How to live fully in the present moment


Channeled by Harry Stafford

      "Your own position in space and time is unique.  It would be helpful to remember that both space and time are reference points, given meaning by human perception and description, but having no independent, substantial reality.  They are relative markers at best, and become completely unique in your own private experience.  Though obviously you may agree on coordinates -- meeting a friend at 4:00 PM at a certain intersection -- in every other way the experience of that meeting is singular and subjective.  Even if you are seated at the same table at a sidewalk cafe, your own perceptions and constructions of the setting differ in subtle and significant ways from your friend.

        The universe, or any universe, is finally a qualitative expression.  Quantitative markers are conveniences, "gentlemen's agreements" that establish common frames of reference.  It is quite valid, then, to say that you exist at the center of the universe, because you do.  It is the qualitative truth of your being.  To recognize this, not merely cognitively but emotionally and in terms of awareness, has profoundly liberating implications and ramifications.  As you learn to know your own interconnectedness to All That Is, that center becomes indeed a present point of power.  For there is no other place, and no other time, of greater significance, moment or potentiality.

          Each centered moment carries the miracle of infinite intersecting probabilities, and is your entree into inconceivable novelties and incalculable possibilities.  Understanding the qualitative nature and potency of your own consciousness and your own position is the key to creativity so vast and so rich that the realization can only continue to expand, and to transmute itself in extraordinary ways you can never exhaust or comprehend in any fixed or final epiphany.  We are speaking here truly of the infinite process of becoming that encompasses your finitude and blossoms forth from it in ever new patterns of color and form and value of unimagined beauty and boundless probable expressions.

          Be aware now, we are speaking of your own center in this very present moment, and in whatever place you conceive yourself to be, now.  We leave you now, though we continue equally to be present, to immerse yourself in the awareness of your own singular position.   Begin, even now, to feel, to know and to experience your unlimited creative potency as it naturally and spontaneously overflows your being into ever novel probable expressions.  Bask, now, in this awareness."

From Notes from Solnia, August 1, 1999, (pp.38-39), to be published at some point.
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