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Joy, W. Brugh

Joy's Way

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Keyes, Ken, Jr.

Handbook to Higher Consciousness

Keyte, Geoffrey

The Mystical Crystal:Expanding Your Crystal Consciousness

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth

On Death and Dying  

Lacoff, Cheryl Klein

Parapsychology, New Age and the Occult: A Source Encyclopedia   

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Lazaris Interviews, Book I

Lazaris Interviews, Book II

The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self  

Leadbeater, C. W.


Man, Visible and Invisible

The Astral Plane

The Chakras

The Monad   

Levine, Stephen

A Gradual Awakening  

Lilly, John C.

The Center of the Cyclone

Programing and Meta-Programing in the Human Biocomputer

Long, Max Freedom

The Secret Science Behind Miracles

The Huna Code in Religions  

Luppi, Diana, and Mission Control

ET 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual

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