Message to Seekers

An Omar Channeled Session

by Dale Mann
mar: "Long ago, in another existence perhaps, and in terms of time, you assigned yourself a task--that you should be awakened at the appointed time. After waiting for eons, that time has come. The veils are being lifted, you lift them. The curtains begin to part, and it's your hand upon the cord, as you give yourself a glimpse of that which lies beyond. As you come to know your soul. And what better place to begin?

"The soul, your soul, the soul that you are, is like a many facetted multi-dimensional gem stone, a psychic energy construction that cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed, and you are but one of its many facets. You reflect qualities that are your own as well as other qualities which are more fully expressed in other lifetimes, other facets, other selves. You have your own glimmering attributes, talents, and abilities which are seen, and reflected, in those other facets, other selves. Remember, without its facets the diamond's brilliance would not occur, and without you, your soul would not shine so bright. Like the heavens is your soul, without bounds, eternal and forever becoming. Ancient yet new, constantly reborn, moment by moment renewed. The heavens of the soul are within, and its light shines through your eyes. So, be generous with your blessings by granting blessings unto yourself.

"When you are a man, speak unto yourself saying: "Blessed is womanhood--power, glory and honor unto womanhood." And when you are a woman speak unto yourself saying: "Blessed is manhood --power, glory and honor unto manhood. And when you see a creature speak unto yourself saying: "Blessed is creaturehood--power, glory and honor unto creaturehood." Finally, when you see a plant--a growing thing, also remember to say: "Blessed is planthood--power, glory and honor unto planthood."

"Do this and you will unknowingly grant power and blessings unto yourself.

"Now there are no limits to the self, and you can assign to that whole self a name, and allow it to speak through your moments, through your voice. Atoms come together to form molecules which in turn come together to form cells. Cells come together to form organs and organs come together to form your body. The body is composed of cells, the soul is composed of selves.

"You are the sum total of and yet more than the sum total of the individual cellular consciousness that make up your physical body. Therefore you are not only an oversoul of sorts, but also part of another.

"Your various reincarnational selves not only express themselves individually, but collectively, and also cause to be brought about an oversoul. The oversoul then is also the sum of, yet more than the sum of its parts. Therefore there are numerous, almost infinite combinations of personality traits which are available for you to draw upon while "expressing" yourself. You can therefore express yourself in countless ways.

"See your greater self or soul like a life structure, sending out seeds carried upon the winds of time, sailing into multidimensional landscapes of every sort. There those imaginary selves, taking root, growing and experiencing their own realities as individual selves. This over soul, of which you are part, and like which you are becoming, never looses contact with its offspring but follows them into their various realities and shares in their experiences as they in turn then reach maturity and send out portions of themselves.There is no end to the learning process nor directions from which experience can come. You are in a constant state of becoming.

"There are dimensions of consciousness, some of which are, in human terms, your own while others are not your own, yet they are included within and experienced by other portions of yourself. Consciousness, your own consciousness, only a portion of which is displayed in any given existence, is much more than you have previously supposed and there are various portions to the individual conscious self. Those various levels interact within the individual realm of experience. Each part is interconnected or combined with the whole, and none is separate or alone.

"The soul is your basic source, your personal link to past life memories, reincarnational, probable, and aspect selves. It is engrossed within its own activities and your activities as well. Your soul expresses itself through you. Learning to recognize other portions of one's psyche, to consciously draw upon those personified experiences, can be a rewarding endeavor.

"Portions of your consciousness is continually looking into probabilities and weighing the odds in order to determine future action. This includes precognitive abilities. The soul's focus transcends the time-space orientation you are familiar with; it watches the ever changing future and the ever changing past. Its primary focus is towards future variations and needs, and those important findings are ultimately recorded within the genes. The species biological data bank is then updated, so to speak. Your psychological stance straddles many probable futures and probable pasts. The soul acts as your psyche navigator, and it helps you plot your course through corporal life. It provides a single-line type of orientation, a meaningful order of experience

"Consciousness creates form, form never creates consciousness. Your consciousness existed before you body was created and will continue to exist after the body is dead. Conscious energy maintains all forms, and ultimately all physical forms revert back to energy. Conscious energy manifests itself through form. It is a cyclic process, it is creation at work.

"Forms are energy transformers, and this applies to all forms without exception. Such forms could not exist without energy, and physical portions of energies cannot be expressed except through physical form. It is a magnificent balancing act, and there can be no more nor less of one than the other. Therefore the cosmos is eternal; energy cannot be destroyed.

"Consciousness is personalized energy that knows itself, and its abilities go far beyond human understandings. Conscious energy avails itself of other energies; it is also an energy that can adjust itself to varying demands and circumstances. Form can be an energy transformer; personalized energy can be an energy transformer too. It transforms itself by the nature of its desires, its thoughts. You soul is conscious energy in all its forms.

"The brain is a vital organ which facilitates the link between "your" mind and matter yet without a brain the physically focused portions of your consciousness would become refocused elsewhere. The brain is not the only link found within nature, and it is not the only link existent within your body. You are surrounded by life forms, such as plants which possess no brain, yet they do possess consciousness and are aware of your presence.

"Consciousness samples its environment as it continually tunes in on this or that person, object, or condition. Compare it to a mental reaching out or touching in a psychic way and consciousness as you know it would not be possible were it not for the imagination. All constructions within the physical universe must first reside within the imagination, within consciousness before they are made manifest within the physical universe. This is true whenever such constructions are natural or manmade. A good imagination is therefore very important.

"When you pretend you can do something you acknowledge abilities within yourselves you may not have consciously know before. You then begin to set up new probabilities in your future, and create doorways or openings in time that did not previously exist. Therefore you can be whatever you wish to be if you simply begin to pretend.

"Pretend you have always had great psychic abilities, good health, a friendly disposition, high intelligence and everything else helpful you can think of. Pretend you are not damned, cursed nor flawed, that you do not come from a condemned race and that the universe is a safe place.

"Pretend you are in no way sinful, and your are in a constant state of becoming much more than you think you are. Pretend you accept yourself, you trust yourself completely. Finally pretend you are not pretending. Soon you will discover you no longer need to pretend.

"You project to the world what you think you are, and you project to the world what you think you can or cannot do. When you create these new abilities within yourself others will see them too. You would then see yourself quite capable of learning whatever you need to know beforehand.

"Your soul provides you with your psychic senses and if it were not for these psychic senses consciousness, as you know it, would not exist. Psychic abilities are natural abilities; as natural as your five physical senses, and you use them daily.

"You are surrounded by examples of imagination at work. You will see it within an ant hill, and within such constructions as a bird's nest, or a spider's web. The tiny spider sees in her mind's eye how her finished web will appear before she spins the first thread. The bird knows how her finished nest will look before she picks up the first twig. Neither the spider nor the bird stop to question if that ability is within them. They do not wonder if they are capable of such artistic constructions. They do not assign such talents to some abstract instinct, they do not assign it to the gods, they assign it to themselves! The strength and degree of your fulfillment and growth is limited only by your imagination, by your expectations.

"The degree to which you psychic senses appear to work for you depends in large part on you ability to recognize their existence. When you begin to consciously draw upon that data bank that unseen library, that warehouse of knowledge, you add to your creative abilities; you give to yourselves new understanding, and you will become more competent in all areas of life. Learn to trust yourself completely, follow your impulses and be spontaneous; for when you do you will begin to draw more fully upon your intuitive and creative abilities.

"You'll begin to realize there are other possibilities, greater happenings looming just over your personal horizon: marvelous events waiting to be summoned forth. You can always become much more than whatever it is you regard yourself to be.

Dale Mann   Dale Mann is the editor of Cypress Online.
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