Reflection: A Channeling Session on the Nature of God and Creation

This channelled session with Reflection was held especially for Mystic Planet
on the day of the Summer Solstice, 1998. The questions were submitted by
Dr. Gordon Greenwood and expanded upon by Steve Kinniburgh.
As usual, the channel is Deep Trance Medium, Donna Kinniburgh.

Donna and Steve Kinniburgh
Donna & Steve Kinniburgh
These abbreviations are used throughout:

RE:  Reflection
SK:  Steve Kinniburgh
GG: Dr. Gordon Greenwood
DK: Donna Kinniburgh

Note: "Indeed" is a word used by Reflection to keep the channel open. it may not always mean they are in agreement.


Indeed, the Quest for God has always been that which has mystified your reality and your race and God has been described in many different perspectives.  For each religion in your existence, as a race, has defined God and claimed God

Yet the God essence, albeit, that the word "God" is that which you use to describe an energy of creation, indeed, is not exclusively owned and controlled by the humanistic format of planet Earth.

Indeed, and neither is the essence of "God" as has been many times defined by or thought to be of the male essence.  For "God" as you term God to be, is an all-encompassing gender of the male, of the female, and the it.

Though it is somehow, from your human perspective, considered unrespectful to term God as "it," therefore, as certain learned beings of your history considered the "Id," if you will.  God IS far greater than you can imagine and is beyond planet Earth, the Universe and/or Universal.  Indeed, we are prepared for your queries at this time.

SK: Just as a response to your opening comments, it seems to me that major religions tacked on the male essence because of a male dominance society, would you agree with that?

RE: We have agreed!

GG: Regarding the Original creating Force (God): Is it "All-That-Is," or can it create something out of nothing; Is there anything outside this energy gestalt?

RE: First know that God is unlimited. Therefore, understand that that which is created, indeed, is constantly being recreated and expanded upon.  And God is beyond planet Earth.  God is in a constant state of "creation," therefore, is constantly creating or being created or "creat-ful" from the nothingness.  For the ‘nothingness' is only the perception of your humanistic abilities as a race.

SK: So there really is no such thing as "nothingness."

RE: Correct!

SK: Thank you.  This is question number 2....

GG: Is our individuality an illusion?  What relationship exists between "All-That-Is" and the individual?  Do we have individual souls?  Are we part of  a larger oversoul?

RE: The answer is yes to all and the answer is no to all.

SK: Explain please!

RE: Indeed, first of all, you are individual in your creation and your creation is illusionary to your perception.

SK: Now is this based on the individual persona of "I am now" or from a soul perspective or level.  Could you clarify that please?

RE: There is a difference between the "I am now" which is considered ‘matter' yet that which is ‘matter' from the souls perception does not matter as it does to the individual persona.

SK: Ok.....

RE: For the difference from the "I am now" is,  and that is from the souls perception, based on emotional attachment.

SK: To this particular life?

RE: This is correct!

SK: So, in that sense, it is an illusion!

RE: Correct!

SK: Alright

RE: But it is also reality, because, you DO create your own reality.

SK: Yes, we will get into that in future questions.  So what is the relationship that exists between those two, the All-that-is and the individual?  Is it simply that they are part of the same thing?

RE: They are part of the same thing but part of that same thing is to learn the individuality.

SK; To learn or re-learn?

RE: To learn the present time "individuality!"

SK: I see!

RE: For to re-learn would be to repeat that which was.

SK: How does the yes and no answer apply to "do we have individual souls?"

RE: Indeed, for to have individual souls would be to assume ownership of a soul.

SK: Ah!!

RE: And the Soul does not consider ownership as part of  Spirituality.  For souls also have fragmentation of themselves in individual personas.

SK: So again, we as humans seem to dwell on ownership.

RE: Indeed, ownership, for security reasons.  Yet part of your lesson through existences is to learn "security."

SK: So to answer the last part of that question, we are in fact part of an oversoul and separate from that at the same time.

RE: Indeed, yes absolutely

SK: Ok, that explains that.  Lets move to question number 3....

GG: What are the limits of the individual's ability to create?  Is our ability to create our reality primarily conscious or unconscious?

RE: Indeed, the limits?....(knowing of course, there are no limits from a Spiritual Point of View)   The only ‘limit' is belief.  Either the "I can" or   "I cannot."  For if you believe that you are the creator of your reality, then ‘choose' the kind of reality you wish to create.  Indeed, and you will do so.  Be aware that all that one would create is also reflective of their intent to create.

SK:  So With Awareness, the fine tuning of that creation can become more precise.

RE: Indeed, more precise and more effective!  From the personas point of view, knowing as well that the Soul or the Spiritual essence sees all choices as being effective.

SK: Having done thousands of readings with you, I know that you would like to address the second part of this and that is "is our ability to create our reality primarily conscious or unconscious?"

RE: The answer here is very is not only unconscious but subconscious and conscious.  And it is based on the agreement of all.

SK: Could you define those terms for the reading or listening ability?

RE: Indeed so!  The subconscious, and we will start here, is that part of the self that is in existence with the self and all other selves and attached to the soul's experience and choices in a Spiritual point of view, as well as the material world.  With this comes ‘unconditionality' and is not in a judgmental state.  For would see all experiences as having benefit or gain to the personas existence.  The unconscious' self is the learned patterns of one's experience in the particular lifestyle that is chosen and experienced.

SK: What we would call conditioning and programming?

RE: This is correct, indeed, habit and learned behavioural patterns

SK: From just this life or other lives as well?

RE: These conditions would carry forward into the present existence.  Indeed, thoughts and memories stored of past or other experiences that would be seen as opportunity or learning tools in the present reality.  This is the UN conscious or the ‘layer of belief' some of which is beneficial, some is used and then refused, some is stored for a more appropriate time in one's existence, be it in the present life reality or other time frames. And then the ‘conscious' is that of the present day ‘awareness' and that IS illusionary.  For what you think you are, because of your rationale, is not what you are in the entirety.

SK: Ah!  The logical mind....

RE: The logical mind which requires and needs control to prove its security off times conflicts with its subconscious choices and, indeed, then add the unconscious barrier and hence here lies the struggle to understand one's existence and being.

SK: Thank you!  The next question, I think addresses the confusion between creating ones reality and interacting with other human or other situations on this planet.......

GG: To what extent is our ability to create our realities at the individual level limited by the larger "mass" consciousness?  For example, being drafted to fight in a war; or being exposed to contagious diseases?  How does free will and choice apply in those instances?

RE: Through agreement!

SK: Explain please!

RE: Agreement through the experience.  As we have stated previously...the Soul and the Subconscious mind are not in a judgmental state.  Judgments or opinions matter not for it would see the greater of the whole experience.  To add to the massive experience of life.  And one needs to take into consideration ‘karmatic' interactions as well.

SK: Alright, so what you are saying is that this agreement is set up on a subconscious level which has no judgments so it is only the conscious ......

RE: It is the conscious reasoning that causes the conflict here.  And this is NOT to state that such circumstances as ‘war' is considered conducive to humanities being!

SK: Simply a choice?

RE: Simply a choice.  To add, there are other ways that one can choose.....that is the understanding that many do not have; that they have multiple choices.  Yet many would believe that ‘choice' is singular.

SK: Or black or white, one extreme to another....?

RE: Indeed....

SK: We, as a race, would fail to see the gray area or even understand it.

RE: This correct!

SK: Thank you, question number 5......

GG: What form does creativity take in other planes of existence?  For example, the next plane (the astral)?

RE: We shall call (instead of plane) the vibration, for the word "plane" off times indicate a levelling system.

SK: Which makes that idea "better than" from one perspective?

RE: Indeed so, from your humanistic point of view.  There is a need for the human element to climb a ladder.  So therefore, to put this into a Spiritual perspective, the existences be on various vibrational, from the Soul's point of view one chooses a particular reality to learn lessons which be pertinent to that experience.  And each life experience be carried over into other ‘vibrations' and are presented as opportunity to learn.  In other words one can choose to revisit that experience to ignore it or to learn from it.  No matter what your choices are, there is no ‘soul' judgment from it.

SK: So could we say that when one astral projects, as you have indicated in other sessions, we all do all the time......

RE: Correct....

SK: Are just, in fact viewing probable changes or can we create in that state?

RE: You can create in that state.  The astral state is a way of rehearsing, if you will, opportunities and options.

SK: So probable choices in the future could be viewed on that level without actually going through the process in the physical.

RE: Liken to looking at a map before you take your journey.

SK: Ok (laughing) that's of course taking into consideration you have an accurate map.

RE: ....choosing what road to follow and deciding which would be more effective.

SK: Hmmmm!  Alright....question number 6

GG: To what extent do entities in other planes (e.g., angels) create their reality and ours, and what form does it take?

RE: Indeed!  Be aware, angels have not the need to create a reality.   That is why you exist!

SK: I see.

RE: Understand as well, that there is a very marked difference between angels and spiritual guides.  For Spiritual Guides are those who would experience, various and different life formations, not only specific to planet Earth or even your specific universe but alternate realities as well.  Indeed, angels on the other hand simply choose not to experience the physical or matter, or reality.

SK: I have the sense that that could end up being a full session.

RE: As you have planned a session on "Angels"...

SK: Indeed, thank you....question number 7....

GG: What role, if any, do reincarnation and karma play in reality creation?

RE: All.....!

SK: That's a broad statement could you clarify please?

RE: For as you choose your reality, you choose to interact with those that would bring you the strongest, indeed, experience; the balancing of Karma and note that we stated "balancing" not a paying back of Karma.  For "paying back" implies judgment, back to square l.  Dept and judgment do not exist.  That thought is only for your humanistic limits which would perceive this.

SK: Excellent control factors as well.....

RE: lines.....

SK: *chuckle* Ok....

RE: Incarnation experiences is ‘opportunity' to complete, if you choose, to understand, to broaden your awareness as a soul, to add to the souls repertoire of experience.....

SK: ....simply for the experience....?

RE: ....correct, and to learn, indeed, the physical perceptions.

SK: So this is why, in different lifetimes we would choose different experiences to ‘have those experiences' not necessarily to ‘judge' those experiences.

RE: Indeed!  Yet many would believe that Karma balancing is painful.

SK: Or paying back a dept.....

RE: ...or paying back a dept...yet when one would fall in love and ‘love' is joyful...this too is karma.

SK: ...and how can that be perceived as a dept?

RE: Correct!  And as you go through the experience of karma, you are also recreating karma.  Karma is never ‘paid back' it is always ongoing and in the state of creation by your very existence.

SK: So it is in perpetual motion then.

RE: This is correct, there is no beginning and no ending.  It is an expansion of ‘self'.

SK: Alright.  Question number 8....

GG: What division of labor exists between "All-That-Is" (God's) creation and that of individuals in this plane?  To what extent do we have free will?  What are the limits?

SK: In other words how much of this creation is us and how much of it is God?

RE: First of all ‘God' or the God essence, through agreement offers life form; the energy of existence, the Spiritual aspect.  With the agreement of the mother of Earth...the matter...

SK: So in essence...the God force is the father and the Earth is the receiver...the mother is this what you are saying?

RE: Correct!  And through that act of creation, and agreement, freedom is also offered.  The freedom and will to choose.

SK: So free will is a hundred percent?

RE: Correct!

SK: Not fifty percent?  Or when it is convenient?

RE: Absolutely NOT!  Nor to blame the God head as many of your humanistic society do.

SK: *chuckle* Yes, we tend to want to externalize....and blame.

RE: Indeed tis the desire Not to take responsibility of the physical.  Free will and free choice exists.  Yet many of your humankind do not exercise that freedom or that will.

SK: So speaking about what limits it has is rather nebulous, at this point.

RE: For there are no limits.

SK: Thank you....question number 9....

GG: Ultimately is there only one creative reality (God) granting temporary individuality to its parts, and thereby existing to explore itself and its parts?

RE: The first answer here is that there is not just one experience of life force.

SK: Is there one God force, I guess is the question here. Is that God force just governing this universe here, or is it omnipresent?

RE: There is one essence of God that is multitude.

SK: Are we only dealing with one aspect of that?

RE: One perceived aspect.

SK: Alright

RE: Through your own perceptions as humanoid.  Note that the same God force, God energy, does apply and is applicable to other realities, be it in your present universe or other universes or alternate realities.

SK: So ultimately, the answer to this question is yes.

RE: Correct!  For the God essence is multidimensional and multi-layered.

SK: So far beyond what we are capable of understanding at this point.

RE: Indeed!

SK: Alright....question number 10...

GG: Is "All-That-Is" constantly changing and creating, yet absolute and continuous in its existence?  Is there never any end to this process?

RE: And the answer is all of that.

SK: Short and sweet *chuckle*

RE: Indeed, for this is self explanatory in its question

SK: And in the answer given previously...Ok...question number 11 and the final question....

GG: A law of physics states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed; it merely changes form.  Does this law accurately describe the functioning of the Universe, not only of "All-That-Is" but of us as individuals?

RE: Indeed!...In reality it describes the functioning of ‘your' universe.  Noting that it was once considered that all existed in a certain order.  It is now recognized that chaos exists and that there is more order in chaos than in order.

SK: From your answer, one gets the thought about the Star Wars trilogy and the ‘force' and the energy of the force being able to be utilized for whatever it is required to...would you agree with that analogy?

E: Absolutely, bearing in mind that what one sends out is returned a thousand fold.

SK: So the law of return exists...?

RE: Correct!  For what does go up, must come down.  To use the force is to use it in ‘agreement' with its own existence.  But to send it with anger be aware that it is mirrored back onto the self.

SK: So how you use the energy dictates how it comes back to you.

RE: Exactly, for the energy would not judge, it is humanity that would or mankind...if you choose, though, we are not in reference to the male or female essence of this term.

SK: Ok!....well those are the questions could we have your parting comments based on the questions?

RE: Indeed, as we have stated, humanity has worked very diligently in its attempt to define "God."  Yet the struggle is not to define "God" but to define the self.  For bear in mind ye are all the creation of the God essence and that which is stated in several written formats....."you are created in the image of God."  This is not necessarily the physical image of God, but the imagination of God, the energy of thought which does create reality.  And so it goes with your Godlike abilities to recreate through your imagination ....imagery in action....your own thought of existence and know that God IS.  You are part of God and hold the same conditions of God.  However, humanity, or mankind, has ego and the ego needs to be kept in balance to allow the God force or energy to exist in harmony, which is in the ‘intention' of God.

SK: Thank you for this.

RE: Indeed, and we do state onto go in peace...and remember you are never ever alone.  Indeed not, for you are walking hand and hand with your eternal parents, Mother Earth and the Father of the Universe.  And we do thank you for your energy...blessed be!

SK: These are Donna's dreams and impressions after the session.

DK: I had a vision of the world....and then many other worlds attached to this world and then it seemed to go on for infinitum.  Yet the energy that was coming from that gave me a feeling of security and connection.

SK: Thank you

Donna Kinniburgh

Donna has worked professionally on a full time basis in the Spiritual field for over twenty years; the last 15 of which she has been the medium for REFLECTION, a grouping of discarnate spiritual entities. During this time she has provided thousands of personal and public sessions, allowing her physical being to be used as a channel for REFLECTION.

Donna began her connection with REFLECTION unintentionally, while assisting her husband Steve who was in the process of developing a new meditation for their Trance Training Course. She first channeled REFLECTION in what she believed was a deep meditation. To Steve's surprise and delight, REFLECTION spoke, while Donna slept for over an hour, explaining their mandate and connecting with the many aspects of Donna's sleeping form.

Donna's many years of working with professional Deep Trance mediums have given her a special insight into the process of Deep Trance. This is evident in the hundreds of research topics she has channeled, available on tape, in transcript and/or CD-ROM. Donna also put her experience to work in lectures and courses that she teaches with her husband, Steve. She has a natural talent for writing poetry and has compiled some of her poems into a soon-to-be published book entitled: Thoughts of A Sleeping Gypsy; A Journey into Awakening©.

Steve Kinniburgh, the Director
Steve is a former professional firefighter who chose to make his life long interest in the Spiritual and metaphysical realm into a full time career. He has been a Deep Trance Director for over 20 years, directing and training other professional mediums and teaching Trance Mediumship (channeling) through courses and workshops.

During that time, Steve has directed over 13,000 private and public readings, giving him an incredible education and awareness of the human condition. This ongoing knowledge and intuitive perception helps him to guide many through readings, courses, and lectures
using this vast amount of experience to help them grow and evolve.

As REFLECTION expounds that "we do create our reality," Steve believes that their purpose is to help people re-discover their own latent abilities within, and to encourage each one to create a more effective lifestyle. He is currently documenting this journey in a book entitled Medium Rare© in which he outlines Deep Trance experiences, techniques and teachings in a sincere and objective way.


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