How to live fully in the present moment

Harry Stafford

This came to me in a dream, September 30, 1987, from an entity that was called "Pawil" as best as I could translate it:

                    "Quit trying to redeem yourself
                       by battering away at your creaturehood,
                       as one who struggles against the flesh,
                       obsessed by the future, stuck in time.
                       Nature must be fresh,
                       the earth must be new,
                       and the Body each day as one
                       you inhabit for the first time."

This also came to me not long ago, as though channeled:

                    "This Gateway -- this I am -- is what I control,
                      And through it flows unbounded reservoirs
                             of energy and light.
                      May I, the Gatekeeper,
                             take such care to keep it open."

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