by Thespian Michaels & Esmi

Volume I - Chapter One

I became aware of my channeling ability on February 28 1994, but the entities who spoke with me required that I experience first-hand what they taught before they considered me ready to share the Teachings of Clear Light. Not until February 1996 did I get word that I should begin to write the information in the sequence in which it was, and still is, fed into my mind.

A few days after I first experienced my connection with other dimensions, I was enjoying one of the beaches for which Hawaii is justly famous and, as usual, felt blessed to be living here. While wading through the tidepools I noticed a very old impressive looking man sitting on the lava rocks a short distance away. The sun, reflecting on the wavelets of these pools, creates mesmerizing ripples that partially blinded me, so that I could not see the man very clearly and discounted that he seemed to glow with an inner light. As I came closer his features and his clothes wavered and flowed until he resembled some ancient sea god. I was reminded of the claim that the Hawaiian Islands are the mountain tops of the mythical continent of Lemuria. This strange apparition fitted those legends to perfection. Lost in these thoughts, I would have passed him by, when suddenly a voice spoke in my mind: -" You are correct", it said, "your mountains are indeed the tops of some of the highest peaks of Lemuria and I did live there in one of my incarnations. The reason I show myself to you now is to begin your training. It is time that the Teachings of Clear Light be given back to humanity. These teachings have been both lost and suppressed for thousands of years and you vitally need them now."

This extraordinary being then began to describe the nature of Clear Light: "Clear Light is the primal essence in its pristine state. It permeates all Creation. It is the very nature of the Creator and that which the Creator uses to bring everything into existence out of Himself. It is unlimited potential awaiting birth and exists, eternally unchanging, holding all possibilities and outcomes in perfect balance. It remains dormant and without definition until acted on by focussed consciousness. When a thought, word or action is directed at it by any intelligent life, such a stimulus instantly activates the Clear Light and causes it to take the form of whatever is projected. We will not specify which intelligent lifeforms can activate the primal essence since there are many more than you realize at this time. Only know that you are one of them and although you are not yet aware of it, you have always had the ability to create whatever you needed out of Clear Light. Your Self, your I AM consciousness, is the director of this unlimited energy. This I AM consciousness is in everything that exists, from the smallest particle to beings vast beyond imagining, since each in turn is part of the Creator. God is always aware of Itself therefore we, who are one with His nature, are also self aware."

Before going any further with my story, I'd like to describe the Clear Light as I came to experience it during the subsequent two years of practice and training. Lately, some movies have shown special effects that mimic some of the aspects of that creative essence, but do not come close to its total manifestation. In the movie "Stargate" we were shown a so called "dimensional portal," that looked like a curtain of quivering fluid substance, intangible but shimmering like a mirror in motion. In "Abyss," we saw a curious living water extending a tentacle to explore the ship. The Clear Light, as I have experienced it, to some degree resembles these effects but is infinitely more. I have had it appear twenty to fifty feet above my head, looking like an umbilical cord or a tube filled with a glowing substance. At times it has fallen on me seemingly out of nowhere and surrounded me. At those times I am spiritually revitalized, while at the same time feeling accelerated at the cellular level as though a continuous stream of energy had enveloped, cleansed and renewed me. When I experience this living cocoon of energy I become part of its substance and feel and see as it does. Though crystal clear, the light can, under certain stimuli, take on colors or become cloudy.

I asked: "Why does space appear black if the creative essence itself is clear?"
"The apparent blackness you perceive is a frequency of photonic activity that occurs in a range your human eye does not register. The fact that you do see some photons as light is an exception rather than a universal rule. As soon as anything manifests it leaves the singularity and becomes dual, thus light and darkness. Even though God is all there is, manifestation causes the illusion of separation. That is why duality pervades all Creation. Each fragment which was one in and with the Creator, now perceives itself as being dual: itself and all else. In its new state of duality, each fragment assumes two aspects: 1) total oneness with All, and 2) separation from All. It therefore vibrates back and forth endlessly from limitation to potentiality. It is this constant motion which maintains the dynamic energy of the universe. Now focus if you will on the resemblance between manifest Creation and a hologram. When a hologram is projected by means of lasers, it takes the form of a three dimensional representation, which you can rotate and examine from all sides. Should you happen to break the plate, you would discover that each piece, no matter how small, when acted on by the laser will show the entire picture just as the original did. The only differences are size and the fact that, as the pieces become smaller the definition becomes blurred. Isn't it interesting that your definition of reality has also become quite blurred?... "

Having thus satisfied my curiosity, the teacher, as I now thought of him, led me in some exercises. "Stand still," he said, "and visualize a tube of perfectly clear light falling on you as though it were water and extending several feet beyond your body." Within moments I became aware of a substance descending on and surrounding me. It was soothing, pleasantly warm, while at the same time my body felt tingly and energized. At the teacher's request I then concentrated, trying to absorb the fullness of the experience while avoiding all extraneous thought. The light appeared to vary: at one moment it was as clear as a perfect diamond, only to shimmer into pearlescence while evanescent rainbows moved through it. Then it became clear again, but now milky cirrus-like tendrils drifted through it, while occasional many-colored sparkles danced like fireflies both on the surface and through the substance of the column of Clear Light. The teacher explained to me that as the light comes in contact with a person's aura, it takes on the characteristics of that person. What I had observed were the reactions of the light to my own emanations. It therefore is important never to summon the power of the light, when feeling anger, fear or other negative emotions, since these would instantly reflect back on you. Instead, when calling on the light, one should always be centered and relaxed. A good way of achieving the proper frame of mind is to play or listen to music, since this tends to bring about a harmonious and joyful mood. Conscious breathing achieves a similar effect. The important thing is to be as empty of thoughts and emotions as you are able, while simultaneously trying to achieve a state of relaxed attentiveness."

 " We will frequently mention the self. This may be a difficult concept for you to understand. To that end try instead to place your attention on your heart, not as the muscle that moves your blood but as the center of divine love and wisdom in your body, your point of connection with the All Being. Contrary to what you may think the heart is not the center of emotions. Your solar plexus fills that role. Your heart transcends emotions, it is the altar where the Divine interfaces with the portion of Itself that you are. It is the physical location where you and the Divine Presence are one whenever you have a body. This simple truth is unknown to most people, since so many of you do not know who you are. However, in every period of history a segment of humanity has always retained the ability to experience this firsthand. Long ago the seeds were sown so that every race and culture would always have access to the knowledge of Divine atunement. Unfortunately, too often, humanity has distorted the simple facts which would have easily directed it toward the correct attitude of alignment with its own divine self, the "at-one-ment" with the Source of all life. As soon as it relearns to direct its attention into its own heart, mankind will remember its role in Creation and act accordingly. It is this memory lapse, this disconnection, that has separated you from the Source and caused you to feel lost and excluded from Life. That very yearning for oneness and wholeness has ever been the impetus which propels you to seek the Ineffable."

" The search for completeness has prompted humankind to indulge in the pursuit of materialism, science, religion, philosophy and art. In the heart of every creature resides the desire to function optimally at its particular level of existence. You have the innate perception, that in order to accomplish this, you must have unity with your "true self". Deep in your being, behind the veil of personality, there is an inborn desire to have a purpose, to be useful. This desire surfaces almost daily in your life whether you recognize it or not. It is a tendency all existence has in common. Life everywhere is united in the yearning to be part of a greater whole, to live for it and to serve its cause."

I was then taught to adjust the diameter of the tube of Clear Light which surrounded me. I was able to make it extend to approximately twenty feet, then to focus it into a beam a few inches across, which I was asked to direct into my crown chakra or pineal gland. As I experimented with it, it became obvious that the size of the tube had no relationship with how it felt to me. What did affect the intensity of the Presence I felt and the results I experienced, was the strength with which I was able to focus my attention. This perception was confirmed by the teacher who explained that it is the function of the self-conscious mind to call and direct the universal substance. Therefore, by having
a specific single-minded intent together with the corresponding constructive emotion, one awakens the primal essence out of its dormant state and brings it into manifestation in the form of one's choice. Remember that the visible originates in the invisible. Therefore whatever you manifest originates in the formless void of the uncreated. Think of that state as the Womb of Creation.

In general humanity is fairly indecisive in regard to what it expects from life. Furthermore, those of you who do have a clear picture of what you want to have or to accomplish, frequently undermine your ability to manifest it due to a lack of confidence, a feeling of unworthiness, or a dichotomy in your intentions and emotions. Any time your emotions contradict your desires, you cannot create. Also, as often happens, you may have negative feelings towards someone. If you attempt to create anything for yourself while feeling for instance that you want to deny that opportunity to a neighbor, you will defeat yourself. Jealousy, envy or anger will unfailingly attract to you what you wished for others. Even critical thoughts directed at anyone will limit or obstruct your own path. It is important that you grant everyone, in your own thoughts, the very best that you yourself would wish to receive. Once you learn to do that, nothing can be denied you.

The tendency toward judgement is one of the most insidious stumbling blocks to your progress. To free yourself, you must first free the world around you. It is your current misconception that you think you will have more if someone else has less; not so! The bounty of Creation is infinite. You are, all of you, Christ-like limitless beings and only when you have had enough of pretending that you are not, will you remember your true nature. All things, from a planet to an ant, are children of the I AM. It is irrelevant whether or not you believe this. What matters is that it IS so. And the immanence of this divine truth is the reason why the statement: "the truth shall set you free," is literally correct and relevant. Truth is a Universal Constant. It is never relative. However, its expression and application are ever expanding and perpetually changing.

While reviewing what I had learned, I was baffled by an apparent contradiction. Earlier I was told that the optimal way of entering the Clear Light was by being empty of thoughts and emotions; yet now I was supposed to use my self-conscious mind to bring what I wanted out of the limitless void. How could I be focused and empty at the same time?

" When you start your car, explained the teacher, you turn the key just long enough for the engine to catch. If you kept pressure on the key, you would burn out the starter. In the same vein, before you call up the Clear Light, relax, empty your mind and let go. Then focus on what you desire and, if that desire is harmless, you will manifest it. You may ask for change, growth, abundance, health, understanding or anything you want, provided it derives from a positive attitude. A positive attitude is one that does no harm. So, once more, this is the sequence you should follow: first formulate your intention; next imagine very specifically what you want to create, visualize it as though it had already occurred and you could actually see it right there in front of you. Having done this intently for a few moments, release all your thoughts and feelings, simply ask the Clear Light to fill and surround you and send your wish "package" on its way into the universe with no more emotion than you would put a letter into the mail box. Then put it out of your thoughts, get out of the way and allow the creative impetus to do what it does best. As for you, just breathe deeply and flow with your inner peace, knowing you will be filled. The Clear Light delights in serving you, the child of Creation; acceeding to your desires is its responsibility, which it fulfills in a non-judgmental and impersonal manner. All you need to do is set it in motion and the original essence will give itself to all life equally and lovingly. Since it IS God and issues from God, it will in due time return to itself, having accomplished its purpose. Therefore, there is only willingness and joy in the performance of the Divine dance, knowing that Creation learns by experiencing itself."

"We have spoken of the fulfillment of wishes," the ascended being now said, "but there will be times when you feel no desire at all. Such a frame of mind is natural but does not preclude your enjoying the benefits of the Clear Light. On those occasions, when you have no particular goal, you can always call on the sacred creative fire, the Clear Light and just ask it to give you what it knows you need. Containing as it does, all love, all wisdom and all power, the Clear Light loves you more than you love yourself and will never harm you. It will, however, respect your free will and allow you to harm yourself if you insist on it. Left to itself, God's creative essence will automatically guide you to the highest levels of joy and freedom. It knows no limitations and perceives all life as perfect and whole. Only you set needless limits. Do instead trust yourself and your world to the light's loving care. Don't you believe that the Great Spirit, Creator of worlds and Guide of their destinies, can assist your life's path? Open your heart and allow yourself to be guided by what it reveals to you. It is time for you to accept who you are and to act on it. As you empty yourself, the Clear Light will fill you with blessings beyond your wildest imaginings, since its perspective is immeasurably vaster than yours."

"There are, among you, those who have the courage and the faith to submit to Life and let it love them, guide them and take care of them in every way. It is for these, that the teachings have now come."


About the Authors

As the unique influences of the Age of Aquarius once again begin to impact the planet, the human soul calls out for answers. Using our ascended predecessors as emissaries, the Source of All has prompted willing messengers called trans-incarnates to embody at this time and help facilitate the
transition. The Teachings of Clear Light, which are freely given to humankind, have existed for eons. Because they are both forgotten and suppressed between ages, they are returned to you now, in your time of need through art, music, writings, ceremony, inspiration and insights. The primary purpose is to disseminate the information without restrictions of any kind to everyone whose
soul yearns for it.

We who have received and transcribed this version of those universal Teachings, make it available world-wide, at no cost, to all who subscribe to the Internet. Since we are only two among many who incarnated for this purpose, we are merely tools of the Creator and our earthly history and
identity are irrelevant.

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"The Teachings Of Clear Light."

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