The Pleiadian Council of Light

11:11 Channeling 1998

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Good evening and greetings to you all as you are ushered into the 11-ness of your essence, the 11-ness of your heart, and the 11-ness of your destiny and future. It is a time that you join one to one to one to one, as you come into more of the truth of oneness. Finally dissolving all the lines of separation between you and your past, between you and your self, between you and your future. Finally dissolving all the lines of separation between you and the world.

It is a time to cup your hands placing them in a prayerful position, instead of pointing fingers at one another. Pointing fingers at those that are not awakened or those that are not enlightened or those that are not honorable "in your eyes." You give yourself so much isometric finger exercise as you point out the druthers of everyone around you. Bring it back home, bring it back home to you, point the directional of your knowing towards self.

You all ride upon a painted frequency. You each see it as a different coloration. None of you are in total agreement of what the others think. None of you are in total agreement of what the others speak or what the others believe. This is a time of chopping down the separation, the old stumps of self that you keep tripping over. Chop them down flatten them to the ground and then walk beyond them.

All the peoples of the world are different. That differentness was on purpose. It was precise. It was calculated. It was exact and it was deliberate. Realize this and stop trying to pull everyone in to where you dwell in thought, where you dwell in belief, and where you dwell in light. Each person will take a different path through the forest of self. All will meet at the same exit point as they met at the same entrance point.

A collaboration is amidst, a merging is amidst, a reconciliation is amidst. We use the terminology "amidst" to address the fact that it is somewhat cloaked or veiled this next step of understanding that you are ushered into. You must first take baby steps as you find your footing. It is a footing that resides within you, not externally, but internally.

All points of God meet at this next intersection of Light. Now some of you will get to that Buck Stop or that 4-way stop early, and others will come running in and racing in late. But that is what makes your energy, your existence so delightful -- is that you each are a different wattage, a different light, a different thought, and a different parameter.

In these upcoming times as you enter 1999, you will find who you are in truth. When you find yourself, you may want to decree it, to broadcast it, to take out a sign to tell others. They may just shrug and they walk away -- for it matters not to them, to their eyes, to their ideals, to their perceptions. It only matters to you.

You are a complex of many frequencies. You sometimes partition yourself away in one little portal of self, a place of so-called safety. In these next years, all walls around you will fall. It is as the story of the "Three Little Pigs." You can build one house of straw. You can build one house of sticks, and you can build one house of stone. Even the stone walls that you have placed around you as guardians and guards will fall.

Nothing will limit you.

Nothing will cage you in.

Nothing will keep you where you are this minute.

Everything pulls you out.

It pulls you out to play.

It pulls you out to love.

It taunts you.

It teases you.

It beckons you.

It is life.

It screams and throws pebbles at the windows of your heart, at the windows of your mind, and at the windows of your fears.

You yell to ‘life’ as it asks you to come out and play –

         "I am restricted. I cannot come out. I have perimeters. I have boundaries. I have deeds. I have chores."

-- making excuse upon excuse of why you cannot expand past the boundaries of who you are this minute.

         "I must do this. I can’t do that."

You embellish and enjoy the limited you. You tattoo and scar yourself with these perimeters. It is a TIME of "MUST."

You "must" move forward.

You "must" move out of the restrictions that you adhere to.

You "must" move closer to joy, closer to love, closer to truth.

Everyday for you is a journey of sacredness. It is a sacramental journey that you take. You anoint yourself experience by experience. You are now placing yourself into a time of being annointed in fearlessness.

You are afraid to be God.

You are afraid to succeed.

You are afraid to be in love.

You are afraid to act childlike.

You are afraid to let your hair down and you are afraid to put your hair up.

You are afraid of life.

Up until now, life has been tough for many of you. It has boxed your ears, it has boxed in your hearts, it has squelched your fires, and it has thrown water upon your dreams.

As of this 11:11 doorway a new call is issued. It is a call of the wild. It is a call of the untamed. It is the call of the unseen and unknown that beckons you. Everyone around you will be running towards it, and you will start running just because everyone else is.

You will begin to finally look at your life and wonder what is wrong with me that I have no desire for complete joy.

What is wrong with me that I cannot play as an adult, love as God, and believe as a child.

Everything in your world will seem to be throwing rocks of fear at you. Everything that you see with your human eyes will seem as sadness, as disaster, upheaval, or turmoil.

But has any of this touched you physically?

Is it all an illusion that is presented to you to keep you immobilized, to keep you fearful, to keep you stationary?

It is time to proclaim and initial upon the very stationery of your soul who you are!

What is the logo of the light within you?

What is the logo of the child within?

What did you scream to all of earth when you were small, when you were innocent, when you were not afraid?

The physical body, your partner in this Earth journey, will not allow you to be stationary. It is demanding movement. It is demanding change, and it is demanding emancipation. If need be, it will proclaim this through pain, disease. If need be it will proclaim this through fear. It is the child within your heart that is screaming –

      "Let me out, let me play, let me live!"

Many of you as good parents, adults and citizens of planet Earth, start your day very grown-up, very seriously. You drive there seriously and you perform your duties seriously and you take your titles seriously.

But what does all of this seriousness really give you?

Does it give you joy to play grown-up or does it give you a paycheck?

Does it challenge you to grow beyond your perimeters or does it keep you as a Ming tree in the Bonsai Garden of self?

Are you going to stunt your growth in this next level of light?

Imagine yourself as a Ming tree in a bonsai garden, a Ming tree that is a Redwood tree. That little Redwood wants so much to be what it is destined to be, but everything and everyone has come along and cut it back -- over and over and over again. Whipped it into submission, whipped it into Mingness and placed it in a limited bonsai energy. This little tree knows it is a redwood, genetically it has complete memory of that vastness. It dreams about the day that it can once again grow into its vastness. Then it looks down at itself and remembers that it is minged. You have thought you were minged your entire existence, now you are remembering that you too have always been a redwood!

Imagine yourself in a three-legged race and God has supplied you with the potato sack. Now what do potatoes have? They have eyes to see. They grow whether you want them to grow or not. They will grow under diverse conditions in your refrigerator, under your sink anywhere. They refuse, and we emphasize refuse, not to grow. They expand past the boundaries that you want them too. They will grow under any circumstances, in any part of your house, for any length of time. Their eyes come out. They see.

In this three- legged potato sack race with God – it is you, you, and you. It is the Trinity. Two legs and the sack represent the self, the Higher-Self, and the Soul-Self which is your God-Self. You all are locked together. Now you can hobble, you can trip, you can fall, or you can join together as a team and WIN.

It is time for a Win-Win frequency. You often see yourself in a lose-lose day, in a lose-lose week, and sometimes in a lose-lose year. But now it is Win-Win for you. You will have the eyes to grow, to see. You can and will begin to grow under diverse conditions. It matters not how hot, how dark, how cold. You will grow and you will see this growth.

In this new growth you will come upon an ancient primordial doorway of the beginningness of earth man. In this doorway resides the dark, hairy, smelly part of you that you have not wanted to encounter, let alone embrace. You are going through a genesis, a mutation, and expansion of God. In order for you to do such,  all aspects in ancient earth DNA, in cellular structure, in energetic structure, in past, in fears, in darkness must be embraced.

In order for you to come full circle in your divinity you must once again walk through the primordial ooze of your beginnings. As the millennium nears you will find yourself walking towards the cave of where that ancient part of you lives. The part of you do not like, the part of you that you are afraid of, the part of you that miss-used power. The part of you that you think others would not love – if they knew about it!

We come to tell you that they will love you, because that ancient beast is also a part of them. You are about to integrate, to merge, to blend that dark, hairy, smelly, scary part of you with the Higher aspects the divine aspects of who you are.

There is a part of you that knows it could kill, because it has. There is a part of you that has walked into the darkness and made it through it. Each of you has a face as such.

You can push it away as you always have, because it is not nice.

You can ignore it.

You can cage it.

You can throw it into the dungeon in the cellar of self.

It is still there roaring, scratching at the inner abyss of you – wanting out.

You are afraid to let it out because once it gets out,

"What if I can’t control it?"

"What if others see it?"

This is an animal part of you.

It is the primal part of you.

It is the ancient part of you.

It is the part of you that existed before you were genetically altered in your DNA.

It is the part of you that the gods altered, then snubbed their noses at because it was a lesser than creation, a manipulated creation. (and we mean little ‘g’ gods).

This is the soup bone of your soul.

You have tried to bury this bone throughout time and every once in a while, like Nessie the Loch Ness monster, it raises its head up to be seen and then disappears into the depths of the murky aspects of your humanness.

In the next three months to six months you all will go forward and uncage, unbind, and undo this part of you.

You will embrace it, you will love it, and you will tell it that it is loved. You will tell it!

You will commit to merging with it.

You will commit to loving it.

This is the very last piece of the puzzle before a galactic inter-stellar genesis occurs.

When you see another very dark, hairy, smelly, scary aspect acting up as a world leader, we ask you to love it – not to push it away, not to hate it and feed it hate– but to love it. We specifically speak of issues in your Middle Eastern areas at this time. Send love into the destruction, into the hate, into the darkness – anoint it, make it sacred by loving it, by lighting the God within the situation with your knowing that it is an illusion, and that it is part of the program and learning on Earth school.

Part of the destiny of mankind (human-kind), as they walk into the millennium -- is to embrace all that is distasteful, dark, and hairy, within yourselves, as well as everyone and everything else. This means you as a single unit, you as a group, you as a planet, as well as you as a solar system. This truth and scenerio will expand past the parameters of earth. There are always those who do not play by the rules -- on earth or above earth. We ask you to embrace all that appears dark and smelly and hairy and dank. EMBRACE IT.

You have filled yourself with enough light that you have a residual effect upon whatever you touch. If you were to follow yourself with a meter that monitored your light exchange on each item that you touched, whether it was a car handle, money, a doorknob, clothing, etc., you would be astonished as to what the sub-atomic particles of your being are now radiating.

You are leaving fairy dust in the form of God dust everywhere that you go.

You are turning the light on wherever you are.

Even in your darkest of days you still radiate light – even in your saddest of situations.

You are so saturated with light that no matter what is happening to you personally, you are radiating light.

That is why so many do not understand how you could possibly have a bad day.

You are so radiant.

You are so good.

Your heart is so open.

They do not see how anything bad or upsetting could happen to you. They just turn their head, they do not understand because you are so much more as they view you.

You have come to the point of saturation.

Your essence is saturated with LIGHT.

Now it is time to saturate your heart with LOVE and saturate your energy fields with LOVE.

But first you must start in the center of the spiral and embrace all that is within the abyss of you, every part of it – no matter what it is.

No matter if it is something you yourself  knows and no one ever will know.

No matter what it is.

If it is a perversion,
     if it is a fantasy,
           if it is something that happened to you,
                  if it is something that you did that you were ashamed of.

There can be no shame in the millennium. Shame is self induced. It comes from the land of  You-should-have, I-should-have, They-should-have.





You have come so far in the last 6 years. The 7th year will be the dance of the 7 veils. It will be the 7 layers of light that are adhered to you. We the Pleiadians have specifically worked with you in 7 levels of energetic frequency because you are us, as we are you.

We have worked with many cultures throughout time on your Earth. We are here to assist humanity to become shiny, to become luminescent, and spot-free. We are here for you and you are here for you. Open up all the doorways to your future.

If you desire it deep in your being, then move your HEART in the direction FIRST, and then move your BODY.

First you think it and imagine it,
then you put your heart into it,
and then you put your physicalness into it.

That is the way God creates.

First with thought, then with heart, then with action.

Take action in your life.

Look at the word ‘ACTION’ as you know we love to bisect and dissect the words of your Earth. You are acting on. I ACT ON! You are acting by turning the ‘I AM’ on.

This next year will activate within each one of you the "I AM Presence."

You will become "I AM."

You will see that.

You will know that.

You will feel that.

And you will honor it.

It is nothing more than your God essence and your Christed essence made manifest in the physical. The energy, the office of the Christ, will be down-loaded to Earth for entrance into 1999. We will not go into detail with this.

It is what is forecast to you as the second coming in your Biblical proportions, but it will not be as it presents itself symbolically. But it will happen in 1999. As was promised, you will be ushered into the New Age through the Christed frequency. You will be very surprised at how this appears. That is all that we will speak at this time. We will dangle a carrot in that particular scenario. This next doorway for you is literally for you.

You all do for God, you do for family, you do for spouse, you do for nation, you do for planet, you do for this animal or that animal, this whale or this dolphin, this dog, this tiger. You do for others. It is the only way you can get yourself to enact - is by doing for others. But that will be turned within - for you will do for you first.

You will give, as charity begins to be given at home.

You will be charitable to you.

You will give to you that which you have so dreamt, that which you have so desired, and that which you have felt so far out of your reach.

And each of you -- by honoring self first -- will honor and give to others a multiplication of 1000 times more than you can at this very moment in time.

When you take the energies and give them to you -- consummate them with the Trinity of you – the self, the Higher Self, and the God-self, marry them to that aspect of you, consolidate them, strengthen them, hold them, secure them, then and only then can you radiate them out.

You have done yourself injustices by not filling up first. You are continually giving, fixing, healing and loving outside of yourself first. In 1999 you will anoint your own sacredness first and in that, there will be strength. It will not be diluted. You will choose to emanate it, to proclaim it, and to send it out, but first and foremost – you must honor you. Hold it for you. Breathe it for you. Love it for you, and then all of your creations, all of your desires, all of those you wish to help will be honored with a full loaf of bread and not a half of loaf.

You do others an injustice when you do not give to you and honor you and hold the sacredness for you first. All of you in this room are guilty of that. It is only by those words that we speak -- that will trigger you --  that you do others an injustice. If you thought you did yourself an injustice, you wouldn’t think twice about keeping on doing it. You wouldn’t wink or blink an eye. But because it is an injustice to others and you are so far past self-serving – you will stop.

You each were birthed and grew up in a generation that told you that you were bad if you thought about yourself, you were a bad person to love yourself, you were a bad person to like yourself, you were a bad person if you thought about yourself first. That has been programmed into you for many many many moons. It was wrong!


If you want more love in your life, then love you more. That is the way it works. Give to you what you need first. And then all of your creations will hold that energy. At this time we will leave. We are hoping that these words and these thoughts, and these knowings will trigger and fuel you enough to move you farther then you ever thought possible.

You are so loved beyond what you have the capacity to know at this moment in time. In our hearts our hope is that you will eventually love yourself as you love everything else and everyone in your world, even as you love your God.

At this time we will leave. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light. We are a ‘Star-Council’ composed of many aspects from higher dimensions and existences. We format our thoughts and gatherings and truths from the Pleiadian star-system, thus gaining access to frequencies and emanations that have the ability to permeate the Earth’s denser layers of entrance.

We are many, yet we are few in the universal comparison to "All." Our endings and beginnings live within your DNA format. Our ancient history is being birthed through your animations, and trials and tribulations. Yet "we" see for you greatness of spirit, and greatness of "Being."  As "we" have crawled out of the primordial ooze, so shall you, to become the "vast" beings that you are truly destined to be.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan is a Visionary, with channeling abilities.  She is a professional psychic, teacher, lecturer, and author. Gillian is available for long distant readings. She can also come to your area to speak, do workshops & readings.

Gillian's book, The Quantum Awakening: Chronicles of Light, is now available.
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