How to live fully in the present moment


From Joanna’s World
a children’s book pending publication

 By Sananjaleen June Hughes

“Tell me,” said Joanna, sticking the stems of a flower into the wiry tail hair of her pony Freedom. “Tell me how you know what the grown ups are thinking.” This might be very useful, Joanna thought to herself..

Freedom was pleased. Now he had her full attention, and he liked to have her scratching around in his tail.

“For example,” he began, swishing his tail so Joanna had to begin all over again, “when they want to catch me. It’s not so much the fact that they bang buckets around and hide ropes behind their backs that alerts me - anyone could guess they were up to something from that. No, it’s the picture in their minds of what they plan to do, that clues me in. Pictures of them catching me! Pictures of them putting me in a trailer and driving me away! Pictures of them hammering things onto my feet, or tying things onto my back, or shoving hard bits into my mouth. Thoughts are things I tell you.”

He stamped a front foot to emphasize his truth.

“And I won’t have it. I don’t want to leave my field. Oh, sometimes if there are enough of them, they get me in a corner and I let them catch me. I don’t want to hurt them, so I just stand still and they are so pleased with themselves! Good pony they all say. That’s what they say, but some of them have
thoughts that don't look good for this pony!”

“You always let me catch you,” said Joanna.

She was getting some thoughts herself, pictures of Freedom diving past people, and people tripping over themselves, and buckets flying through the air and everyone waving their arms about. It was quite a funny sight altogether.

“That’s because you don’t have any thoughts most of the time,” said Freedom.  “Mostly your head is empty. You see,” he added kindly, “when you don’t have any plans, any intentions, there’s no thought to turn into a thing. When you come down here, you just climb on my back or pick the flowers or paddle in the water - you just live from moment to moment. You live in the now. When you come down here, you're not worried about tomorrow or wishing yesterday had been different, you are just being here now. Living in the present moment.”

Joanna had stopped playing with his tail and was frowning with the effort of keeping up with what Freedom was saying.

“Oh, it’s a good way to be,” said Freedom quickly. “Very good. I can’t tell what you’re thinking because you’re not thinking! You’re just sending out a sort of warm buzzing GLOW!”

Joanna liked the idea of her head being filled with a warm buzzing glow -  especially if it meant that Freedom couldn’t tell what she was thinking. She decided she would practice more often at just Being Here Now!

Joanna was sitting in the garden. She had found herself a nice little spot near the bird feeder and was leaning against a large rock. Her eyes were shut and she was practicing very hard at just being here now. Every now and again, she opened at least one eye and peeked out to make sure everything else was just being here now too. The birds certainly were. And the flowers and the insects. And a large bumble bee seemed to be rather More Here Now than Joanna thought was really necessary.

Sananjaleen June Hughes
Rectortown, Virginia

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