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How to contribute to the BE book

Hello Dear Friends,

Some of us have met through my spiritual directories such as "New Age Directory of Planet Earth," "Metaphysical Florida," and "Wholistic Gainesville." Some of us have met through this website, Mystic Planet. Some of us have not yet met in the physical. I welcome you and acknowledge you as a vital and precious part of All-That-Is.

I would like to invite you to contribute to this online book if it resonates with your inner guidance. This new book-in-progress is called "BE." It is about be-ing, living in the present moment. It is a way to share our stories about what it means to exist right here, at this very moment, in the Eternal Now. I am guided to collect stories from people like us, stories that tell how we learned what it means to be fully centered in the moment.

If you choose to play this little game, you may send me something you have written that describes either:

 1) an experience that taught you what it means to consciously choose to live in the present, or

 2) a technique you use, or share with others, that helps people come back to the present moment when they realize they have drifted into the past or the future. This could be a meditation, prayer, chant, knitting, playing with a child - whatever works for you.

You may send as little as one sentence or up to 700 words. You may include a 50-word paragraph about yourself and/or your work or path. Your email address (and website address if you have one) may be included, street address and photo only if you specifically ask.

Normally I would ask you to email your writings to me, but for now, if you will leave a message in the Guest Book, I will send you an email address.

In case you are wondering, and for the sake of clarity, I want to add that there are no funds to pay for your contributions.

Thank you for considering co-creating this with me. It's wonderful to be a part of a spiritual network that makes it so easy to get our messages out to so many people around the planet so quickly.

Loving you in the here and now,

Patti Normandy Greenwood
Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.

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