by Archangel Michael

Beloved Master, we are all in the midst of a "cosmic moment," a most powerful and wondrous time of change. Beginning in your year 1996, it was determined that your Earth could incorporate a greater level of Cosmic energy without creating too much destruction and havoc within your mother planet's structure. After much deliberation, it was also decided that there were enough awakening Light workers and humanity at large who had lifted their consciousness to a level where we could safely begin an accelerated infusion of Universal Light Substance or the rarefied cosmic energy from the Creator Source.

The acceleration has been steadily increasing since that time and will continue to increase over the next decade and beyond. Now being activated, both with the Earth and in the physical structure of all humanity, are Light/energy packets of information, keys and codes which were placed there eons ago. They were placed there in anticipation of this time: when you would reverse the process of your descent into the physical and begin the journey back into the realms of Spirit.

It is of the greatest importance that as many as possible are made aware of what is occurring at this very critical time within your physical structures and within the Earth, as well. It is imperative that this vital flow of divine energy that is being gifted to humanity and your planet be allowed to flow through you and throughout the ley-line structure of your Earth. As it flows through your physical vessels it ignites the dormant encodings and Light Packets within your cellular structure. Within each of you are also keys and codes needed to activate, purify and ignite the great crystalline structures within your Earth. these portals or gateways make up the chakra system of the Earth, you might say, and as they are activated, the awakening of your Mother Earth will also be greatly accelerated and she will begin to hum with an intensity all of you will sense as she stirs and lifts herself out of the density back into the Light of Illumination and her true state: the Fifth Dimension.

As these great energy sources begin to resonate and send out signals once more, the full measure and power of Universal Life Force will begin to pour forth the frequencies necessary to activate the geometric codes and impulses for the next level of evolution for you, your planet, solar system and galaxy.

That is why it is so critical that you purify your physical vessel so that the frequencies you relay into the Earth, and then later on, back out into the higher dimensions, will be uncontaminated, refined and resonate with the highest integrity. What is happening can be likened to humanity and the Earth being plugged into a new high-resonance power source. You must be attuned to and compatible with this source in order to accommodate and make use of it. You are functioning as the conductor or transducer for this dynamic energy, allowing yourselves to be the energy relay for your Mother Earth. She, in turn, activates her own power sources (the great crystal structures within her body), and as these great Beings burst into conscious awareness once more, they begin to send out pulsations of new frequencies, purifying, uplifting, healing energies throughout the Earth's system, and to humanity, as well. You might say, you are being "zapped" from within and from without.

That is why it is so important that you make your physical vessel ready and receptive to this new influx of energy, especially that of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power and the Seventh Ray of Transmutation and Transformation. As you do so, you become the catalysts for igniting these power centers; with your gentle, loving hearts you will soothe and heal; with your wisdom you will guide and lead; with your power you will stand in your integrity, and you will not let up until the task is complete.

You are in the midst of what might be called the Armageddon/apocalypse/ ascension process. As many have predicted and hoped, you will not be lifted off the Earth and out of the chaos you have created on your blessed planet. Each one of you is being forced to face your own illusions, the reality you have formed which creates your own special version of heaven or hell on Earth. All of what you thought were your truths, all of the judgments you have made about good or bad, right or wrong, holy or evil are cropping up in your everyday situations and circumstances so that, once and for all, you can move into a new expanded awareness -- that of a Master. Please listen and take heed, Beloved Ones, there are many shades of truth, and many paths, but only one destination -- back into unity consciousness with the Beings of Light and the Divine Creator.

Removing old habits and thought patterns from the subconscious mind is no easy matter. Clearing the past, which involves clearing more than your current lifetime memories; it means balancing and harmonizing all of your experiences since incarnating on the physical plane. These memories are all stamped and recorded in your auric field, creating peace and joy, or fear and discord. To clear means to balance and harmonize that which resonates at a discordant level of energy, it means to come to an understanding of and be at peace with all the facets of your existence. Once you have reached that point, the imbalanced energies are forever transmuted and you will not have to experience them again.

The good news is that the process of ascension has been refined, made easier and available to all. Once you are willing to listen to the nudgings of your Soul, allowing the new frequencies to infiltrate into your four lower body systems, you become more objective and receptive to new thought patterns and it becomes much easier to let go of old fears, guilt and restrictions in which the ego has held you captive.

In the past, your Higher Self had difficulty getting your attention in order to assist you. It usually took a jolt of some kind, and most often, it was not a pleasant experience. That time is past, Beloveds, it will become increasingly difficult to ignore the nudgings of your Soul/Higher Self as the veil of forgetfulness is removed and you begin to remember, or at least, feel a "divine discontent."

All facets of your being are resonating to the changes taking place: your emotional body can no longer stand the chaos and disharmony it once tolerated when it was numb and disconnected from your inner awareness. Your mental body may still be struggling to hang on to its outmoded, seemingly, safe belief systems, but it is being bombarded with too much new information which either nullifies or shatters old paradigms; or moves you into a more expanded point of view where you begin to see events in your life differently. You are no longer fearful of change--you begin to "go with the flow."

Your body is also caught up in the struggle. It is functioning within the constraints of thousands of years of negative input, which manifests as suffering, pain, ill health and death. It too is reaching for the healing frequencies of Light, and nothing can stop the penetration of this divine life-giving substance into EVERYONE and EVERYTHING ON EARTH. The pain and frustration comes to those who resist, who fear, who are not willing to let go of the past or their third-dimensional reality. They will be constantly bombarded until they make the choice to accept the gift of ascension into conscious awareness, or their Spirit Self will see that they make their transition into another realm and another planet of illusion to continue their journey toward enlightenment. The next few years are years of decision, dear ones. What will be your choice?

Now, I would like to clear up an important issue at this time, before I  leave you. Many of you are attuning to and focusing on the angelic realms and the archangels in particular as the saviors and the salvation of the world. Beloved ones, please be aware, this is a unified endeavor. We are working in harmony with all the great beings of this universe, many of which you have heard of, or are familiar with, but there are many more divine beings of which you are not aware. Just as you are all needed, no matter what your level of awareness, so it is with the higher realms. Every being throughout the Omniverse has an integral part to play in this grand drama that is so swiftly unfolding with the Earth as a major focal point.

We of the angelic realms are functioning in the capacity of a transition team, you might say. We are the messengers of the Creator, and in times of great transition we are sent out as the advance guard to relay and transmit the thoughts of the god Mind to all of you in a way you can understand; in a way that is acceptable to every race, religion and culture. We have always had an intimate relationship with humanity, but you have been at slumber and could not easily tap into our refined frequencies. We have always assisted you and protected you in whatever way was available to us, or was permissible within the laws of free will, but because of the density of your Earth and your own auric field, you were hardly ever aware of our presence.

And so, beloved ones, call on us and we will answer and assist you, but also maintain or strengthen your relationship with whatever Avatar, Christed Being, or Ascended Master you relate to and resonate with. We know we all have an integral part to play in this grand scheme, and we always work in harmony and synchronicity with each other as we are endeavoring to teach you to do.

Do not fear the future, my brave warriors, do not resist the changes that are upon you. Know that what is transpiring is only for your highest good, and will release you from the shackles of enslavement into the realm of all possibilities. It is time for you, the Warriors of Light and the Champions of Truth to step to the fore; to stand and be acknowledged as divine caretakers and guardians of the Earth, and as healers and wayshowers for humanity.

We are asking you to remember your heritage, to reclaim the power and perfection of Spirit and form which you expressed and manifested when first coming to planet Earth. It is your natural state, beloved, faithful ones. IT IS TIME, RECLAIM IT! I AM  Archangel Michael.

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