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Passoff, Michelle

Lighten Up! Free Yourself from Clutter.
    Create the space for miracles by freeing yourself from too much stuff.
    Views cleaning clutter as a transformational experience.

Paulin, Barbara

Path of Promise, Path of Peace: Healing Through Hearing Your Higher Self Speak

Pauwels, Louis, and Bergier, Jacques

The Morning of the Magicians

Peck, M. Scott, M.D.

The Road Less Traveled

Further Along the Road Less Traveled

Powell, Arthur E.

The Etheric Double

Powell, Yaël and Doug

Say "Yes" To Love: God Explains SoulMates

Say "Yes" To Love: God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality

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Ram Dass 

Grist for the Mill

Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook

The Only Dance There Is

Remember: Be Here Now

Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying

Ram Dass, and Gorman, Paul

How Can I Help? 

Rampa, T. Lobsang

The Saffron Robe

The Third Eye


The Starseed Transmissions

Raphaell, Katrina

Crystal Enlightenment:The Transforming Properties of Crystals and
Healing Stones

Crystal Healing:The Therapeutical Application of Crystals and Stones, Vol. II

The Crystalline Transmission:A Synthesis of Light, Vol. III 

Ray, Sondra

Celebration of Breath (Rebirthing, Book II)

The Only Diet There Is 

Redfield, James

The Celestine Prophecy

The Tenth Insight:Holding the Vision 

Rinpoche, Sogyal

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Ritz, Stacy

The New Key to Belize

Roberts, Jane

Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology

The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James

The Coming of Seth (How to Develop Your ESP Power)

Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time

Dreams, "Evolution, " and Value Fulfillment. A Seth Book. Vol. 1

Dreams, "Evolution, " and Value Fulfillment. A Seth Book. Vol. 2

The Education of Oversoul Seven

Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers

The Further Education of Oversoul Seven

The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto

If We Live Again: Or, Public Magic and Private Love

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events. A Seth Book

The Magical Approach. A Seth Book

The Nature of Personal Reality. A Seth Book

The Nature of the Psyche:Its Human Expression. A Seth Book

Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time

Psychic Politics: An Aspect Psychology Book

Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness

The Seth Material

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

The "Unknown" Reality. A Seth Book, Vol. 1

The "Unknown" Reality. A Seth Book, Vol. 2

The Way Toward Health. A Seth Book

The World View of Paul Cezanne: A Psychic Interpretation

Rodegast, Pat, and Stanton, Judith

Emmanuel's Book

Emmanuel's Book II:The Choice for Love 

Rogo, D Scott, and Bayless, Raymond

Phone Calls From the Dead 

Roman, Sanaya, and Duane Packer

Creating Money

Rosen, Jonathan

The Talmud and the Internet: A Journey between Worlds

A blend of religious history, memoir, and literary reflection as he compares the fortunate life of his American-born grandmother to the life of his European-born grandmother who was murdered by

Rudee, Martine, and Blease, Jonathan

Traveler's Guide to Healing Centers and Retreats in North America

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