How to live fully in the present moment

Elizabeth Papapetrou

I've noticed that 'first world' humanity tends to go about their lives manipulating personal and communal perspectives with the liberal use of cultural shorthand. By  this I mean we keep a stack of labels in our conscious awareness that can be applied to any predictable situation. Thus do we conform ourselves and our world  to whatever reality we've inherited and/or invented in order to feel comfortable and safe in relating to ourselves and the world.

Have you ever noticed that,  when you meet new people, at parties, and suchlike, you tend to get asked - What you do?  For years I noted the strangeness of this request but complied with what was expected. More recently, I've tended to reply with:

"Breathe, mostly. In and out - all the time, actually.'' as charming a way that I can. Often this garners a 'No, really. What do you DO?' but more and more often, these days, the person will ask what I mean, or even catch-on immediately and we'll talk about our world's obsession with if our importance really is in what we achieve rather than who we are.   I hope men will forgive me if I say that this is pretty much a masculine way of seeing things and is, no doubt, a result of the dominance by men in our cultures over the last few thousand years.

So, our obsession with labeling has become necessary because our bizarre culture has made the aim to be in conscious control of our lives the number one requirement.  For me, it is practice of such ways of being that facilitate the ease with which we pretend in our general and personal relationships; when we work from a perceived requirement that we respond and initiate in certain prescribed ways - regardless of their verity for us.  The wonder for us in less complex cultures, children  and the
spiritually advanced, is the lack of such labels carried in consciousness. This is what we call innocence.  It's also what I call spontaneity....or as a friend once accidentally coined it - spontinuity....continuous spontaneity.  Whenever I've touched such a way of being - for moments or
days - I have truly known God in a divine experience of oneness.  My theory is that, the few times I have let go of my illusory construction of identity, there have been no barriers between myself and my eternal divine being...myself and mySelf, as I have come to see it.  That's where I want to live - in the moment...without requirement to understand what is going on - trusting that the divine is in perfect
control of creation and that I, and everything else, are essential aspects of that creation and all I need to know will be given me as I need it. That, dear family, is what is meant by faith.

 Elizabeth Papapetrou is also known as Motherheart

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