The Holy Communion of Sacred Sexuality
Becoming One Heart

[ Yaël Powell is a mystic who has transformed great suffering into Love. In 1983, Yaël was diagnosed with a painful progressive disease of the spine. In her darkest moment, God began to speak through her at her time of daily meditation. When she married Doug Powell, the Messages turned to the subject of SoulMate Love and its importance in healing the Earth.]

 I am going to speak to you now about LoveMaking.  I am going to lift you up and show you the dazzling union of all Creation that occurs when two human beings, particularly SoulMates, make Love.

I have explained to you the "story" of Creation -- the great union that is the joining of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine when those two parts of what I am are making Love.  They are every moment!  The result of this is you, and this magnificent Creation, of which you understand only one particle, and of which you have experienced even less.

Yet I have given you the heritage of My Love.  I have given to you this very experience.  I have created you with the very same ability that I have.  I have made you what I am.  So you, My beloved children, have the ability to join in the Moment of Creation.

Oh, dear ones, you are My Love!  You are My Love in every level of expression. You are activity engaged in the exaltation, the ecstasy of this great union of My being.  But you have closed your eyes to most of it.

I have said to you often that you are My Love in form, yet in truth you are far more than this.  You are My Love in fluidic ecstasy of glorious cosmic union just as much as you are these limited physical expressions.  You have just forgotten where to look to remember this.

I have explained to you, beloved ones, how you are the expression of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - for you could really be nothing else. You are the cells of My very heart which also contain every element of My being.  Yet you are also these bodies, bodies that are filled with light. Your bodies, dear ones, are filled with the joyous celebration of every cell for the glorious gift of life.  But, temporarily, you have forgotten this, too!

So here you are.  You are listening.  You have spent some midnights beneath the tutelage of the Moon as she spoke to you of the very tides within your bodies and their relationship to your larger being.  You have heard the message of your own precious heart as the cells within it call to you just as you call to Me, praying for their Love, praying for the SoulMate.

Dear ones, there is no end to this glorious universe, this story of the explosion of Love that is happening now through all eternity. This joining in LoveMaking of the two parts of My being as the moment of My giving, My bursting forth, goes in absolutely every direction -- from the ever expanding largest to the ever spiraling inward of the very smallest.

I do not ask or expect you to follow this completely at this moment.  What I do want is your acknowledgment of the great majesty of all that you are, of all that you are a part of, and the great potential within it. You are here in these beautiful expressions of Love you call bodies, the expression here in Time of the sacrament of LoveMaking that you are.

To recognize this that you are requires the reunion of the two parts of your being.  So, say that you are with him or you are with her.  If this is on the level of the feeling body or the mental, this is fine.  Dear ones, this is an acceptable place to begin, for those levels are completely real parts of your being -- closer to your natural fluid state, in fact.  So if you
begin this in your heart (feeling) and in your mind, I can promise you that the physical recognition has to follow. In other words, beloved ones, I ask you to begin this experience now, on whatever level is most accessible to you.  If you are comfortable functioning in your higher vibration light body, that is even better.

I have explained to you how this physical world is slowed, congealed, 'hardened' to the point that you have lost your natural expression of graceful, dancing Love that is your birthright.  Yet in truth these bodies you are using to express your totality are still not solid.  Your bodies, dear ones, are only one small expression of you. It is like being in an
elevator in a huge skyscraper, getting off on floor 13 and believing that floor is all of the building.  This is what you are doing.

So even while this physical expression is truly, as you say, like "molasses in January," there is still inherent within it all the other expressions that are you.  Dear ones, you can access every single one, every level. You can have every experience of your entirety of being by "riding the elevator of LoveMaking."  You can go to any floor.  You can experience the entire building. And the most glorious part is that you are ever in the loving
embrace of your SoulMate and ever in the sweet upliftment of My Love as you do it.

Thus as you prepare to make Love with your SoulMate, I ask you to first stand before him or her in reverence for the glorious magnitude of your shared being. I ask you, beloved ones, to begin with the most important commitment to your relationship.  Prepare for this with dedication.  For I tell you that the platform upon which to build this exquisite Love, this
tender magnificence, is to give yourself completely.

As you stand before your beloved, throw open your entire being, and as you do, so you will feel the hands of eternity come to place within you true power.  For I remind you again that it is only in giving that you receive.

Many of you today are very concerned about being in relationship "without giving your power away."  While this attitude has served a purpose in the balancing of the plus and minus energies in the mass consciousness, it becomes a great impediment as you step upon the true path of awakening.

Dear ones, this kind of power is of the world, and here each moment is before you the spiritual choice. All of those things that your beloved Jesus explained to you hold even truer today.  "It is only by giving up your life that you save your life."  This has been interpreted in many ways, but, dear ones, what it means to you is that it is only by seeing your SoulMate as God and giving yourself completely that you will ever see yourself as God.  It is only by completely giving yourself to Love that the ego is released. Please read this sentence again.  Paste it on your wall.  For in its simplicity is My greatest gift -- that I have given you a real expression of the Love you are, in embodiment as your SoulMate.  Dear ones, can you grasp the great gift here?  How much easier it is to give yourself to someone who stands before you, than to give yourself totally to yourself?

So your greatest act of empowerment is to completely give your power away -- to place it before your SoulMate.  This will grow you profoundly for in order to do this you must trust Love;  you must trust your SoulMate;  you must believe in My promises, and you must overcome your ego.

Having come in reverence and presented the "pearl of great price," your personal power, you are ready to begin. Now as you reach forth your hand to gently touch your SoulMate's body, you will begin a Holy Communion. In this communion you "eat and drink the body and blood of Christ."

Now before you bring forth any other references in your mind as to what this means, let Me tell you.  You, My beloved humanity, are to become the Christ in this age.  The Christ is the office of your spiritual awakening.  It is the truth of My Love made manifest in the world.  And just as Jesus, through his total communion with Love became My living Love, so too, dear ones, will you.  You too will become the singing ecstasy that is your birthright.  As you become the Love of your SoulMate, you will know her body so deeply, in such communion, that your cells will literally be joined, symbolized as "eating the body of Christ."  So too, dear ones, will your very blood become the song of One Heart that is the communion of your true SoulMate being.

This I promise you. This highest and most holy union of SoulMates in divine, tender, sweet, surrendered LoveMaking is the communion of this age.

It is meant in exactly the same way as Jesus meant it, although few have understood.  For when he said to those who saw him, "Take, eat. This is my body which I give to you for the remission of sins" (what he actually said was, "for the overcoming of the world"), he meant this same transformation. He meant, dear ones, that all who said "yes," who had this communion, would give themselves completely to him, just as you now give yourself to your
SoulMate.  In so doing, the same release of ego, the same raising up into Christ Consciousness occurred.

As you become the giving, as you release every single bit of your identity, as you reach forth to blend, to melt into him or her, as you give yourself to your SoulMate, you become the divine alchemy.  In this communion of Love, which is the communion of Christ, the rushing blood -- singing in your ears, responding to your fingertips -- joins you together in one spiritual heartbeat.  You will easily and automatically join your energy centers.  As
you do, dear ones, you become only the Hollow Reed, only the channel for My Love in your giving to each other.  My Love is wrapped around you. Your hearts are joined, and a miracle of transformation begins.

The more you will that My Love be given to your SoulMate, the more open to My Love you become.  The more Love you give to your SoulMate, the more Love is attracted to the two of you.  Thus the more energy of this feeling of giving Love, oh, which is the very highest next to pure ecstasy itself, the more this Love heats you.  You are ever more fluid.  Your vibrations are raised up and up as your Love weaves back and forth, as each of you keep giving to each other until your very body opens up in ecstasy, and you become light.

In this moment you are Home.  You are touching the truth of your being, and every cell is revealed to you as an exact replicate of your SoulMate union. In this moment you become a fully awakening fluid being on every single level of your being.  No longer are you only on the "one floor" where you got off the elevator.  Now you are experiencing every floor at once.  Being here, in this state, at this point, then together you can use your will and your attention, to experience any level of your reality and to bless that level, not only of your being but through your being.

Oh, and there is more, dear ones.  I understand that for some of you this is very esoteric.  But as you begin to experience this communion and expansion of consciousness, it will become ever clearer to you. Right now we are using limited words to explain a 'future' experience for which you have no reference.  It is a little bit of a challenge.

In this glorious communion of Love, through the doorway of your unified being, you can do the works that Jesus did (as he so clearly stated).  Yet this is not the goal.  It will, believe it or not, be incidental that by simply turning your attention and using your body at the correct level, you can heal and bless and raise up.  You will realize instead that granting
this experience to every other human being will be the cry of your heart.

You will understand through the blessed language of your body, both "heavenly" (raised up) and "earthly" (physical), how you are indeed reuniting (or re-zipping, as I have called it) every level of separation that came into being through your outward journey.  Now you will be Home and all the illusion of separation will fade away.

Your very cells will be united - yours and your SoulMate's.  I cannot explain this in terms you will currently understand.  However, suffice it to say, this is the making of the New Universe.  Your very atomic structure, once joined, becomes the foundation for a unified reality. I have explained to you that each atom is a universe at a different level of creation.

Do not worry about understanding with your intellect.  Understand with your heart.  Understand that as you lay your hand upon your SoulMate's body, you are waking the very universe of their being -- the universe within as well as the universe without.

Now every cell and every atom of your bodies, as they merge, become the doorway also to ecstasy.  Dear ones, please listen.  As you heat up your atoms together with Love, allow the ecstasy to sing together throughout the beautiful joining of your being and you will begin to feel the pulse.  At first you might believe you are experiencing your own heartbeat.  But as you gently caress your beloved's body, as you hold yourselves together in the gloriously building sexual union - stay there.  Do not go forth to physical orgasm.  As you remain ever more sensitized, ever more swept together on the currents of divine ecstasy, you will feel it.  As you keep giving and thus keep receiving the most perfect Love, your every cell will begin to pulsate.

At first you may perceive this as tingling.  But if you continue to focus on the Now  moment, you will recognize it: the bursting forth of the waves of ecstasy through every single atom of your being.  Ultimately you will expand beyond yourself in awareness.  You will recognize your experience.  You will know the greatest ecstasy, the truth of life, of Creation, of existence.

You will be united with Me while remaining an aware "individual" consciousness.  You will be united with the moment of Creation, the explosion of My Love into manifestation.  You will experience yourselves as God -- for you will experience all things as within you.  You will be united with what you could call the cosmic orgasm.  You will experience wave after
wave of exploding ecstasy where what is within and what is without disappear.  Rather than experiencing orgasm specifically in an area of our body, you will experience every single cell and particle of both of your bodies joined and extended to infinity.

There is no way to fully explain this in words, but in this moment you will be free.  Foreground and background will certainly change.  You will be cosmic beings, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  You will be in complete and magnificent communion with every single atom of Creation and from there you can choose!  Because you are co-creators.  Oh, dear ones, you can't fully appreciate this yet, but you will.  You can experience it all and you can then choose what to do with it.  Is this not the greatest gift?
You can explode together into the glory of Creation and then you can come back.  You can come back into illusion if you want, although you will never really forget.  Or you can completely shift and become a guide for those opening after you.  You can be here, in limited reality, or you can be there in the amazing wholeness of everything.  But whatever you choose to do, you will have become an awakened SoulMate being for you will be One, not two.

So the recognition of Love and ecstasy, the heart and then The Unity (unified experience of All That Is as it is becoming) will be the experience.  This may, however, take some "time" in your experience of things.  Yet it all begins with one little step, dear ones.  Say "yes" to
Love and call for your SoulMate.  Then pay attention.  For I will grow and stretch you until you can fit your SoulMate in the spacious Love and acceptance of your being.  Then step by step I will lead you as you change your mind about what Love can be.

Those of you who have conquered fear will be the leaders.  Only fear can stop your Love, stop it from bursting forth from you into your life.  Truly, dear ones, it is the time of the awakening to Love.  And may I whisper to you that this new communion is what you are meant to experience.  Ah, My beloved ones, you are the church and within you lives the truth of every holy message that has ever come forth.

What you think and feel creates what you experience, so choose, dear ones, to experience Love rather than the illusions of the ego.  Choose to open your heart.

·        Say "Yes!"  Call your SoulMate to you.  Be open as to how your SoulMate will appear.
·        Pray with gratitude continually.  This will get your energy (your feelings) up to the right vibration to.
·        Begin to practice Sacred Sexuality;
·        Invite the Holy Communion of your entire beings.
·        Choose ecstasy.  Love passionately by giving yourself completely.
·        Travel gently or lead in complete faith into union with each other so fully you experience the Moment of Creation.

I am now placing your hand in the hand of your SoulMate; placing your heart as a treasure in his or her consciousness.  Believe in miracles.  I can tell you that where he or she was not one moment ago, they can be, fully present, in the next.  Are you ready?

YaŽl and Doug Powell, Circle of Light Center

Yaël and Doug Powell and the Circle of Light Center are located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on Beaver Lake in the Ozark Mountains. Their website is at
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