How to live fully in the present moment

 Sananjaleen June Hughes

Regarding Being Fully Present & How to Be Here Now: I thought to ask the Dolphins, or even my own High Self! But now, young Candace (a miniature longhaired dachshund) is sitting on my lap and the thought occurs to ask the dogs for insights on this. Or rather the Animal Kingdoms. What does this mean to you? I ask. And how can we apply it in our own lives?

“For us, Being in the Present Moment is the ability, the desire to have all our senses tuned to the needs of the Present Moment. How we are experiencing ourselves, our surroundings, the Life Force itself in the Now time. Being in the Now gives no power to the past, no diversification of our intent, our purpose, to the future. Our purpose, our very reason for Being - is to know and experience this Gift of Life in physical embodiment, to maximum potential. This can only be accomplished in the Present Moment. All else is deviation from this Truth, a distraction formulated by the lower self or ego mind. Claim your Power, O Humans - and Be Here Now. When distractions occur and the mind wanders, focus on the Breath, the Breath of Life - for that is the constant that never wavers. The Breath of Life is ever present and ever available. It is your choice where to Be. Where your consciousness shall Be. Ah-ho and God bless - the Animal Kingdoms.”

Sananjaleen offers Quantum Touch, Animal Communication and Make Your Own
Flower Essence Playdays, and the joyful Bulgarian dance of Paneurhythmy. She
is author of The Dolphin Ones, The Ascension of Heidi - a Longhaired
Dachshund, and the Sananda Ascension Essences, flower and mineral remedies
from her magical garden in northern Virginia.

Sananjaleen June Hughes
Rectortown, Virginia


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