts began to awaken even more so. No matter how hard we tried to push them away, they would break through the chrysalis stage of dormancy. Demanding more from us, pushing us closer to our destiny.

The visions would tell us of a time on Earth, that the God within everyone would rub the sleepfulness from their eyes and awaken into remembering their divinity. The visions would tell us, that we were not alone on earth, or in the vastness of the universe. The visions would tell us about truths that were to be unveiled and revealed, as we got closer to the year 2000. The visions would speak of a time that we would be the light-leaders, and lead the people of earth back to "One God, One Heart, and One Light". A time when every face we looked at would reflect the light that had always lived in our heart. A time when our light would become a catalyst and fire up the dormant light within everyone we met.

We all held tightly to those visions, knowing that they were ‘a truth’ that was given to us to nurture and love, until it was time for them to be birthed. In that time of waiting we reunited with our divinity, we cultivated our own light, and we learned how to love this human body we inhabited. Most of us used our waiting time wisely.

In 1987 the first call to humanity was issued. All of our hearts lined up and proclaimed energetically, "It is Time." The children of earth took their first baby steps into ‘being’. In 1992 another clarion call was issued. The constellation of Columba, and the star called Phact, (known as the Dovestar) emanated to earth the radiance of the Christ-Consciousness. Awakening the sleeping prophet within all of mankind. The 11:11 Doorway had been opened, and there was no going back. On 1-11-1992 we escorted and anchored the 11:11 energy onto Earth.

Since then millions have wakened and seen the light within themselves. They have awakened to their divinity, acknowledging all the faces of God. Holding the light until the others can catch up. For it has been proclaimed that all of the children of light shall return home, and not one is to be left behind!

Now it is 1999, and we are one step away from the very time we were birthed to escort in. We are one step away from why we are here, why we exist at all! Our hearts leap with joy as we are filled with love beyond recognition. Heaven is reaching down and Earth is reaching up, and they are embracing through us!

Day by day we get a glimpse of what is to come. But it is the energy of ‘living in the now’, that anchors heaven onto earth. So a ‘no peeking decree’ is issued. Just believe, just love, ‘just be’ are the words that run through our veins and heart.

So we sit anxiously awaiting ‘the promise’ of God. We know now that none of our journey was in vain, all was a part of the sentence. We were the nouns and pronouns, the verbs, and the adjectives. We know now that all is and can only be perfect. We know now that no one really forgets, it was all an illusion, as is our limitedness and humaness. We know now that God is within every molecule of existence, all ways and always, and it can be no other way!

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