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Here are some of my favorite links to like-minded websites. They are not included in the alphabetical list which is sorted by categories because they cover material on such a wide variety of subjects. Many of the people who co-created these websites are deeply involved in transformational networking.  My thanks go out to those who make it possible to access such comprehensive resources!

Click on the first letter of the category you are looking for on other pages.

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  •   Body Mind Spirit Directory

  • Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Page
  • Dimensional Doorways    Elon and Christel Pierson

  • Mystic Planet & New Age Directory of Planet Earth

  •  Priscilla (Patti) Normandy Greenwood and Darrell Thomas Wilson
  • Network-2012   Michael Lightweaver

  • World Transformation    Flemming Funch

  • United Communities of Spirit   Bruce Schuman
  • Go Higher | Site Map | New Age Directory of Planet Earth | New Age Dictionary

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