How to live fully in the present moment

Simply Flowing As Divine Love

Elizabeth Papapetrou

Many times I've been asked about spiritual awakening and what it means to me and I've found myself answering differently almost every time, with a sense that I'm not quite "getting" it. It seems that, despite my knowing it for the trickster it can be, I have depended on my mind's view of its experience and that changes as I go along. Then I realized what I had experienced and was describing, wasn't spiritual awakening at all, but the initial awakening to awareness of the true nature of our being and the process necessary to bring us to that spiritual awakening. Now I know how to express it.

Through that initial awakening, I came to know that:

There is only one Self and that is Divine Love.

We are, therefore, all incarnations of that Divine Love.

Ergo, we have nothing to learn -- nowhere to grow. We just need to fully "let go" of everything that limits and defines us in order to realize our true Self.

When we "let go" and become fully "in the moment," we need no knowledge, no preparation, no expectation... no-thing. We come into alignment with our Selves and simply flow as Divine Love. Realization is that simple.

Having said that, it is (as I'm sure all are aware) not easy to embrace such simplicity. We avoid being in "the moment" because our minds do not trust that which they cannot control (the divine flow) and so engage in incredibly complex manipulations and justifications in order to maintain control -- sometimes tight control; sometimes just enough to keep us "safely" imprisoned away from full liberation while telling us that we are "there." All the wisdom of all the ages and all the sacred texts of all the cultures are designed to lead us to the simple truth that truly letting go is IT.

Nothing more -- nothing to learn or to achieve. Our karma is simply a way of  describing that which we have difficulty letting go of. If we but fully realize this truth and put total trust in God/The Divine, the little reality of our mind-prison disappears and we are revealed as Divinity itSelf.

Now, my observation and experience is that we tend to practice this "letting go" in stages. We learn to release certain things in our lives that we are used to controlling and, sort of, experiment with the effects. Often, this is unsatisfying because our minds at least provide some sense of order -- even if it is a manufactured order -- and letting go some can make the world seem chaotic because, while even a little of our mind holds on, we are suffering the effects of our incarnation being out of alignment with the divine. Then we might think -- "Oh, this attempt to let go is no good as I feel worse and it seems as if my being is no longer effective in the world, to boot."

To this I say, "Good!" When you begin to let go of something or some concept that has made you feel "safe," there is a long moment of imbalance and insecurity when you truly feel "out of control." This is critical. For at that time, it is easy to lose faith in oneSelf and think -- "I must be doing this wrong so I better go back to clutching my "safety net" because that, I know, will at least allow me to exist ." And so we continue on our imbalanced way, preparing for the perfect moment when it is the right timing for us to release our "safety nets" and allow the Divine Love that is our true Self to be revealed.

 Elizabeth Papapetrou is also known as Motherheart

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